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Clean-up begins as flood waters recede on the Peninsula

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HAMPTON-- Many people on the Peninsula feel fortunate Sandy came and went without leaving too much damage.

In Hampton, firefighters drove around the city Tuesday surveying damage and Community Development staff were checking areas that had flooded during the storm.

Early reports have found less than $500,000 in damage to 30 properties across the city, but totals may grow, according to Hampton officials.

Hurricane Sandy dropped more than six inches of rain on Hampton and at its peak flooded or closed dozens of roads or intersections, they stated.

Work crews started the clean-up effort by removing sand from First Street near the fishing pier, spreading sand on Buckroe Beach, inspecting bridges and culverts for damage and repairing potholes.

Residents should call 311 from a landline or 727-8311 from a cell phone to report hurricane damage. The information will be used to more accurately assess damage caused by the hurricane, officials noted.

In neighboring York County, officials believe the damage from Sandy will be minimal.  During assessments Tuesday, two trees damaged homes in Tabb and in Lightfoot/Skimino. Both homes had minor to moderate damage and the residents are able to stay in them.

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