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Woman born without a v*gina is given one grown in a laboratory - and says she dreams of having a large family

Unnamed Mexican woman has condition called MRKH This is rare condition in which the vagina is underdeveloped or absent Organ is engineered using muscle and cells ...  Visit website

Two elderly women 'bilked a dementia-ridden older neighbor of $450,000 meant to care for her cat'

Randi Berkowitz, 63, and Patricia DiGiacomo, 58, face more than 60 charges for what officials called a 'startling' theftThey liquidated the victim's retirement account and ...  Visit website

Baby boy dies after spending 10 HOURS in backseat of sweltering SUV because father forgot to drop him off at babysitter

Temperatures in San Jose, California, were at around 80 degrees Wednesday, but it was over 100 degrees inside the carSilver Honda SUV with 9-month-old boy ...  Visit website

Horrified mother of four-year-old child finds decomposing body under house during Easter egg hunt

Woman was playing with her child in Knoxville, Tennessee, on WednesdayShe found the heavily-decomposed middle-aged man under some deckingPolice believe that the man had been ...  Visit website

Joan of Shark: Biggest Great White Shark Spotted Swimming Close To Beach In Albany

The largest Great White Shark to be tagged in Australia, nicknamed “Joan of Shark,” was spotted swimming close to beach in Albany, in Western Australia’s ... Full story

Penitent Filipinos whip themselves red raw 'to atone for their sins' on Maundy Thursday

By James Rush Published: 10:54 GMT, 17 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Is THIS the Loch Ness Monster? Satellite image on Apple's Maps software may finally have solved the mystery of Nessie

Satellite in the atmosphere was accessed using Apple's satellite map appShows a creature swimming below the surface of the world famous lochLocation just south of ...  Visit website

Wu-Tang Clan distance themselves from troubled rapper who cut off his manhood

In a blog post, since deleted, the rap collective posted a message reading: 'This m************ ain't got s*** to do with the WUTANG brand' Andre ...  Visit website

How to find love online: Pose with a dog in a park

Pose with a dog by your side for more online attentionWomen wearing natural make-up get more messagesList hobbies as running and yoga for more hitsPeople ...  Visit website

Britain's youngest parents: 12 year old girl gives birth to baby girl with boy aged 13

Mother met boyfriend a year ago and was 11 when baby was conceivedPair from London have combined age of 25 and 'intend to stick together'Girl's ...  Visit website

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