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Suspect Charged in Bomb Scare at Jacksonville Airport

A bomb scare that forced the evacuation of Jacksonville International Airport was a hoax, officials said Wednesday. A suspect was arrested after the incident Tuesday. Zeljko Causevic, ... Full story

Body Guards Carry Justin Bieber Up Great Wall of China

Just when you thought you might enjoy a week without any news of Justin Bieber annoying the world, along comes evidence that the most beloved/disliked ... Full story

Ten Things to Know Before Visiting New Mexico

It's too easy to let New Mexico off as simply "The Land of Enchantment." It's true the state has magical desert vistas, Rocky Mountain playgrounds and ... Full story

Ten Things the U.S. Does Better Than Anywhere Else

Even if it's not the land of opportunity it once was, the Big Mobility Scooter still has a lot going for it. In fact, there are ... Full story

Meet the World's Best New Skyscraper

A pair of buildings colloquially known as "Marilyn Monroe" has won the prize for best new skyscraper completed in 2012. The curvy, twisting buildings, officially known ... Full story

9 Rules for Surviving Oktoberfest

Raised steins, raised bosoms, leather-clad Bavarian thighs. Oktoberfest's sure got a beer tent full of clichés about it. But bet you don't know why "Gemütlichkeit" is untranslatable ... Full story

Disney Tightens up Resort Disability Program

Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort will no longer allow visitors with disabilities instant access to rides, starting next month, in an attempt to reduce ... Full story

Train, Bus Crash in Canada; 'Multiple Fatalities'

OTTAWA, Ontario — Several people were killed when a passenger train collided with a city bus at a crossing in Canada's capital, Ottawa, at the ... Full story

Tips for Flying With Dogs

Flying is stressful enough these days with all the security hassles and baggage limits and $5 bottles of tap water, so the thought of bringing ... Full story

Keep your shoes, jackets on: TSA to expand pre-screening program

Washington -- More airports around the United States will soon allow passengers to go through security without removing their shoes, light jackets, and belts. The Transportation ... Full story

Court finds legal right to international flight in no-fly list case

Washington -- In a lawsuit challenging the federal no-fly list, a U.S. District Court in Oregon has ruled that passengers have a constitutional right to ... Full story

Where is the world's busiest airport?

Atlanta's enormous airport is still the busiest passenger airport in the world. More than 95 million passengers passed through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in 2012, an ... Full story

It's the Hotel Review Website That Millions Use to Help Choose Their Holiday

By sharing all your experiences, you’re helping other travellers make better choices and plan their dream trips. That’s what you are told before posting a ... Full story

Overpopulation, Subtropical Climate and It's Long and Thin

Of all the strange stories to emerge from the U.S., it seems one state is overrepresented in the bizarre news category: Florida. Florida is a melting ... Full story

Houston's Bizarre Attraction: Beer Can House

HOUSTON -- A child of the Great Depression, John Milkovisch didn't throw anything away – not even the empty cans of beer he enjoyed each ... Full story

Gatlinburg Cabin Rental Agency Adds Thriteen New Cabins

GATLINBURG, Tenn., June 19, 2013 -- Cabins of the Smoky Mountains, one of the largest operators of Gatlinburg cabin rentals, has announced the addition of ... Full story

Devils Tower Climbing Routes Reopened

DEVILS TOWER, Wyo. | Superintendent Reed Robinson has reopened 45 climbing routes on the north side of Devils Tower. Park staff have recently determined that ... Full story

Woman Found Living at Cancun Airport

A MEXICAN woman who arrived on a flight from the United States has been living at the airport in the resort city of Cancun since ... Full story

'Hilarious' Airline Complaint Letter Catches Eye of CEO

Most airline complaint letters are so filled with rage and tales of woe, it's hard to see any humor in the situation. But that's not the ... Full story

4th of July Fun Next Week at Springfield

The annual Springfield 4th of July celebration will kick off with a parade at 9 a.m. The parade starts in front of Springfield High School, ... Full story

Tourists Stranded on Ice Floe in Canadian Arctic Rescued After Spending 7 Days at Sea

Twenty tourists looking to "get away from it all" in the Canadian Arctic went a little farther than expected earlier this week when they found ... Full story

101 Students on Senior Class Trip Kicked Off Flight

A New York high school senior class and an airline agree on one thing: 101 students and eight chaperones were kicked off an early-morning flight ... Full story

54 Loaded Guns Seized at Airports

The TSA announced this week that it seized 54 loaded guns at airport security checkpoints. The government agency confiscated 65 firearms in total at airports around ... Full story

Passenger Describes Terrifying Moments Before BA Plane Made Emergency Landing at Heathrow

A passenger has described how 'big flames' were visible from the cabin of a British Airways plane before it was dramatically forced to make an ... Full story

Changing an Airline Ticket?

