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Bride Has A Minor Accident During Groom's Serenade

One sweet groom might have been expecting liquid to run down his bride's face while he serenaded her at their reception. But he was probably expecting ... Full story

Wedding Banned: Church Apologizes For Barring Black Marriage

JACKSON, Miss. -- A predominantly white Mississippi church has apologized for its refusal to allow a black couple to marry in its sanctuary, though the ... Full story

Bobak Ferdowsi, NASA 'Mohawk Guy,' Bombarded With Marriage Proposals

NASA had a very big day on Monday, with the successful landing of their newest Mars rover, "Curiosity."   But one thing is outshining that huge accomplishment ... Full story

16 Must-See Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Planning a beach wedding? You'll need a hairstyle that can withstand a day in the sun, not to mention that sweet, salty air. Here, 16 ... Full story

Natalie Portman's Trendy Understated Wedding

Natalie Portman tied the knot this weekend, in her typically understated style. The Oscar winner married French dancer Benjamin Millepied at a private residence in ... Full story

Aww!-Inspiring Love Letters From Older Stars

Before blogs and email, most people wrote love letters to their significant others. While digital devotions may last forever, they are more ephemeral, whereas letters ... Full story

Tucson Couple Gets Married on Plane

Many newlyweds feel like they're walking on air at their wedding, but not quite like Tucson couple Erica Durham and Justin Roesch.   They got married at ... Full story

Tom Petty Fan Fooled By Fake Booking Agent, Ends Up With Real Tom Petty

A fake booking agent claiming to work for rocker Tom Petty almost caused major heartbreak for one couple earlier this month. executive Brian Valentine and ... Full story

Stars Who Kept Their Weddings A Secret

Can you keep a secret?   Natalie Portman can. After months of rumors, she kept her weekend wedding a secret from the press until after her trip ... Full story

How to Break Wedding Traditions

If you follow wedding trends at all (which I'm assuming you do, since you're reading a wedding website), you might see that the biggest trend ... Full story

Do You Really Know What Love Is?

Have you ever been so in love that you thought you were going to die of ecstasy? In the throes of this bliss, did you ... Full story

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