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Holiday Haul truck collects donations at Bonsack Walmart

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Four days have passed since the WSLS Holiday Haul Toy Drive kicked off for the victims of Super-Storm Sandy.

In that amount of time it sparked a friendly rivalry between the Cave Spring Knights and Hidden Valley Titans, and brought in dozens of toys from Danville to the New River Valley.

The plea for help is out and lots of folks have answered. Thursday, Volunteers and the Holiday Haul truck were parked outside the Bonsack Wal-Mart from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sprit F.M. General Manager, Barry Armstrong, says the response has been outstanding with a steady flow of drop offs.

“If you take a look on the truck you’ll see that box after box is filling up and people are being so generous and it’s so exciting,” Armstrong said.

The images of images of destruction in the northeast are enough to make complete stranger, states away, want to give.

 “I can only imagine what they’re going through. You’re not there, you’ve seen the picture, and it’s just horrible,” said Virginia St. Clair, a donator to the cause.

“God’s given me everything I could possibly ask for or need and I just want to give to other people,” said Cindy Pugh, another donating to the cause.

For Susan Giedel, who spent Thanksgiving in her hometown on Staten Island, chose not to see the worst of Sandy.

“I went down to the shoreline and walked around and I did see one boat washed ashore, just one, but in the news of course I’ve seen a lot worse,” Giedel said. “It’s just hard, you know, hometown, hit hard.”

I asked Giedel if she was worried about seeing that for herself and she replied that “that’s why I didn’t want to do the whole island. I just stuck to Tottenville.”

The bike she was able to donate is now on its way back home.

Volunteers are sorting everything ahead of time, so when we get to the northeast it will be easy to hand everything out. The boxes are labeled with ages starting with infants to 15 years of age.

“If people are curious what’s missing right now is the older, like the pre-teens and teenage,” Armstrong said. “We’re getting a lot of things for toddles through 8 years old, but the boxes for the older children we don’t have a lot.”

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