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American Tourist Allegedly Gang-Raped in India

An American woman traveling in northern India was allegedly gang-raped Tuesday after she accepted a ride with three men in a truck, police said. Authorities said ... Full story

One Woman's 'Soul Crushing' Discovery That She 'Wasn't Beautiful Enough' to Live in South Korea

South Korea, which last year overtook Brazil as the plastic surgery capital of the world, is now home to the highest number of cosmetic procedures ... Full story

Blind Chinese Mother Has Sold Four of Her Newborn Children Because Her Husband Can't Hold Down a Job

A blind Chinese woman has admitted to selling four of her new-born children to support her family because her husband can't hold down a steady ... Full story

2 Killed and 14 Missing as Hurricane Barbara Batters Mexico

Two men have been killed after Hurricane Barbara hit Mexico's southern Pacific coast yesterday, flooding roads and toppling trees before weakening to a tropical storm ... Full story

Hal McClure, Ex Foreign Correspondent for The Associated Press, Dies

Hal McClure, who covered two Arab-Israeli wars after turning a passion for travel and the written word into a career as a foreign correspondent for ... Full story

Toru Hashimoto Mounts Lengthy S*x Slave Comment Defence

The combative mayor of Osaka took on Japan's foreign press corps Monday in a nearly three-hour defence of his comments on wartime sex slaves. Toru Hashimoto ... Full story

Ancient Cave Art Unearthed in Mexico

Ancient cave art unearthed, Nearly 5000 Ancient Cave Paintings Discovered in Mexico. Archaeologists have effortlessly been working with the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and ... Full story

8.2 Earthquake Hits Eastern Russia

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck in the Sea of Okhotsk of Friday. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake ... Full story

Four Americans Killed Since 2009 in US Drone Attacks

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen ... Full story

Israel Claims Iconic Images Which Showed the Death of a Palestinian Boy 13 Years Ago May Have Been Staged

It is a film that came to symbolise the second intifada as Palestinian-Israeli tensions exploded into war 13 years ago. A terrified 12-year-old Palestinian boy clinging ... Full story

The Face of El Salvador's Gangs: 60,000 Gang Members on Verge of War After Court Ruling Threatens Truce

Terrifying photos of the rival gangs Mara Salvatruchas (MS-13) and 18 Street handing over weapons and cellphones from prison have emerged as El Salvador risks ... Full story

Syria Launches Assault on Strategic Rebel Stronghold

BEIRUT — Syrian forces launched a large-scale assault Sunday on the city of Qusair, a rebel stronghold near the Lebanese border, in the government's latest ... Full story

Former Argentine Dictator Videla Dies in Prison at 87

Jorge Rafael Videla, an austere former army commander who led Argentina during the bloodiest period of a "dirty war" dictatorship and was unrepentant about kidnappings ... Full story

Venezuela to 'Saturate the Market' with 50 Million Rolls of Toilet Paper

To avoid getting caught with their pants down, Venezuelan officials say they will confront a toilet paper shortage by importing 50 million rolls to meet ... Full story

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad May Face Charges Over Election Appearance With Aide

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may face charges for accompanying his former chief of staff to register for June's presidential vote, the country's electoral watchdog said. Iran's ... Full story

Dollar Breaks Through 100 Yen Mark

LONDON—Japanese stocks outperformed all others by a wide margin Friday after the dollar finally broke through the 100 yen mark. Markets elsewhere remained solid at ... Full story

Expert Sheds Light on Mystery Carcass That Washed Up on Beach

A grisly carcass discovered last week on a New Zealand beach looks like the stuff of nightmares: Its mangled, decomposing body, half buried in sand, ... Full story

Indian Stuntman Dies During Bid to Cross River on a Zip-Wire Attached Only by His Hair

A stuntman died yesterday during a world record attempt as he tried to cross a river on a zip-wire attached only to his hair.  Sailendra Nath ... Full story

Topless Duchess Photos Lead to Charges Against Magazine Publisher

Three people responsible for publishing the topless Kate Middleton photos last year could soon face breach of privacy charges. According to, Ernesto Mauri, the chief ... Full story

Francis 'Will Open Files on Hitler's Pope'

Rabbi Abraham Skorka, who has known the Argentine former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio for 20 years, said he had discussed the role of Pius XII ... Full story

Earthquake Jolts Islands Off Northern Japan, No Tsunami Warning

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 struck islands off northern Japan on Friday but no tsunami warning was issued, the Japan Meteorological Agency ... Full story

Horrifying Footage Emerges of Four Men Beating Indian Woman With Sticks While Police Stand By

