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Senator-Elect Tim Kaine on How to Balance the Budget

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RICHMOND, Va - – Senator-elect Tim Kaine spoke at the Capitol building about his plans now that he is in the Senate. His top priority is agreeing on a budget plan.

Senator-elect Kaine wants both parties can work together to compromise on a budget plan.

First he hopes they can come up with a short term plan to minimize the negative effects of the fiscal cliff. Then, eventually, he would like to see both spending cuts and taxes to get the right budget to bring the economy back.

"I do firmly believe that the big picture of budget fix has to be on both sides of the balance sheet,” said Senator-elect Kaine. “During the entire campaign I said that. We gotta have cuts and we gotta have revenues, and revenues are taxes or fees or call them whatever you want. We gotta fix both sides of the balance sheet."

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