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Dylan Marshall who can barely walk due to vertebrae condition to take part in 4k run

Dylan Marshall, 10, was born with Larsen's syndrome, a rare genetic condition, which causes dislocation of the bones He has faced multiple surgeries over many years to correct vertebrae that were pushing down into his spinal cord ...  Visit website

The most dangerous job in the world? Reptile lover has risked his life more than a MILLION times extracting venom from the world's most dangerous snakes 

Jim Harrison, 55, keeps 2,000 venomous snakes at Kentucky Reptile ZooUsing his bare hands he extracts venom from between 600 and 1,000 a weekHe has ...  Visit website

The emotional moment that an 87-year-old woman with alzheimers recognises her daughter - even if it is only for a few seconds 

Kelly Gunderson videoed her visit to her 87-year-old mother on her phoneMs Gunderson's mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is confusedAfter a few seconds, Mrs ...  Visit website

Flesh-eating disease caused, Husband kills wife before turning the gun on himself

Jeffrey A Miller, 52, and his 47-year-old wife Dana were found shot to death last month at their home in Jackson Township, Pennsylvania Police believe Jeffrey called 911 after shooting his wife several times, and then hung up and shot himself in the head ...  Visit website

Nordic diet volunteers lost three times as much weight as others 

Emphasis is on fresh vegetables and fruit, fish, less meat and more gameThe key to the diet is only eating foods in seasonAll participants encouraged ...  Visit website

For nearly 10 years she was told the pain was 'all in her head'. But 23-year-old Syl may never be able to have kids - and now she's desperate to bring a new treatment for her excruciating condition to Australia

1 in 10 women have Endometriosis but many aren't diagnosed for YEARS  The disease is incurable, debilitating and often causes excruciating pain A drug has successfully helped alleviate the symptoms ...  Visit website

3 confirmed, 9 suspected cases of whooping cough among students in Montgomery Co. Public school

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) – Parents, be on the lookout for symptoms of whooping cough in your children. Continue reading Montgomery County Public Schools sent a letter ...  Visit website

Man with 100-pound scrotum undergoes life-changing surgery that would allow him to have relations with his wife after seven years of abstinence

Dan Maurer, 39, from Michigan, suffers from rare condition called scrotal lymphedema  He first noticed his scrotum was expanding in his 20s, but doctors kept telling ...  Visit website

Shelly Bannister shuns surgery to spend £5,000 on seven-week stay at military-style camp

Shelly Bannister slimmed down from 16st 5lbs to just over 13st Had signed up for gastric band operation but changed her mindInstead quit job and hit ...  Visit website

British Airways halts flights to two Ebola-hit nations for the rest of the year amid growing concerns about the worst outbreak ever

British Airways says it has cancelled all flights until 31 DecemberFrench government has urged its citizens to leave Sierra LeoneWorld Health Organisation does not recommend ...  Visit website

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