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Roanoke Valley volunteers clean up Glade Creek Spring

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Dozens of volunteers were out in Blue Ridge Friday cleaning up the Glade Creek Spring.

The group of Boxley employees, volunteers from the Roanoke Valley Trout Organization, and state groups were working together raking debris off the banks.

They will also plant more than 300 hardwood trees.

There hope is to prevent the bank from eroding into the stream and once the trees grow up, provide shade.

It's a project they hope the rest of the community will notice.      

"Anyone that lives along the stream, there are opportunities to improve Glade Creek and make it more than just a drainage ditch" said Bill Bainter, the Roanoke Valley Trout Unlimited President.

The creek eventually flows into Tinker Creek.

When the area becomes healthier, they expect trout to flourish. 

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