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Tattoo Quotes

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Finding A Good Tattoo Artist For Tattoo Quotes

Doing Tattoo lettering and tattoo quotes is very different than tattoo art. For that reason you want to make sure you use a tattoo professional ... Full story

Tattoo Quotes When Going Through Change

Change is something we all go through and most fear. However much good can come from change if it is embraced. Here are some of ... Full story

Adversity Tattoo Quotes

Pain is inevitable-suffering is optional Adversity is the path to truth Things are not always what they seem A bend in the ... Full story

Tattoo Lettering

If you are having a tattoo quote or a tattoo of words put on your body you will need to select a particular tattoo lettering ... Full story

Tattoo Quotes That Will Make You Think

If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle Let ... Full story

Inspirational tattoo quotes

Keeping in mind that a tattoo quote is often best said with as few words as possible, consider these short phrases if you are looking ... Full story

Favorite Movies Tattoo Quotes

As you look these over, have some fun. See if you can guess which movies these are from. The answers are located below.1. "When you ... Full story

Life Tattoo Quotes

This is the real meEach day is a new life. Seize it Live itTurn your wounds into wisdomI am the captain of my soulLet your ... Full story

Popular Italian Tattoo Words

 Italian Word Tattoos Are Very Popular-Here are the Top 5Italian tattoosl'amore è un viaggio, non una meta - Love is a journey not a destinationTi ... Full story

Tattoo Quotes For Lovers

Dreams only last one night, but love can last foreverMy heart is ever at your serviceTrue love begins when nothing is looked for in returnIn ... Full story

1 2 next total: 14 | displaying: 1 - 10
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