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Men turn into their dad at 38 (owning a 'man drawer' and believing all modern music sounds the same are the warning signs)

Reseachers find men start to turn into their fathers aged 38The top tell tale sign for men is nodding off in the front roomOthers include ...  Visit website

Shocking video captures moment a subway train speeds over a wailing man lying on the tracks ... and he SURVIVES

Passengers tried to pull emotionally disturbed man to safetyUnable to move him, the group tried to alert the driver as train arrivedBy Jessica Jerreat Published: ...  Visit website

Small lizard-like creature that stalked the world 300 million years ago 'was earliest known ancestor of plant-eating mammals'

Eocasea martini marked transition from carnivores to herbivoresScientists showed a partial skeleton of a specimen found in KansasIt was a carnivore feeding on insects, but ...  Visit website

Retired guard dog who never had puppies finds a tiny kitten in the park and has now taken over its care

By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 01:18 GMT, 17 April 2014 ...  Visit website

At least 14 injured in Los Angeles after two firetrucks collide, causing one to slam into Chinese restaurant

The two trucks were responding to a call shortly after 3pm No one was killed in the crash though 15 were being treated for injuriesOne ...  Visit website

Mom high on drugs KIDNAPS young daughter and leads police on high-speed chase with child ON HER LAP

Aubrey Coy, 34, of Indiana kidnapped her five-year-old daughter during a supervised visit with the girl's grandmotherCoy drove from Indiana into Michigan, where police caught ...  Visit website

Flight instructor Mitchell Casado featured in CNN's MH370 coverage fired from job for alleged tardiness and 'shaming Canadians' for dressing like a teenager

uFly company owner Claudio Teixeira said he fired Mitchell Casado on Wednesday in part for refusing to dress professionally and making Canadians 'look very bad ...  Visit website

Revealed: Masked al-Qaeda fighter who was described as 'Arsenal football player' is believed to be Portuguese citizen who may have attended coaching sessions at the club

Extremist appeared in video claiming to be former Arsenal playerIt has now emerged he may be a Portuguese national, sources sayArsenal say they have no ...  Visit website

'We stop, we regroup, we consider': Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott concedes the search for MH370 will soon have to stop

Australia's Prime Minister has conceded that the best leads will soon be exhaustedUnderwater search vessels were recalled to the surface when safety mechanism kicked inData ...  Visit website

Doug Phillips, former leader of a popular Christian ministry is accused of using teenage girl as 'personal s3x slave' in $1m lawsuit

The former leader of a popular Christian ministry – who resigned last year after confessing to an ‘inappropriate’ relationship – is now the subject of ...  Visit website

Embrace the day: Preacher born without limbs spreads his anti-bullying message in Times Square with 10,000 Hugs tour

Melbourne-born Nick Vujicic has rare tetra-amelia syndromeAfter a suicide attempt at the age of 10, Vujicic turned his disability into a motivation to spread the ...  Visit website

Move over selfies... Behold: The 'dronie' is upon us!

Photography entrepreneur Amit Gupta attached a remote controlled camera to a drone Gupta and a New York Times columnist played around with the device at Bernal ...  Visit website

Police detained by police after acting suspiciously near Kate and William

Kate and William arrive in the Blue Mountains to visit the village of Winmalee before viewing the Three Sisters Couple will have barbeque lunch with firefighters ...  Visit website

Eight new species of slug invade Britain to feast on vegetables

Researchers have discovered eight new species of the slithery creatureBrings number of known types from 36 to 44Zoologist made discovery after collection 1,000 slugs from ...  Visit website

Tailor-made drugs may revolutionise cancer care: Survival rates could be extended by many years, say researchers

Patients to be given individual 'lists' of drugs depending on their tumourCancer Research UK say plans will extend average survival ratesInitial trial will involve 300 ...  Visit website

American Funds urges password change to counter 'Heartbleed' bug

A lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Internet Explorer browser in a photo illustration in Paris April 15, 2014. ...  Visit website

Google first-quarter revenue misses Wall Street targets

(Reuters) - Google Inc's first-quarter revenue fell short of Wall Street targets and margins narrowed as the price of its ads continued to decline, pushing ...  Visit website

U.S. SEC releases cyber security examination blueprint

(Reuters) - U.S. securities regulators have unveiled a road map that lays out how they plan to make sure Wall Street firms are prepared to ...  Visit website

Online dating website Zoosk files for IPO of up to $100 million

(Reuters) - Online dating website Zoosk Inc filed with U.S. regulators on Wednesday to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering of ...  Visit website

