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Halle Berry Rushed to Hospital From 'The Hive' Set

Halle Berry was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night after suffering a head injury while filming a new movie in Los Angeles.   "Halle Berry suffered a ... Full story

El Salvador's Gang Truce Cuts Tit-for-Tat Murder Rate

QUEZALTEPEQUE, El Salvador - Victor Garcia, alias 'The Duck,' at 39 has survived longer than most gang members in El Salvador, and has seen hundreds ... Full story

Man on the Salts Had Feces in His Mouth

A Duluth man arrested Tuesday after a bath salts-fueled rampage had feces in his mouth and threatened to stab family members, police said.Gwinnett County police ... Full story

'Ted' Lights Up Box Office With $54.1M

Who had more money thrown at him this weekend? A bong-smoking teddy bear with a bad attitude or Channing Tatum in a sparkly G-string?Surprisingly, the ... Full story

Justin Beiber Passes Out Back Stage, Falls Down Stairs

NBC had a bad case of Bieber Fever, and the only way to get over it was with a two-part special featuring the pop phenom. ... Full story

Pro Hockey Player Facing Sexual Assault Charge

Drew Doughty's Stanley Cup victory celebration with the Los Angeles Kings could be cut short by a possible sex assault charge on the horizon.   The Kings' ... Full story

Dharun Ravi Expected To Be Released Today

A former Rutgers University student who was convicted of bias for using a webcam to see his roommate and another man kissing was released from ... Full story

Alberta College Shooting Suspect Arrested at United State's Border

The man wanted in an armored car heist at a Canadian university that left three armed guards dead was carrying $330,000 in cash and no ... Full story

Bush Gets Beheaded in "Game of Thrones"

For those who ever wanted to see former President George W. Bush's head on a silver platter, "Game of Thrones" is serving up something possibly ... Full story

Bombings In Iraq Leave 53 Dead

Bombings and shootings targeting Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims in Baghdad and police across Iraq killed at least 53 people on Wednesday in apparently coordinated attacks during ... Full story

Mobster's Wife To Be Sentenced

A U.S. judge will decide on Tuesday how long the girlfriend of reputed Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger will spend in prison for helping ... Full story

US Cable: China Leaders Ordered Hacking on Google

Sources told American diplomats that hacking attacks against Google were ordered by China's top ruling body and a senior leader demanded action after finding search ...  Visit website

Google Admits Trespassing, Pays Couple $1

\n\n\n\n Google Inc. has acknowledged trespassing by taking a photo of a Pennsylvania couple's home for its Street View service, but the company will pay only ...  Visit website

Google Shock: I'm a Murderer?

Vanity Google searches -- or, more specifically, Googling yourself -- can uncover all kind of surprises. \n\n\n\n But just imagine Florida student Zachary Garcia's reaction when he ...  Visit website

Go High-Fashion With Google

Attention Fashionistas: Next time you're ready to spend your paycheck, let Google give you a hand. \n\n\n\n As many in the fashion world expected, the tech giant ...  Visit website

Google Maps Nearly Causes War

November 11, 2010 4:23 PM ...  Visit website

Drug Dealers Caught on Google Street View

Google Street View sightings tend to be more peculiar than practical -- in the past year alone, the globe encompassing image service has turned up ...  Visit website

Google Nearly Starts a War. Really.

November 11, 2010 12:43 PM ...  Visit website

Will Google Wind Power Project Harm Wildlife?

Before Google or any other groups invest in undersea transmission lines to bring wind power to the mid-Atlantic coast area, they might want to talk ...  Visit website

Google Invests in Huge Offshore Wind Farm

Google has just sealed a deal that will help bring clean, renewable energy to almost 2 million households. \n\n\n\n\n\n The company is investing in the Atlantic Wind ...  Visit website

Google Voice: Make Free Calls Via E-Mail

Google Inc. is adding a free e-mail feature that may persuade more people to cut the cords on their landline phones. \n The service unveiled Wednesday enables ...  Visit website

'Dead' Girl Photographed on Google Street View

It was just a child's innocent prank. But when people in Worcester, England, saw what looked like a dead body in a Google image of ...  Visit website

Verizon, Google Outline Vision on Internet Traffic

Phone and cable TV companies that provide Internet access should be barred from slowing down, blocking or charging to prioritize Internet traffic flowing over their ...  Visit website

Web Brawl: FCC Unhappy With Google, Verizon

The Google-Verizon net neutrality saga has taken yet another strange turn as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ended closed-door talks with several companies over ...  Visit website

Google, CIA Invest in 'Future' of Web Monitoring

The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses ...  Visit website

A Two-Headed Man on Google Street View?

Only on the Internet could you find a two-headed, three-limbed, three-armed man. \n\n\n In yet another Google Street View mystery, a multi-everything man was spotted by ...  Visit website

Google's $700M Bid on Travel Software Maker

Google Inc. plans to buy travel technology company ITA Software Inc. in a $700 million deal that would enable the Internet search leader to steer ...  Visit website

Judge Sides With Google in $1B Viacom Lawsuit

A federal judge in New York sided with Google Inc. in a $1 billion copyright lawsuit filed by media company Viacom Inc. over YouTube videos, ...  Visit website

Sincerest Form of Flattery? Google vs. Bing

« Previous | Main | Next » ...  Visit website

Woman Sues Google Over Walking Directions

When Google Maps's walking directions instructed Lauren Rosenberg to walk along a very busy highway with no pedestrian walkway, she followed the directions exactly. Unfortunately, she ...  Visit website

Google Doodle Celebrates Pac-Man's 30th

Pac-Man is back. And to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic video arcade game, Google has unveiled its first-ever interactive doodle – a ...  Visit website

I Want My ... Google TV?

Google Inc. believes it has come up with the technology to unite Web surfing with channel surfing on televisions. To reach the long-elusive goal of turning ...  Visit website

WATCH: Google Admits Wi-Fi Data Collection

Laptops: Small Screen, Big Value ...  Visit website

Land Your Dream Job Using Google Adwords

By now, landing a job via social media is nothing new; we've perused the how-to guides and heard dozens of great success stories. \n There are, however, ...  Visit website

Google Collected Bits of Personal Info via Wi-Fi

\n Google says it has scooped up snippets of people's online activities broadcast over unprotected Wi-Fi networks during the past four years. The admission made Friday is ...  Visit website

total: 35 | displaying: 1 - 35
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