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Dog Issues Strike Nothing New for Presidential Candidates

The renewed debate over Mitt Romney’s vacation with his dog in the 1980s isn’t new political turf and we’ve even dug up one political dog ... Full story

Giant Pregnant Python Caught in Florida

The largest Burmese python ever found in Florida has been caught in the Everglades, scientists said Tuesday, and it contained 87 eggs -- also thought ... Full story

Training Your Dog on Leash

  Quick and easy ways to train your dog on a retractable leash.   Mary Wright and her exuberant 90-pound Labrador retriever, Buddy, are out for a morning ... Full story

Is an Intelligent Pet Right for You?

What you need to know before choosing a highly intelligent dog breed.   Selecting the perfect dog for your lifestyle is challenging enough given the myriad of ... Full story

International Assistance Dog Week

For dog owners, every four-legged friend provides limitless help in the form of comfort, companionship, and fun. But certain canines go above and beyond this ... Full story

Owners of Aggressive Dogs Are More Hostile

Your canine companion might be saying more about you than you realize, new research finds. Owners of stereotypically aggressive dog breeds such as Germen shepherds and ... Full story

KittyCam Catches Cats Wildlives

Video cameras strapped to house cats witnessed tame tabbies transforming into tigers while stalking the backyard wilderness of Athens, Georgia. The kitty-cam provided evidence that ... Full story

The Next Environmental Catastrophe?

Record rainfall this summer has inundated cities across the country, from Portland to Ponchatoula, causing flooding disasters, traffic pile-ups, and wet, unhappy pets. A byproduct of ... Full story

Surviving the Heat in Brooklyn

As Americans across the country swelter under high temperatures and brave extreme weather, Yahoo! asked readers to share their weather- and drought-related anecdotes. Here is ... Full story

Pre-Orders of 'Harvest Moon: A New Beginning' Rewarded with Plush Animal

Video game publisher Natsume is offering a cuddly yak plushie as a pre-order incentive to those who reserve fall 2012 game Harvest Moon: A New ... Full story

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