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Gov. McDonnell Discusses Top Issues Affecting Virginia

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RICHMOND, Va -- Gov Bob McDonnell spoke about major issues he would like to tackle in his last year as governor at the Capitol building on Thursday.

Gov. McDonnell said the two top issues for Virginia are first, establishing a good workforce with top education and training at all levels. Second, he said he will push for a transportation reform plan that will cost about $5 million.

Another hot topic in the upcoming General Assembly will be the Affordable Health Care Act.

Gov. McDonnell said he still has a lot of questions about it, but he will most likely support it if Virginia will get more help from the federal government.

"If we're gonna get into something where we're gonna be stuck with the price tag and we're gonna have very limited flexibility and we're gonna have a lot of federal mandates, then why should we do it?" said Gov. McDonnell.

He hopes the federal government will give out more information on the Affordable Care Act soon, so the state can prepare for those changes.

McDonnell also said there needs to be spending cuts for all state agencies, but he said that is nothing new, since every year they've had to make cuts for a more efficient budget.

McDonnell said he plans to complete his budget plan this week.

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