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Armless Bodybuilder Barbie Thomas Reaches for the Top

An armless bodybuilder in Phoenix can't bench press even a single pound, but few people in any sport can match her for inner strength. SCROLL TO ... Full story

Allegedly Drunk Comboy Planned to Ride Horse 600 Miles

A Colorado man was arrested Monday after allegedly riding a horse while intoxicated, with a dog and pistol in his backpack. Patrick Neal Schumacher, 45, was ... Full story

Artist Bengt Andersson Beaten After Male Organ Gun Mistaken For Real Thing

A penis gun ended up being bad news for an artist's face. Bengt Andersson was brutally beaten at a gallery in Malmo, Sweden on Wednesday when ... Full story

John Buckland, Troy Marcum Save Cat From Burning Building While Dressed As Superheroes

Meow do you think superheroes are real? Two men dressed as Batman and Captain America rushed into a burning building to save a cat in Milton, ... Full story

Runaway Lion Caught in Kuwait Suburbs

KUWAIT - A passerby lured a runaway lion roaming an upmarket suburb of Kuwait into his car and then called the police for help, an ... Full story

Winery Director Arrested After 'Receiving Oral S*x on a Plane' Is Suspended From His Job

A winery director accused of partaking in lewd sex acts during a flight to Las Vegas in full view of passengers has been forced to ... Full story

Meet Larry Da Leopard... and the Woman Who Loves Him Despite His Decision to Tattoo His Entire Body

A Texas tattoo artist’s obsession with leopard spots may have caused a rift with his loved ones, but he believes it has brought him one ... Full story

Swedish Swimmers Warned to Protect Private Parts After Strange Discovery

An exotic pacu has been caught in Sweden’s Oresund Sound, and it’s cause for serious alarm–especially among human males who like to swim there. Pacus, which ... Full story

Shark Found on New York Subway Car

Commuters encountered an unexpected passenger when they boarded a New York City subway train early Wednesday: a shark. A still wet 1-and-a-half foot shark carcass was ... Full story

The Teacher That Makes $4 Million

Kim Ki-hoon earns $4 million a year in South Korea, where he is known as a rock-star teacher—a combination of words not typically heard in ... Full story

Faith Remains Strong for Shark-Bite Survivor Erik Norrie

TAMPA - A Largo man is in good spirits and in good condition after almost becoming shark bait down in the Bahamas. He's at Tampa ... Full story

Gun Company Displays Largest-Caliber Rifle Ever Created

If you want to squeeze off a few rounds from a .905-caliber rifle, you'll need two things: muscles and cash. An Ohio-based gun company has developed ... Full story

Sleepwalking Man Shot Himself in the Leg

Police in New Hempshire say a man who shot himself in the leg this week may have been sleepwalking. The victim, whose name is not being ... Full story

Detroit Family Home Still for Sale After 519 Days Despite Being on the Market for Just $1

It may not look particularly attractive, but as just $1 this family home is a complete bargain. However, despite being on the market for the drop-down ... Full story

Man Swims 5 Hours to Get Help for Family After Boat Capsized

SALISBURY, Md., July 12 -- A Maryland man says he swam for 5 hours to get help for his family after their boat capsized during ... Full story

Ibrahim Yucel Locks Head in Cage All Day in Attempt to Quit

When you make a promise to your god, your late father, and your wife to quit smoking, you should actually quit this time. Turkish man Ibrahim ... Full story

Margaret Goodwin's Apartment Destroyed When Rhubarb Chutney Explodes in Fridge

That rhubarb chutney in Margaret Goodwin's fridge was the bomb -- literally. Goodwin, 66, received the chutney from a friend and put it into her fridge ... Full story

Bats, Cats, Trash Found in Hoarder's Northern Philadelphia Home

Mounds of trash prevented authorities from being able to immediately determine how many bats, cats and rats were inside a Northern Philadelphia home. On Sunday, authorities ... Full story

What Happened When a Brazen Blonde Took Off Her Shirt at New York City Restaurant?

