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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, being treated at Kensington Palace for acute morning sickness

Kate, 32, is suffering hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes severe nauseaThe Duchess was admitted to hospital with the same condition while pregnant with Prince George in ...  Visit website

'Being friends with your children can ruin their prospects': Parents warned that trying to be too close to their kids is damaging 

Headmistress says adult conversations have 'negative influence' on childrenSympathising with children's school struggles is like saying 'don't bother'Misguided attempts at support often restrict 'children's paths in ...  Visit website

How having an angry face gets you ahead in life: Humans evolved to see a fierce scowl as a sign of strength, say scientists 

Angry faces developed over generations to make us 'look tough', says study Flared nostrils and a lowered brow make a person seem physically strongerHuman scowl is ...  Visit website

Is this the end of haute cuisine? Alain Ducasse takes meat and cream off the menu at his flagship Paris restaurant in favour of fish and vegetables

Alain Ducasse has decided to remove meat from the menu at Plaza Athenee The Michelin-starred chef said it was in the name of 'naturalness'Cream is also ...  Visit website

How diet drinks can make you put ON weight: Downing low calorie fizzy drinks makes people gorge on high-sugar snacks to compensate, scientists say 

Research shows downing diet drinks leads to gorging on sugary snacks Believed that artificial sweeteners fail to suppress sugar cravings This means people chose sugary snacks to ...  Visit website

First album in seven years has been delayed said by Hilary Duff informs... before treating herself to some retail therapy

First album in seven years has been delayed said by Hilary Duff informs... before treating herself to some retail therapy ... Full story

Joan of Shark: Biggest Great White Shark Spotted Swimming Close To Beach In Albany

The largest Great White Shark to be tagged in Australia, nicknamed “Joan of Shark,” was spotted swimming close to beach in Albany, in Western Australia’s ... Full story

Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

“If it has to happen, then it has to happen first,” writes Laura Vanderkam, time management expert and author of “What the Most Successful People ... Full story

Iconic Doomsday clock set at 5 to midnight

The iconic Doomsday Clock remains poised at five minutes until midnight, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced Tuesday.The clock ... Full story

Satan Statue Design Unveiled By Satanic Temple Followers

Satanic Temple followers unveiled the design of their Satan statue which they hope to erect at the Oklahoma Statehouse. Satanism is a religion that seems ... Full story

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