If you buy an airline ticket and need to change or cancel your itinerary, you could be in for an even more unpleasant surprise. Most travelers ... Full story

Why I Drug My Children on Airplanes

Somewhere high above the Atlantic, I caved in. It wasn’t so much the fact my daughter, Flo, then one, had been screaming since take-off three ... Full story

The World's Craziest Hotel Pools

There are the most memorable hotel pools and even what people consider the "best" hotel pools , but what about the craziest hotel pools? We've ... Full story

Pot Tourism in Colorado OK'd by Marijuana Task Force

Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, under a recommendation made Tuesday by a state task force to regulate the drug made legal by ... Full story

Carnival Cruise Ship Floats in Gulf of Mexico After Engine Fire, Will Be Towed

Thousands of people were left stranded on a cruise ship 150 miles off the coast of Mexico, after a fire broke out in the engine ... Full story

Smokers Force Flight to End When They Refuse to Put Out Their Cigarettes

Some stubborn smokers forced a Sunwing flight traveling from Halifax to the Dominican Republic to land in Bermuda Friday.Once they touch down in Bermuda police ... Full story

World's Neatest Futuristic Buildings

Zooming around with jet packs and living in rocket-shaped buildings seemed our destiny during the space-obsessed 1950s and '60s. Now, with civilian space travel now ... Full story

5 Free Things for Hong Kong Visitors to Do

The former British colony of Hong Kong has become an increasingly popular destination for wealthy visitors from mainland China, many of whom come just to ... Full story

Super Gras: Super Bowl Plus Mardi Gras

New Orleans is bracing for record crowds as the biggest sporting event of the year, the NFL Super Bowl, collides with Mardi Gras season in ... Full story

Tucking in to Berlin, a City of Boho Bars, Gourmet Markets and All-Night Restaurants

'As long as there are customers, we’ll serve them. Four, five in the morning — whenever,’ says the super trendy waiter in Katz Orange, a ... Full story

Is Ryanair Too Hot

Is Ryanair getting too sexy?The airline, famous for its annual charity calendar , is also currently boasting "red hot fares & crew" on its site.Though, ... Full story

Luxury Hotels Offer Americans Holiday High Tea

Great news for Anglophiles: You don't need to travel to Jolly Olde England to get a proper holiday tea, complete with scones and real whipped ... Full story

Obscure Travel Destinations

When on vacation, it can sometimes be the seemingly ordinary "local" sights that prove the most memorable -- and the most surprising. It's these random, ... Full story

Saddling up for an African Safari With a Difference in Botswana

The usual form at hotel check-in is an admiring look at the contemporary design concept, a quick glance at the in-house technology and an initial ... Full story

A Long Weekend in Abu Dhabi, Dubai's Increasingly Dazzling Rival

Being overdressed for the beach is a new one for me.'I'm sorry, sir, but you'll have to leave,' said an attendant on yet another sweltering ... Full story

Want to See the Whole World in One Place? Head to the Capital of Fun

At first glance Orlando in Florida is all about Walt Disney World.At second glance you might be able to appreciate that Walt Disney World alone ... Full story

History, Heavenly Hotels and the UK's Biggest Food Fair

My idea of an exciting weekend city break has always been a European destination, for the atmosphere, culture and food. However, I had cause to ... Full story

Afternoon Tea and White Knuckle Cable-Car Rides in Madeira

Madeira is back to its best, just two years after it was struck by deadly floods. And if anything, this balmy spot is even more ... Full story

Wander the Byways That Inspired Great Britons From Potter to Kipling

Summer may be over, but the great outdoors never closes - and you can see some of the best of Britain's countryside during the National ... Full story

Strictly the Best! TV Dancing Stars Are in 7th Heaven in the Bahamas

We had never been to a Sandals resort before or the Bahamas either, so our trip to Emerald Bay was truly a new experience. We ... Full story

Tracking Bigfoot and Entertaining Two Little Monsters in San Francisco

I've recently written a book about chasing some of the world's most famous monsters – such as the legendary Yeti of the Himalayas and the ... Full story

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