A female diner at a trendy Italian eatery has put New York City's newly relaxed attitude toward partial nudity to the test by going topless ... Full story

Rare Jellyfish May Have Made Stinging Fourth of July Debut at Southern California Beach

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. — A rare jellyfish might have made a stinging debut at a Southern California beach. The Orange County Register reports some people suffered ... Full story

The Women Who Swim in Florida's Springs Wearing Sequined Latex Tails, Sea Shell Bikini Tops and Seaweed Crowns

Even mermaids have fat days. Underneath their sequined tails and sea shell bikinis, Weeki Wachee Springs' real-life Ariels wear thick nylon stockings to 'hide the jiggle' ... Full story

Ring-Tailed Cat Spotted in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – It was a most unusual basketball fan, perched up high among the power lines watching Eric Garcia play his pickup game. The ... Full story

Woman, 21, Who Did Not Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth on Her Front Lawn

A 21-year-old New Jersey woman has given birth to a little boy on her front lawn - and she didn't even know she was pregnant. Elizabeth ... Full story

Texas Teen Impaled in Chest on Horn of Bull Statue

A 14-year-old West Texas boy is dead after he ran into a bull statue on the Texas Tech University campus and impaled himself on one ... Full story

19-Year-Old Whose Father Raised Him 'Off the Grid' Had No Birth Certificate or Social Security Number and Didn't Attend School

Noah Boyce never existed until he was 18 years old. His father, who refuses to recognize government authority, raised Noah 'off the grid' in an RV ... Full story

Teenager With Rare Condition Which Makes Her Look Middle-Aged Given Fresh Hope by Facelift

A teenager who suffers from a rare genetic condition which makes her look middle-aged has been given new confidence thanks to pioneering facelift surgery. Zara Hartshorn, ... Full story

Sheep Eating Plant Set to Bloom in UK

A Chilean plant that kills and feeds upon sheep is about to bloom for the first time since it was planted 15 years ago at ... Full story

Terrifed Burglar Bumps Into Hanging Body and Wakes Up Neighbours With His Screams

A New Zealand burglar gave himself up when he called police to tell them that he had just bumped into a dead body hanging in ... Full story

The Tomato Was Feared for 200 Years by Europeans Who Called It 'Poison Apple'

Centuries before it became a key ingredient in salads and sauces, the humble and versatile tomato was believed to be deadly.  For about 200 years through ... Full story

Ballpark Sinkhole: Indians Canceled by Problem Behind Pitcher's Mound

ARLINGTON, Texas — There was a sinking feeling behind the pitcher’s mound at Rangers Ballpark. A busted pipe under the infield at Rangers Ballpark created a ... Full story

Formerly obese college student who turned his life around by eating Subway's sandwiches has a net worth of $15 million

Jared Fogle, 35, stops in at a Subway restaurant in Times Square. Once topping 425 pounds, the 6-foot-2 Fogle now weighs 200. It’s been 15 years ... Full story

'Girls Eat Cotton Balls Dipped in Orange Juice': Eddie Murphy's Daughter Bria Reveals Pressure to Be Perfect

Bria Murphy, who has modeled for Maxim, the hair care product line Dark and Lovely, and most recently for rapper Wale’s new music video, Bad, ... Full story

Man Wakes from Rhinoplasty Operation to Find Top Surgeon Removed His Entire Nose

A man woke up after getting a nose job to find that the plastic surgeon had removed his nose entirely.  Patient Vishal Thakkar went to Dr ... Full story

Postal Worker Claiming Disability Benefits Busted After Appearing on 'The Price Is Right'

A postal worker claiming disability benefits after injuring herself on the job has been accused of being a liar after she appeared on The Price ... Full story

Teen Accidentally Shot by Friend While Playing 'Zombie Game'

BRAINS. A 16-year-old Arkansas boy was hospitalized Monday after his friend accidentally shot him with a .40-caliber handgun, cops said. Trevor Hargrove was playing a "zombie ... Full story

Dolphins Fish on Land in Incredible Wildlife Photo

In a unique wildlife spectacle known only to occur in the tidal marshes of Georgia, dolphins work in synchronization to create a wave that pushes ... Full story

911 Call for Bigfoot

Bigfoot sightings are a perennial sideshow in the U.S. Vague claims invariably turn out to be regular animal hair, gorilla suits, hoaxes, or nothing at ... Full story

26-Year-Old Twins Both Suffer Strokes Just Months Apart

A set of 26-year-old twins have stunned doctors by both suffering strokes just months apart from each other. Kathryn Tucker, who lives in Tempe, Arizona, felt ... Full story

Sharp-Eyed UFO Fan Claims to Spot a Lizard on Mars in Footage from Curiosity Rover

A science blogger with a keen sense of vision claims to have spotted a lizard meandering around Mars.  The unknown spotter is from Japan and alerted ... Full story

Twin Sisters, 21, Give Birth in the Same Hospital on the Same Day

A pair of twin sisters who found out they were pregnant on the same day have given birth to their babies on the same day ... Full story

Life Size X-Wing Is Largest Lego Ever Built

An enormous Star Wars X-Wing spaceship has landed in New York's Times Square. It took 32 master builders more than five million LEGO bricks and too ... Full story

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