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Break Dancing Gorilla at Calgary Zoo

I'm not so sure how I feel about the concept of "So You Think You Can Dance... For Your Food?" but I'd watch it. ... Full story

New Video Demystifies Feline Body Language - and Reveals They Probably DON'T Want Their Tummy Stroked

Every cat owner likes to think they share a special bond with their feline friend, but experts believe that many people might be missing the ... Full story

Missing Red Panda from National Zoo Found

A Twitter photo and phone tip from a resident helped animal keepers track down a red panda in a Washington neighborhood after it went missing ... Full story

Panic as Rusty the Red Panda Goes Missing

Rusty the red panda has gone missing from his enclosure at Smithsonian National Zoo. Staff are frantically combing the grounds of the Washington D.C. sanctuary and ... Full story

Natura Issues Massive Pet Food Recall Due to Salmonella in Products

Pet food recalls seem to be taking a big hit this spring, with recalls sweeping animal products for cats, dogs and ferrets alike. And, unfortunately, recent ... Full story

Dog Left Six Days in Car, Survives Without Food or Water

A small dog survived six days locked in a car without food or water. Zipper the pug-beagle mix was discovered inside the vehicle in a ... Full story

Garbage Bags Full of Kittens Killed by PETA

PETA claims to be the world's leading animal rights charity - but this shocking picture of garbage bags filled with dead cats has led to ... Full story

Man Whose Dog Ate $500 Is Forced to Sift Through Poop to Collect Destroyed Bills

Sundance the dog has expensive tastes.The Montana golden retriever munched his way through five $100 bills on a road trip with owner Wayne Klinkel and ... Full story

Irish Draught Shayne, 51, Put to Sleep at Essex Sanctuary After Reaching 120 in Human Years

A horse believed to be the oldest in the world has died after reaching the age of 51.Shayne, a liver chestnut Irish Draught cross thoroughbred, ... Full story

Puppy Gets Head Stuck in Kitchen Sink Hole

An inquisitive puppy gave his owners a fright after he got his head stuck in the plug hole of a discarded kitchen sink.Eight-week-old Tyson became ... Full story

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