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Baby born three MONTHS early weighing just 1lb 4oz defies the odds to thrive two years on

Tasha Lansbury, 28, went to hospital when baby Rosie stopped movingRosie was delivered by emergency C-section at just 28 weeks gestationDoctors warned her mother she ...  Visit website

Woman who lived on just CHIPS for 15 years - and was terrified of all other food - is hypnotised into eating her first proper meal

Hannah suffered severe Selective Eating Disorder from the age of fiveWas terrified of all foods other than chips, which she ate for 15 yearsSuffered anxiety ...  Visit website

The flesh eating bacteria that evolved in just 35 YEARS

Flesh-eating bacterium is the same bacteria that causes strep throatInfects more than 600 million people each yearPeople infected with a rare strain of it can ...  Visit website

Neurological Disease Confirmed in Va. Horse

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) An equine neurological disease caused by a virus has been confirmed in a horse from Northern Virginia. State Veterinarian Dr. Richard Wilkes says ...  Visit website

OAP burned after her e-cigarette ignites oxygen at Manchester hospital

Jean Booth is fighting for her life after setting fire to her oxygen tubes at Wythenshawe HospitalAn investigation has been launched into how it happenedThis ...  Visit website

Family Stopped Eating Sugar For A Year And This Is What Happened

Once upon a time, I was healthy - at least I thought I was.Sure, I lacked enough energy to get me through the day, but ... Full story

Doctor's botched 'designer vagina' operation was NOT female genital mutilation, tribunal rules

Dr Sureshkumar Pandya performed labiaplasty on 33-year-old womanProcedure went horribly wrong and the woman was left suicidal Was alleged the result was ‘equivalent to female ...  Visit website

New fears over e-cigarettes after study finds they affect the lungs in a similar way to tobacco

Electronic cigarettes may not be as safe as first thoughtScientists grew bronchial cells exposed to vapour and tobacco smokeLung cells develop similar mutations when exposed ...  Visit website

Boy Scout who was teased because he couldn't light a fire tried to prove he could and ended up in hospital

Scouts mocked Edward Hawkins, 14, for not being able to make fire on tripSo he made a huge bonfire in garden of family home in ...  Visit website

Doctors threatened parents with having their 15-month-old daughter taken away because they could not explain burns - which she suffered at NURSERY

Freya Brooker, 15 months, came out of nursery with burns on her handNursery staff claimed injuries were caused by Freya sucking her fingersHer parents Connie ...  Visit website

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