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Parents' anger at Tesco for labelling too many products with 'may contain nuts'

Tesco labels 'butternut squash, potatoes, fruit juice' with warningIt has been accused of being over-cautious with the allergy policyOver 12,500 people have signed petition calling ...  Visit website

'His first word was "mummy"': Parents' relief as son, 4, has successful windpipe construction surgery to help him breathe - and speak for the first time

Lyall Ward has Down's Syndrome, heart and lung conditionsWas on a ventilator due to breathing problems and couldn't talk Surgeons suggested repairing his airway using ...  Visit website

Saved by her big sister: Little girl who couldn't leave the house because 'harmless' bug could have killed her gets bone marrow transplant

Mille Smith, 6, was suffering from chronic granulomatous diseaseCondition means the immune system can't fight infectionsMillie had to leave school and stay inside to avoid ...  Visit website

'I saw my son's heart beating': Boy, 2, is left with a gaping hole in his chest after complications from open-heart surgery

Lucas Reynolds was born with a series of heart and bowel problemsHe had surgery at just 12 days old and was given a 50% chance ...  Visit website

Coedine perscriptions for kids are dangerous, study shows

CHICAGO (AP) - Despite recommended limits on codeine use in children, the potent painkiller is prescribed for children in at least half a million emergency ...  Visit website

Woman born without a v*gina is given one grown in a laboratory - and says she dreams of having a large family

Unnamed Mexican woman has condition called MRKH This is rare condition in which the vagina is underdeveloped or absent Organ is engineered using muscle and cells ...  Visit website

Two elderly women 'bilked a dementia-ridden older neighbor of $450,000 meant to care for her cat'

Randi Berkowitz, 63, and Patricia DiGiacomo, 58, face more than 60 charges for what officials called a 'startling' theftThey liquidated the victim's retirement account and ...  Visit website

Boy, seven, rushed to hospital after 'running from building in flames'

Emergency crews were called to the scene shortly before 2pmWitness saw group of children with 'container' and then saw a boy on fireBoy is believed ...  Visit website

Human cloning used for the first time to create stem cells from adults

Advance is first time 'therapeutic cloning' of adults has been achievedTechnique has sparked controversy since 1997 creation of Dolly the sheepIn 2005, the United Nations ...  Visit website

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