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What Wedding Vendors Don't Want You To Know

We've heard about Bridezillas having tantrums, have seen moms and brides battle it out until she says "Yes to the Dress", and watched fairytales happen ... Full story

7 Deadly Sins Your Bridal Party Should Never Do

So, I've written quite a bit about wedding etiquette, the dos, the don'ts, and the don't even think about its... But an important topic we ... Full story

Young People Expect Marriages To Last

Even in an age when about half of marriages end in divorce, young people are still hopeful about their own marriages lasting.   According to a recent ... Full story

Aniston-Pitt Wedding Planner Dishes On Upcoming Nuptials

The speculation is swirling around Jennifer Aniston's impending wedding -- though she's only been engaged to actor Justin Theroux for five days.   Wedding planner to the ... Full story

5 Hot Wedding Destinations For 2013

Anyone can hop online and search for popular honeymoon destinations, but what I have right here is straight from the source -- real honeymooners. I ... Full story

Parents Wedding Photos

Our parents' marriages are often our go-to relationship models (for better or worse).   With that in mind, HuffPost Weddings asked our readers to share their parents' ... Full story

Does Having This Dream Mean Your Marriage Is Ruined?

"I had the dream again last night," a engaged client tells me with a slight tone of shame in her voice. "You know, the dream ... Full story

Weddings Get On Board With Craft Beer Brewing Craze

ALBANY, N.Y. -- You may now chug with the bride.   Toasting the bride and groom with Champagne is de rigueur. But recently, couples hip (or is ... Full story

Why Small Intimate Weddings Take The Cake

When my sister got married a couple years ago, she opted for a small wedding. In her mind, it was more important to put money ... Full story

Bollywood To Hollywood: Gay Love Story

Be ready to cry and laugh as you read this charming love story. When I heard about this couple, I knew I wanted to interview ... Full story

20 Things I Don't Like About Weddings

Okay, obviously I really, really like weddings. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I LOVE weddings. I love teeny-tiny weddings, like my ... Full story

Top 10 Reasons to Chase Your Coworker

We met at a game company in 2005, and for more than a year were just coworkers. Then, despite the risks and "what ifs," we ... Full story

What Not to Say Giving a Toast

When I blogged about why I cringe while listening to marrying couples read vows they've written themselves, I got called "cynical", "bitter", and (my personal ... Full story

Back To School: Husband Advice

It's August. The kids are headed back to school and your wife is most likely rushing around with a shopping list, looking for the specified ... Full story

Matching Your Body Type With a Wedding Dress

There are so many gorgeous bridal gowns you can choose from to wear on your big day, but picking a wedding gown isn't simply about ... Full story

How to Choose Your Wedding Week Wardrobe

When a bride plans her wedding there are so many decisions to make. From deciding on the venue décor, mastering the guest list to the ... Full story

Celebrities Couples Who Look Alike

Newly-engaged Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux already have a reputation for dressing alike.   But they aren't the only celebrity couple to step out in coordinated clothing. ... Full story

When Should You Stop Reading Wedding Blogs?

Whenever I give advice on how to pull off a fabulous wedding on a budget I always include a strange tip: STOP reading wedding blogs. ... Full story

Alex Pelling And Lisa Gant Have 22 Weddings In 13 Countries

For the most part, couples go into wedding planning hoping their first wedding will be their one and only. Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling, a ... Full story

First Lady Explains The Kiss Cam On 'Tonight Show'

Usually kids are embarrassed when they see their parents kiss.   Not Malia Obama.   The oldest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle was embarrassed when ... Full story

The Beauty of a City Hall Wedding

I was hungover when I arrived at the City Clerk’s office. I had been out all night at Union Pool despite the fact that I ... Full story

Stephen Baldwin Shares His Marriage Secrets

After 22 years with his wife, Stephen Baldwin has finally discovered the secret to a long, happy marriage: "forgiveness." "We're meant to be together," Baldwin told ... Full story

7 Reasons Why You're Blowing Your Money on a Diamond

I've been in the diamond business for over 10 years. I've traveled all over the world buying and selling diamonds. I've passed through most of ... Full story

5 Ways To Ensure Your the Best Honeymoon

Wedding season is in high gear and that means your honeymoon isn't far behind. For those of you saying "I do" to a romantic getaway ... Full story

'Home' Marriage Proposal: Little Girl Helps Man Propose

Joseph's proposal to Cassie hit close to "home."   Texas resident Joseph proposed to his girlfriend Cassie in front of friends and family at Junior's Grill and ... Full story

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Garden Wedding

In life, it is often true that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, this could ... Full story

How You Will Definitely Regret Your Wedding Dress

What's the one thing you must FORGET about when you're deciding what to wear on your wedding day?   Fashion.   Follow fashion when you're choosing your bridal gown ... Full story

Philippine Couple Says 'I Do' In Knee-Deep Flood

When a tropical storm struck the Philippines on August 8, Manila couple Ramoncito Campo and Hernelie Ruazol Campo's wedding venue was flooded. But the now-newlyweds ... Full story

First Date Will Include a White Dress and Wedding Bands

When Israel Wayne was in his early twenties, his mom started talking to him about a girl named Brook. Specifically, she asked him to pray ... Full story

Over-The-Top Sexy Wedding Photos

There's nothing wrong with feeling sexy on your wedding day.   But please, save the crazy sexy stuff for the wedding night. Flashing your underwear or breasts ... Full story

5 Secrets Every Fiancée Needs To Know

Watching the Olympics is a good reminder that when done well, people make very difficult things look easy. That's often the truth with beautiful weddings. ... Full story

Super Cute Superhero Weddings

Who says you can't act like a big kid on your Big Day?   One New York City gay couple took inspiration from their childhood when they ... Full story

Couple Marries 40 Years After Becoming Sand Buddies

Sometimes, you just have to listen to your mother. In the case of Laura Melon and Larry Wasser, their parents were instrumental in reuniting them ... Full story

Who You Keep Your Last Name or Take His?

A traditionalist might expect a bride to change her last name after marriage, while a feminist might suggest she do whatever she and her partner ... Full story

Wedding Guest Tips: 7 Wedding Season Health Hazards

How to win the wedding guest of the year award—without sacrificing your own health and happiness. In the now-classic wedding flick The Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn ... Full story

The Game's On-Again-Off-Again Wedding Cost Him $100,000

Rapper The Game's cold feet have his wallet feeling the heat.   TMZ reports that The Game lost $100,000 changing the date and venue of his upcoming ... Full story

Denny's To Construct Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas

Is breakfast on your wedding catering menu?   It is at a new Las Vegas Denny's. In addition to other unique features, this new Denny's location -- ... Full story

Silly Las Vegas Wedding Photos

Jeremy And Marcia Wigginton This Tennessee couple makes a wish at 11:11 everyday, so 11/11/11 was the perfect day for them to say their "I Do's." ... Full story

These Olympians Could Wreck My Future Marriage

Last week, my fiancée wrote a piece for Jezebel about the sex appeal of douchey American Olympic swimmer and gold medal-winner Ryan Lochte. The piece ... Full story

15 Ultra Unique Wedding Photos

Even if you're not a bonkers Bridezilla, it's easy to get wrapped up in the production value of your nuptials rather than the truly important ... Full story

Man's Proposal Modeled After Beckham's Olympic Appearance

David Beckham may not have made the cut for Britain's Olympic soccer team, but his cameo in the opening ceremonies still made an Olympic-sized impression ... Full story

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