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Roanoke Police Investigate the Assault of a 15-Year Old Girl

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Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police Officers made an arrest in the assault of a 15-year old girl. Police say the incident happened Monday at 6:33 p.m. Investigators say the 15-year old girl was assaulted in the alley of the 500 block of Mountain Avenue S.W.

Sgt. J. W. Hicks heard the scream of the girl coming from the alley south of Mountain Avenue while he was investigating an unrelated matter in the 500 block of Mountain Avenue. As Sgt. Hicks approached on foot to investigate, he observed 24-year old Jamelle Andre Banks of Roanoke, run from the direction of the screams, crossing Mountain Avenue.

Sgt. Hicks ordered Banks to stop, but Banks ran away, and threw away a knife as he ran. Banks was stopped in the 400 block of Elm Avenue S.W. by Sergeant Hicks, and assisting officers. Police say the female victim advised she had been approached by Banks while walking, and was forcibly taken into the alley from 5th Street.

The female victim was assaulted, but was not injured in the incident. Banks was taken to the Roanoke City Jail and charged with Abduction and Aggravated Sexual Battery.

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