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Charles Taylor's Sentence Upheld for War Crimes in Sierra Leone

The Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) upheld its 50-year sentence for Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, Thursday in The Hague. “The appeals chamber… affirms ... Full story

Was an American Security Team Inside Kenya Massacre Mall?

An American woman who was trapped inside the Nairobi mall as terrorists ran amok claims she was eventually rescued by an 'American security team'. That is ... Full story

French Model Who Starred in Hostage Crisis Film Shot Dead Next to Her Mother as They Parked in Kenya Terror Mall Car Park

A London-based French model who acted in a film about a hostage crisis was gunned down with her mother as they parked up outside the ... Full story

Hostage Crisis Over in Kenya Mall

A siege at Kenya's largest shopping mall in Nairobi launched by Islamic radicals in which dozens of shoppers were killed and more than 170 were ... Full story

$270M Worth of Cocaine Found on Air France Flight

There was something odd about the 30 suitcases that showed up on a flight from Venezuela. The colorful bags weren't registered to any of the ... Full story

Veteran Spanish War Correspondent Marc Marginedas Kidnapped in Syria

Madrid -- A veteran Spanish war correspondent has been kidnapped by insurgents in Syria, his newspaper reported Tuesday. The reporter, Marc Marginedas, has been missing since ... Full story

U.S. and Iranian Presidents Share United Nations Spotlight

Will they or won't they? The key question at Tuesday's opening of the U.N. General Assembly was whether U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan ... Full story

5-Month-Old Baby Killed by Airport Baggage Carousel in Spain

Madrid -- Spanish investigators are trying to figure out how a 5-month-old baby died on a baggage carousel at an airport in Alicante. A spokeswoman for ... Full story

Dennis Rodman Reveals Name of North Korean Leader's Baby Girl

Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman has revealed the name of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s baby daughter and says he is planning a big ... Full story

Zamboanga Now a "Ghost City" After Commercial Establishments

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The city commercial district of Zamboanga has virtually turned into a “ghost city” after commercial establishments, stalls at public markets, universities, government ... Full story

A* Pupil Ajmol Alom Was Stabbed to Death by a Local Gang

A 16-year-old schoolboy stabbed to death in a double knife attack in east London may have been killed by a gang from a rival estate ... Full story

India's Aircraft Carrier Unveiled

NEW DELHI — India has launched its first home-built aircraft carrier, marking another milestone in its efforts to bolster its maritime presence. Defense Minister A.K. Antony ... Full story

Adam and Eve Lived in Africa at the Same Time but They Probably didn't Know Each Other

Adam and Eve lived in Africa at the same time - but probably never met, scientists claim. It was previously believed that ‘Y-chromosomal Adam’ and ‘Mitochondrial ... Full story

Uruguay Moves to Legalize Marijuana

Uruguay has effectively sealed the passage of a groundbreaking marijuana legalization bill that puts production, distribution, and sale of the drug in the hands of ... Full story

Russia's Uralkali Quits Major Potash Venture

Russia's Uralkali quit one of the world's two big potashcartels on Tuesday, heralding a price war for the key crop nutrient and pummelling the shares ... Full story

Bradley Manning Could Still Die in Jail Despite Being Found NOT GUILTY of Being a Traitor

Michael and Sean McQuilkenPrivate Bradley Manning, the former Army intelligence who sent over 700,000 secret government documents to WikiLeaks, was dramatically convicted of all espionage ... Full story

Which Religion Will Disappear by 2041?

Author and noted biopsychologist Nigel Barber has completed a new study that shows Atheism is most prevalent in developed countries, and, according to his projections, ... Full story

North Korea Puts USS Pueblo on Display

PYONGYANG, North Korea — If there was ever any doubt about what happened to the only U.S. Navy ship that is being held by a ... Full story

Marte Deborah Dalelv Pardoned by Dubai Amid Rape Claim

Marte Deborah Dalelv, a Norwegian woman at the center of a controversial Dubai rape claim dispute, has been pardoned and is free to leave the ... Full story

Soviet-Era MiG-21 Fighter Jets Found on North Korean Ship

Panamanian authorities have found two Soviet-era MiG-21 fighter jets aboard a North Korea-flagged ship seized this month as it tried to pass through the Panama ... Full story

Fort Bliss Radiation Discovery a Legacy of Cold War Weapons Race

FORT BLISS -- The radiological contamination discovered in the Snake Pit area in north Biggs Airfield is a remnant of the Cold War when the ... Full story