Horrifying footage has emerged of a woman being beaten with sticks and rods by four men.  The woman can be heard crying out in agony as ... Full story

Egyptian Bride Ordered to Pay £5K Compensation to Groom Because She Had Secret Surgery to Restore Her Virginity

An Egyptian woman has been ordered to pay her former husband £5240 in compensation after he discovered she had lied to him about her virginity. The ... Full story

6.8 Earthquake: Strong, Shallow Quake Shakes Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake shook Papua New Guinea's northern coast Wednesday morning, but there was no threat of a widespread tsunami in the Pacific. The shallow magnitude-6.8 ... Full story

Islamists Storm Tunisian School After It Bars Niqab-Wearing Student

Radical Muslims burst into a Tunisian school on Wednesday and assaulted its chief after he barred entry to a teenage girl wearing a face veil, ... Full story

'I Murdered 115 People on Orders of North Korea': Rogue State's Top Female Spy Behind Horrific Plane Crash Reveals Truth Behind 'Juvenile' Madman Dictator

North Korea's former top female spy, who blew up a civilian plane that killed 115 people, has spoken about the reasons behind the rogue nation's ... Full story

North Korea Missile 'Fuelled and Ready for Launch': South Warns Nukes Could Be Fired TODAY

The U.S. is preparing to intercept up to three North Korean missiles amid fears the rogue communist state could launch an attack today. The eyes of ... Full story

BBC Staff on Strike 'Would Have Returned to Work if Nelson Mandela Died... but Not for the Death of Thatcher'

Union leaders said triking BBC staff would have returned to work in the event of Nelson Mandela's death  - but suggested the death of Baroness ... Full story

All Embassies Told to Evacuate Staff from Pyongyang After Dictator Warns He 'Cannot Guarantee Safety of Foreigners'

All government embassies have been instructed to evacuate staff from Pyongyang after dictator Kim Jong-un warned he could not 'guarantee the safety of foreigners.' The ... Full story

U.S. Offers Uganda $5 Million Bounty for Joseph Kony

There are two significant developments in the search for the Lord's Resistance Army chief Joseph Kony to tell you about today: Uganda announced it was ... Full story

Rogue State Vows to Re-Open Nuclear Plant Capable of Making Atomic Bomb as US Navy Sends Destroyer That Can Shoot Down Ballistic Missiles

North Korea has announced it will restart all facilities at its main Yongbyon nuclear complex, just hours after the U.S. stepped up the military stand-off ... Full story

TTP's Pakistan

Most of what General (retd) Pervez Musharraf said to the few people at the Karachi airport was delusional and egoistic nonsense. Well, no surprises there. ... Full story

U.S. Soldier Saved Abused Cat Koshka in Afghanistan... and the Feline Returned the Favor

An Army staff sergeant serving in Afghanistan trying to recover from the shock of losing two friends in a violent suicide bombing found a friend ... Full story

Pope Francis Said Celibacy for Priests Rule 'Can Change' in 2012 Interview

Pope Francis suggested in an interview last year that the Catholic Church's rule that priests be celibate "can change" and admitted he was tempted by ... Full story

Iran launches destroyer

The Jamaran-2 destroyer was launched in the Caspian Sea waters Sunday in the northern port city of Bandar Anzali in Gilan province in the presence ... Full story

28 Elephants Poached in Cameroon

In Cameroon, illegal poaching is behind 28 elephants killed in recent weeks. According to a March 13 Christian Science Monitor report, ivory poachers in two ... Full story

North Korea's 'Thermonuclear War': Rogue Nation Vows to Launch Attacks 'at Any Time' in Revenge for Sanctions

North Korea today vowed to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States in retaliation for a new sanctions against the rogue communist state ... Full story

Peter Kenneth Urges IEBC to Ensure Fair Elections in Kenya

Eagle presidential candidate Peter Kenneth has asked the electoral commission to remain an impartial ‘referee’ in the voting process.He at the same time condemned the ... Full story

Queen Elizabeth II Hospitalized for Stomach Bug

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has been discharged from a London hospital after treatment for symptoms of gastroenteritis.Britain's Queen Elizabeth II remained hospitalized Monday after symptoms ... Full story

President Chavez Battles for Life and Hope Rises (Video)

Venezuelans are keeping hope alive. As murmurings that President Hugo Chavez is near death rise, so does the nation’s hope for his chances of survival. ... Full story

Indian Sisters, 11, Nine and Six 'Lured with Food, Raped, Murdered and Dumped in Well'

Three young sisters from a small Indian village have been raped and murdered before their bodies were thrown into a well, it has emerged.The three ... Full story

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