Tattoo Lettering

If you are having a tattoo quote or a tattoo of words put on your body you will need to select a particular tattoo lettering style.

The tattoo lettering you choose will reflect a certain font and writing style.

When selecting the lettering look for your tattoo, keep in mind this will also add something unique and personal to the words. From one person to the next having different lettering can make even the same tattoo quote take on different meanings.

Two of the more popular trends today feature tattoos with Chinese lettering or characters and Old English lettering.

It is important to remember that if choosing a letter style that is in a language foreign to you, make absolute sure to understand what the letters and characters mean. Sometimes a translation from one language to another will take on different meanings. Or worse, you can be told the characters or letters mean one thing and that is not accurate.

By vivian M 10/30/2012 06:45:00