Costa Concordia Salvage Crews Rush for One Chance to Move Shipwreck

GIGLIO, Italy -- Salvage crews are working against time to remove the shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship, which is slowly being crushed under its own ... Full story

Panama's Search of North Korean Ship Carrying Missiles

It has all the elements of international intrigue: a violent confrontation aboard a detained North Korean ship, a suspected missile, a heart attack and an ... Full story

Islamic Lynch Mob Waving Al Qaeda Banners Throw Terrified Teenage Boy Off 20ft Ledge Before Beating Him to Death

This was the moment Islamist thugs threw a teenager head-first off a roof as the vicious riots sweeping Egypt plumbed grisly new depths. His only ‘crime’ ... Full story

Soraya Who Was Kept in a Dungeon and Used to Satisfy Brutal Dictator

A personal account from one of Muammar Gaddafi’s former sex slaves published in the New York Post today sheds even more light on the strange ... Full story

Vatican Scandal: First Money, Now Sex.

The ongoing Vatican Scandal (now Scandals) is probably causing Pope Francis to wonder whether getting the job was such a great idea. Of course, scandal in ... Full story

Obama Plays with 'Soccket' Energy-Creating Soccer Ball in Tanzania

On his final day in Africa, President Barack Obama got a little kicky while paying a visit to a power plant in Ubungo, Tanzania. Aides handed ... Full story

John Kerry Hits Back at Claim US Bugged 38 Foreign Embassies as as Hollande Wades in Calling for Snooping on Allies to 'Stop Immediately'

The US spying scandal deepened today as Secretary of State John Kerry said it is 'not unusual' for governments to bug the offices of their ... Full story

Horrific Video Shows Syrian Catholic Priest Being 'Beheaded by Jihadist Fighters in Front of Cheering Crowd'

A Syrian Catholic priest has been beheaded by jihadist fighters in Syria, it has been claimed.  The death of Franciscan Father Francois Murad has been confirmed ... Full story

Protests Rumble on at Confederations Cup as Violent Scenes Tarnish Spain Win Over Italy in Brazil

As riots continue to mar the Confederations Cup in Brazil, FIFA have brazenly announced their champagne partners for the World Cup in the country next ... Full story

China Knife Attack Kills 27 in Ethnic Clashes

A knife attack in western China early Wednesday left 27 people dead, the bloodiest incident since 2009 in a region marked with ethnic violence. The violence ... Full story

Nelson Mandela's Daughter Says Family Will Not Withdraw Medical Treatment Without His Consent

Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition in hospital this morning as his daughter said the family will let God decide when it is time for ... Full story

Arab Idol Favourite Mohammed Assaf Carries Hopes of Palestinians Into Final

Thousands of Palestinians are expected to crowd into cafes, hotels and open-air venues on Friday evening to watch three finalists compete for the title of ... Full story

Singapore Haze at Worst Yet, Malaysia Schools Shut Down

Singapore urged people to remain indoors amid unprecedented levels of air pollution Thursday as a smoky haze wrought by forest fires in neighboring Indonesia worsened ... Full story

Could Syria Ignite World War 3?

The crisis in Syria may appear to be no more or less than a civil war in a country many people would struggle to place ... Full story

'Cat Island' in Japan Has More Cats Than People

The “Cat Island”–small island in Japan that has more cats than people–also includes locals who encourage the growth of the local feline population. The name of ... Full story

Africa's Worst Drought Tied to West's Pollution

The biggest drought to hit the planet in the 20th century, the Sahel drought sucked Central Africa dry from the 1970s to the 1990s. The ... Full story

Here's a Picture of a Russian Teacher Natalia Molokova in Her Bra That Has Gone Viral

Going viral is the above picture of a Russian teacher in her bra after students in a Russian school decided to eavesdrop on a fellow ... Full story

Bolivian Villagers Punish Rapist and Murderer by Putting Him Into His Victim's Grave and Burying Him Alive

Mourners in a Bolivian village seized a 17-year-old boy who was named by police as a suspect in the rape and murder of a 35-year-old ... Full story

Miss World Beauty Pageant to Ban Bikini Competition to Avoid Offending Muslim Population

For those of you tuning into the next Miss World beauty pageant looking to see some babes in bikinis, well, you're out of luck. Organizers for ... Full story

Horrific Pictures Reveal the Slaughter in Syria After Government Used Chemical Weapons on Rebels

Horrific pictures today revealed the scale of the ongoing slaughter in Syria after government troops regained control of a strategic border town from rebel fighters. The ... Full story

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