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Zoo Blames Mom for Tragic Death of 2-Year-Old Mauled to Death After Falling Into Pit

A Pittsburgh zoo where a two-year-old boy died after being mauled in a wild African dogs exhibit has accused the toddler's mom of being at ... Full story

Letting Children Watch Hours of TV Improves Academic Ability

Researchers at the University of London found that children who watched three or more hours a day were three months ahead of their peers who ... Full story

Should You Teach a Baby to Talk From Birth or Is It Pushy Parenting Gone Mad?

My daughter Minnie's favourite topic of conversation at the moment is art school. 'When I go to art college in September I'll get the train ... Full story

How a Newborn Can Ruin Your Marriage

The arrival of a baby is greeted with joy and delight by family and friends alike. For the little one’s parents, however, nothing will ever be ... Full story

Parent Forces Children to Hold Embarrassing Signs

One parent has taken to shaming his sons into submission by making them wear signs detailing all their wrongdoings.  WSVN informs that Darius Hepburn of Northwest ... Full story

More Than Three Hours of TV 'Makes Youngsters Naughtier by the Age of Seven'

Children who watch TV for more than three hours a day are more likely to get into trouble, says new research.It found viewing time among ... Full story

The REAL Way to Predict a Baby's Sex

No chapter of human life attracts more curiosity and wonder than pregnancy.The moment a woman announces she is expecting, she opens the floodgates to a ... Full story

Parents' Shock After Restaurant Bill Shows $4 Discount for Their 'Well Behaved Kids'

A Washington couple were left stunned after their server handed them the bill for their family's dinner - and they saw they had been given ... Full story

3 Things Your Daughter Needs From You That You May Not Realize

As Valentine's Day approaches and thoughts of love are in the air, your daughter's future love life may not be occupying your thoughts. Right now, ... Full story

When My Daughter Cut Her Own Hair

The day after Christmas, my 3-year-old took a pair of scissors to her hair. It wasn't difficult to imagine her methodology: first a small section ... Full story

Things You Never Thought You'd Never Ever Have To Say

Are “Don’t lick the _________” and “Please don’t pee on the _______” parts of your daily conversations? That’s because you’re a mom. In fact, we ... Full story

The Season of Innocence

If I had to show you innocence, I would show you smocking on a dress. A cup of milk. Frost on a jack-o-lantern. A dandelion ... Full story

Planning Holidays: I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas.I'm not sure why I don't "do holidays" well. Whenever one comes up on the calendar's horizon, I feel antsy. ... Full story

Stay-at-Home Dads, Stay Away!

Sometimes when I see stay-at-home dads being all competent and relaxed, hoisting their toddlers with one hand while making realistic elephant sounds, I feel a ... Full story

'My Dad Is Allergic To Facebook'

Title: "Allergic To Facebook" Author: Victoria Age: 7 Assignment: "The teacher had the kids create their 'memory books' for the end of the school year," mom writes. Standard student ... Full story

Are Kids Starting Kindergarten Too Soon?

Parents who decide to hold summer babies back and have them start kindergarten a year later may be onto something. New research finds that kids born ... Full story

Birth Complications On The Rise in America

Severe complications from childbirth are rare in the U.S., but they are becoming more common, a new government study finds. Between 1998 and 2009, the rate ... Full story

When Should Kids Hit The 'Off' Switch?

Picture this: You're gathered at the dinner table with your family, and the mood is light and relaxed. No one is in a hurry to ... Full story

Does Your Kid Need Minecraft Rehab?

If there was a 12-step program to get my 11-year-old son to stop playing Minecraft, he'd be going to meetings. Minecraft is an interactive online game ... Full story

Let My Daughter Be One of the Boys

My daughter Ellis was playing with some friends. These friends are older and are boys and the play was getting rowdy -- just a little ... Full story

Mom's 10 Technology Commandments

  If I were Queen, I would make everyone repeat after me: "Technology is addictive and allowing children to attempt to regulate themselves is akin to helping ... Full story

'Up All Night' Season 2: Will Arnett And Christina Applegate Talk What's To Come

The charming "Up All Night" (Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET) has always seemed a little like the red-headed stepchild of NBC's comedy line-up; it doesn't ... Full story

The Best Parent Blogs This Week

This week in Parenthesis, Homemaker Man gets a pocketful of fairy dust, Mike Spohr ruminates on the importance of old friends in dark times and ... Full story

The Word I Prefer You Not Use to Describe My Daughter

My daughter Ella is amazing, but something rubs me the wrong way when I hear people refer to her as "sad." Not her personality. Her ... Full story

6 Silly Baby Products That Aren't Necessary

When you're pregnant for the first time, the planning and preparation for your baby can be one of the most thrilling, fun experiences ever. The ... Full story

Which Love Language Do You Speak?

They say that French is the language of love, but how many of us actually speak French? Well, I do, but that's really neither here ... Full story

A Wish For My Daughters

I dare you to. Go on. I dare you. Make it through this new Expedia commercial without at least tearing up. It's three minutes long, ... Full story

Is Your Child a Cheater?

In the past year, the headlines have been filled with stories about cheating scandals at some of our most esteemed high schools and colleges, schools ... Full story

Help Your Teen Ace the Midterms

I love teaching at a great public university, the University of Michigan of the West, because my daughters went to a great public university, the ... Full story

5 Rules of Netiquette For Kids

What is the "right" age for youngsters to begin texting and using social media? As the Mom of two elementary school-aged daughters and an educator ... Full story

Strangers on a Train Trip

Did you know September was Grandparents Month? Neither did I. And now it's over, so if you have kids in the house and parents who ... Full story

Forget the Need to Forgive

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur always gives me the opportunity to reflect and think about those I may have wronged in the past year ... Full story

3 Reasons to Organize Important Documents

Who doesn't want to live an organized life? Virtually nobody, based on my conversations with women from across the country. Yet many people find the ... Full story

Midwife & CEO Langevin on Becoming an Eco-Mom

This feisty Fire Dragon leads Topline Marketing, one of the most successful wellness and grocery brokerages in the premium sustainable sector. She's got the gift ... Full story

Children Learn About Ownership Quickly

Ownership is an interesting concept. Unlike many other aspects of objects, ownership depends on the history of the object rather than its features. If you ... Full story

Embracing Asperger's Syndrome

Last week I celebrated my 50th birthday here in London, surrounded by friends and family members. It was a night of unmitigated revelry; an evening ... Full story

Worried Your Kids Don't Eat Enough Calories?

Americans are consumed with calories. But when it comes to kids, the relationship is backwards: Instead of worrying that kids are eating too many calories, ... Full story

20/20 Hindsight Guide for Surviving High School

Ahhhh... the beauty, the certainty of 20/20 hindsight. As my youngest nears the end of high school, I have reflected upon what qualities, learned in ... Full story

total: 38 | displaying: 1 - 38
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