Wal-Mart to unveil new service with electronic payments provider

A man stands on a skateboard outside a Wal-Mart store in Williston, North Dakota March 13, 2013. ...  Visit website

IBM's quarterly revenue sinks to 5-year low as hardware sales fall

(Reuters) - IBM Corp reported its lowest quarterly revenue in five years on Wednesday as the company struggles with falling demand for its storage and ...  Visit website

Yahoo nominates three new members to board

A Yahoo logo is pictured in front of a building in Rolle, 30 km (19 miles) east of Geneva, in this file picture taken December ...  Visit website

Sony sells more than 7 million Playstation 4 consoles

A staff at the PlayStation 4 launch event poses with the PlayStation 4's game controller before its domestic launch event at the Sony Showroom in ...  Visit website

Canadian charged in 'Heartbleed' attack on tax agency

(Reuters) - Canadian police have arrested a 19-year-old man and charged him in connection with exploiting the "Heartbleed" bug to steal taxpayer data from a ...  Visit website

Google misses revenue target, ad prices slide

(Reuters) - Google Inc's first-quarter revenue fell short of Wall Street targets and margins narrowed as the price of its ads continued to decline, underscoring ...  Visit website

WorldViews: How McDonald’s went from hero to zero in Russia

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Following the news that McDonald's would pull out of Crimea, now de-facto a part of Russia, there's been a considerable ...  Visit website

Palestinian leader Abbas meets with Israeli legislators, considers extension of peace talks

RAMALLAH, West Bank — In a closed meeting Wednesday with Israeli legislators, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he would agree to extend U.S.-brokered peace ...  Visit website

WorldViews: The warden of Africa’s oldest park is the latest victim of Congo violence

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The chief warden of Africa's oldest national park was ambushed and shot Wednesday in eastern Congo, and officials aren't sure ...  Visit website

WorldViews: What 100 days of social media can tell us about India’s election

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The sheer scale of the Indian elections we're in the middle of is dazzling, with 815 million people eligible to ...  Visit website

Jordanian warplanes destroy vehicles trying to cross from Syria

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordanian warplanes destroyed several vehicles trying to cross the border from Syria, a government spokesman said Wednesday. A Jordanian security source said ...  Visit website

U.S. officials have low expectations ahead of meetings with Russia and Ukraine

The Obama administration signaled little optimism ahead of diplomatic meetings Thursday with Russia and Ukraine over the escalating conflict in Eastern Europe and prepared to ...  Visit website

Obama aims to reinvigorate Asia strategy

President Obama’s bid to focus U.S. attention on Asia has failed to meet the lofty expectations he set three years ago in a grand pronouncement ...  Visit website

South Korea ferry disaster passengers' relatives pelt prime minister with water bottle

Chung Hong-won had a water bottle thrown at him in Jindo, south of Seoul, South KoreaFamilies of those missing are hiring their own boats to ...  Visit website

The children as young as nine with personal trainers

Hilary Burbridge trains a number of youngsters in North LondonSean Allen runs CrossFit Kids classes once a week Parents are paying them to get their ...  Visit website

Starbucks to pay more tax in Britain following customer boycott

Coffee shop chain will move to London in wake of row over tax avoidanceAnger over the corporation's actions led to customer's spurning StarbucksThe Africa and ...  Visit website

Soaring property prices preventing warring couple from moving on

Nilufer, 38, still has to live with ex-boyfriend Adam, 33, in their London flat Their relationship ended months ago but neither can afford to move ...  Visit website

David Cameron says Britain should be 'confident about status as Christian country'

PM admits he has felt the 'healing power' of the ChurchBeing a Christian nation does not mean 'doing down' other religionsBritain should be 'more confident' ...  Visit website

Nothing ages you more than dated beauty habits but help's at hand!

As women grow older, they must change their make-up routineTop make-up artist Sandy Linter reveals her 'anti-ageing' tipsBy Frances Childs Published: ...  Visit website

New treatment could help rosacea sufferers by reducing facial redness

The skin gel is the first drug available on the NHS to cut rednessIt works within half an hour and the effects last for up ...  Visit website

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William arrive in Australia

Kate and William went on a walkabout in Sydney on WednesdayThe Duke and Duchess happily posed for pictures with lucky well-wishersSome of the 'selfies' taken ...  Visit website

Council blocks Passion of Christ performance in Oxford thinking it was sex show

Oxford's Cowley Road Passion Play depicts the crucifixion of Jesus ChristHas actors playing Jesus, his disciples, Mary Magdalen and Pontius PilateThe Passion recreates Jesus' last ...  Visit website

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