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Amanda Bynes Claims to Have Gotten Another Nose Job

For months before her arrest, former child actress Amanda Bynes had been using her Twitter account to lash out at her critics, not to mention ... Full story

Has Hayden Panettiere Had a Secret Boob Job?

She hit the beach in a tiny lavender bikini over the Easter weekend, seemingly flaunting a fuller bust. And now speculation is running rife that ... Full story

Dancer Who Spent $15,000 on Butt Injections Tries to Cure Woman Addicted to Them

A woman who spent $15,000 on black-market butt injections that nearly killed her, is dedicating her life to saving others from the same fate.Vanity Wonder, ... Full story

Has Taylor Swift Had a Secret Boob Job?

She arrived at the recent People's Choice Awards in a plunging white dress which flashed a good portion of flesh.But new reports are suggesting that ... Full story

'I Have Botox Every Seven Months': Kelly Ripa Reveals Her Secret to Looking Youthful at 42

Her face is projected on 6 million viewers' HD-TV screens practically every morning.And Live! with Kelly and Michael host Kelly Ripa has admitted she receives ... Full story

Man, 54, Has Liposuction and Pec Implants – to Keep Up With His 33-Year-Old Wife

In the year that has seen the likes of Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise and Sean Penn all reveal their toned torsos, there has been a ... Full story

Ali Lohan Was 'Laughing' Over Plastic Surgery Rumors

A few months ago, 17-year-old Ali Lohan, better known as Lindsay Lohan's little sister, starting looking very different.Some chalked it up to growing up, while ... Full story

Julia Volkova's Plastic Surgery Disaster

Before going solo, Julia Volkova (also sometimes spelt "Yulia Volkova") was part of the Russian pop girl duo known as t.A.T.u. The group became known ... Full story

Heidi Montag in Red Bikini on the Beach in Santa Monica After Plastic Surgery

She paid a staggering $30,000 to achieve her dream body via the means of plastic surgery.So it's no wonder that Heidi Montag does her best ... Full story

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Obsession Continues to 738th Procedure

Joan Rivers is as famous for her plastic surgery obsession as she is for her potty mouth. So did you ever wonder just how many ... Full story

Ashlee Simpson Rocks Her Nose Job

THE BEST: ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ While there was nothing wrong with her old nose, there's also nothing wrong with Simpson's new nose either. If the small change ... Full story

Italy's Most Beautiful Woman Michaela Romanini Is Unrecognizable

Italy's Michaela Romanini used to be considered one of the most beautiful women in the country. Now she's unrecognizable. ... Full story

Johanna Tukiainen After Foreign Minister Scandal

Finnish escort Johanna Tukiainen, who shot to fame after a sex scandal with the country's foreign minister, has undergone numerous procedures in recent years. ... Full story

Joan Van Ark's Drastic Change

Soap opera actress Joan Van Ark, best known from "Dallas" and "Knot's Landing," shocked attendees of a charity event she attended looking completely different. ... Full story

Donatella Versace's Tranformation

Fashion Icon Donatella Versace's looks have changed drastically in the past 10 years. ... Full story

Pete Burns' Life Was Spun Around After Surgery

Pete Burns is best known as the singer from the hit "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)." He made a documentary about his plastic ... Full story

Kiss Guitarist Recieves Nose Job

Paul Stanley from Kiss apparently had a nose job to give his profile more definition. He is also reported to have had a face lift. ... Full story

Nikki Cox Has Plastic Surgery at Age 34

Television actress Nikki Cox was reported to undergo cheek and lip implants at just 34-years-old. ... Full story

Mickey Rourke Undergoes Surgery After Boxing Injuries

Actor Mickey Rourke is one of the few actors to admit to having plastic surgery. He said he went to the "wrong guy" to fix ... Full story

British Model Katie Price Goes Under the Knife

34-year-old British glamour model Katie Price has gone through extensive surgery, including a nose job and lip injections. ... Full story

Playmate Shauna Sand's Lip Injections

Former Playboy playmate Shauna Sand's lip injections have totally changed the appearance of her face. ... Full story

Heidi Montag Recieves 10 Procedures in One Day

Reality star Heidi Montag, 25, had 10 procedures in one day, including a facelift and nose job. She now says she regrets the procedures. ... Full story

Duchess of Alba and Botox

The Duchess of Alba, who is Spanish royalty, has reportedly had repeated Botox injections. In 2011, the 57-year-old married a man 24 years her junior. ... Full story

Carla Bruni's Puffy Face After Botox

Former French First Lady Carla Bruni's puffy face is reportedly the result of Botox. ... Full story

Axl Rose's Facelift

Guns N' Roses' 50-year-old frontman Axl Rose reportedly got cheek implants and a facelift. ... Full story

Amanda Lepore After Repeated Attempts

Amanda Lepore is a 44-year-old transgender model and recording artist. Her repeated anti-aging attempts left her looking like this. ... Full story

Daryl Hannah Blames Sea for Plastic Surgery Failure

NO, NOT ME Actress Daryl Hannah, 49, says a dip in the ocean, not a visit to a plastic surgeon, made her face look so puffy ... Full story

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