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College Announces Next President

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Bridgewater College Selects New President

BRIDGEWATER, Va. -- Bridgewater College announced its 9th president, Dr. David W. Bushman following a national search. You can read the official press release above.

Dr. Bushman will leave his position of Dean of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics at Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Md. He will become president of Bridgewater College this summer on June 1st.

For more information on the background of Dr. Bushman, you can go here: Meet Dr. David W. Bushman

In a letter to the community on the Bridgewater College website, Dr. Bushman wrote, "I believe deeply in the power of community and relationships that sustain and nurture a liberal arts college like Bridgewater. This sense of community permeates the classroom, the athletic fields, the alumni gatherings and the broader public sphere in which the College resides. It is why we are able to make a difference in the lives of our students. It is only by attentive care that communities and relationships are strengthened, and I look forward to our work in strengthening them together."

You can read the rest of the letter here: Dr. Bushman's Letter to the Community

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