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Heed Extreme Caution When Using Fireworks

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Recent clips of Colorado’s forest fires leave little to the imagination when it comes to the destructive potential of flames.

It’s not forests that concern Richmond Fire Chief Lonnie Quick, but the combination of fireworks and hot, dry weather. A bottle rocket or other July 4 projectile that lands on a roof or in parched vegetation carries a greater risk this year, Quick said.

“We don’t want to see anyone get hurt or property damaged,” he said.

The fire department and city have used their Richmond Textcaster alert system to communicate that greater caution is needed this year. Quick said Friday that the city plans to email similar alerts each morning through July 4.

“They can shoot fireworks in the city from the first to the Fourth and it’s fairly dry out, so be aware that if one lands on the roof there’s a chance it could catch fire,” he said.

Quick said the conditions are a good reason for parents to exercise additional supervision as families set off fireworks between now and the Fourth.

“A lot of injuries are caused by fireworks,” he said.

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