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How to Choose a First Dance Song

Based on doing at least 1,000 wedding receptions as a bandleader, my opinion is that the first dance should only be as long as the ... Full story

10 Emerald Weddings Ideas Inspired By Pantone's 2013 Color Of The Year

Trend watchers everywhere giddily await the annual announcement of Pantone's Color of the Year. After all, Pantone's decision will influence trends in weddings, home decor, ... Full story


When people find out you're a food editor, they immediately bombard you with questions about your favorite places to eat and if you even think ... Full story

Let Them Eat Vegan Cake

The debate is raging: Is a wedding the couple's day or should they prioritize what would most please their guests?For my own wedding, my wife ... Full story


There aren't a lot of how-tos for planning a wedding at the end of the world.My fiancé and I chose the theme early on, and ... Full story

Our Top 10 Geeky Wedding Rings

Here at Bespoke Bride we are well reknowned for loving things a little Geek chic so imagine my excitement when my boyfriend sent me this ... Full story

Feel Like the Monster-in-Law?

Your son is in love and marrying the girl of his dreams so... what do you do if she is the girl of your nightmares? ... Full story

Get Down The Aisle And Step On It!

After what seems like a lifetime of planning, it's finally the Big Day. Looking in the mirror, you couldn't be more pleased. Dressed in a ... Full story

If The Shoe Fits, Marry In It

As I jumped up and down in heels, rain soaked, obnoxiously knocking on the side window of my apartment complex's leasing office Tuesday morning, I ... Full story

The Wedding Shoe Heard Round The World

As a woman in my 30s, it is my inalienable right -- obligation, really -- to be moved to tears by certain things. My best ... Full story

Why Should I Care About This This Weird Holiday?

What's This Weird Holiday and Why Should I Care? The holidays are coming! This month, it's the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (the ... Full story

How To Break Up Like A Celebrity

Not everyone can afford a celebrity-caliber wedding. But breaking off an engagement like a star? That's another story. Unlike a wedding, it doesn't cost a dime ... Full story

Switching to a Better Man

First I was married to a man who was totally wrong for me. He hid behind the newspaper for hours and ignored me when I ... Full story

Opposites Do Attract

"What are you thinking?" is a booby-trapped marriage question. I know this, but I can't always resist its shiny lure. My husband John and I were ... Full story

Monogamous S*x Is Hotter Than You Think

Most men and women I know want to have a lot of sex. Hot sex. Passionate, interesting, refreshing sex is what we want. Passionate sex: Both ... Full story

10 Signs You're Ready to Marry

There are a lot of lists out there for women about how to find The One -- that special person you could build a life ... Full story

Signs You've Met The "One"

He's everything you've ever wanted. He's handsome, smart, witty, charming, and your friends and family adore him. He arrives on time and calls when he ... Full story

Readers Share Their Grandparents' Wedding Photos

For many of us, our grandparents helped raise us, loved us and showed us what it takes to have a long and happy marriage. In honor ... Full story

The Night Before My Friend's Wedding, She Told Me A Secret

We were sitting across the table, my friend and I, in a small New Hampshire town the night before her wedding. We were at one ... Full story

5 Reasons Kim and Kanye Should Marry

Kim Kardashian is already hearing wedding bells for her and current beau Kanye West. But is it really a good idea for her to get ... Full story

What I Learned About Love From My 8-Year-Old

Some people look to their parents as relationship role models. I look to my daughter Maya and her man Axel. They’ve been together since kindergarten. Everyone ... Full story

Planning Your Wedding Toast

"Simplicity is the glory of expression" said the great American poet, Walt Whitman and after a long, Labor Day weekend of weddings, rehearsal dinners and ... Full story

Couple Rescued From Lake Huron After Proposal

A Detroit, Mich. couple's private marriage proposal ended up being very public after their canoe drifted too far from shore on Saturday, causing them to ... Full story

Family Stars In Proposal Video And Doesn't Know It

Australian independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs may have turned his lens on a variety of subjects, but he never made a video about his girlfriend, Bethia ... Full story

The Secret Waste That Weddings Make

The best kept secret at a wedding isn't that the groom slept with one of the bridemaids, it's that a wonderful celebration about love and ... Full story

Wedding Planning, Purchasing, And Partying

We look forward to weddings as ceremonies of love and commitment, a gathering of friends and family, and hopefully, a rockin' dance party. But beneath ... Full story

Tips To Plan Your Dream Eco-Chic Wedding

  As an engaged couple, you have a nearly infinite number of choices to make. Incorporating earth-friendly elements takes little, if any, additional effort when you ... Full story

Atlanta Jeweler Offers Free Rifles With Engagement Rings

One jeweler may have found a sure-fire way to get hunters to propose marriage to their girlfriends. Mike Geller of D. Geller and Son, a jewelry ... Full story

The Best Ways To 'Reuse' A Bridesmaids Dress

I have one fool-proof, icebreaker, conversation-starter line that works with every group of women I encounter anywhere, anytime, in life. "I have some excellent suggestions for ... Full story

M.O.B. Company Policies

Once upon a time, the Mother of the Bride (MoB in wed-speak) planned every aspect of her daughter's wedding. And Father of the Bride (FoB) ... Full story

Creative Ways to Handcraft Your Own Wedding

When I was planning my wedding and looking for ideas and inspiration, I was disappointed in what I saw -- row after row of generic ... Full story

The Most Awkward Celeb Smooches Of The Summer

Famous people would probably like to be photographed looking flawless all of the time. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. And sometimes they share kisses with their ... Full story

Twitter Marriage In Turkey

 Some women use social media to plan their weddings. Turkish bride Candan Canik used social media to tie the knot. Canik and her husband, Cengizhan Çelik, a ... Full story

Jennifer Aniston Has Found Her Prince

Jennifer Aniston has finally found her prince, and it wasn't easy. After several failed, and very public, relationships, her boyfriend Justin Theroux, whom she had ... Full story

"Til Death Do Us Part": Alexey Bykov Faked His Own Death To Propose

One Russian man's marriage proposal had his intended bride thinking more about "'til death do us part" than "I do." Orange News reports that Alexey Bykov ... Full story

The Life Of A Hipster Bride

You might think hipsters don't get married because it's too mainstream. But guess what? They do. And while their weddings are often very pretty, we couldn't ... Full story

Take the Bad Bridesmaid Quiz!

  It can be stressful being in a wedding. You’re happy for your friend, but then again you want to keep some time and money to ... Full story

What A Wedding Represents

Under a grey sky, I drove from Louisville to Frankfort, Kentucky. Dry grass rolled out across the hills on both sides of my small, red ... Full story

Australian Man Proposes With LEGOs

Adam Porter's marriage proposal to girlfriend Naomi Burgess hit her like a ton of bricks. A tiny, colorful ton of LEGO bricks, that is. Porter submitted his ... Full story

8 Dangerously Wrong Conventional Solutions

Marriage, the loving partnership of two people, easily fits the words that the author Charles Dickens once famously penned in his book A Tale of ... Full story

Top 10 Cliché Wedding Poses

Couples are taking back their weddings and doing their Big Days their own way more and more.   But, unfortunately, wedding photos haven't quite caught up yet ... Full story

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