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Bob Dole Doesn't Think That Ronald Reagan Would Have Made It In Today's GOP

Former Senate Majority leader and presidential candidate, Bob Dole, has stated that he doesn’t think Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan would have thrived in the ... Full story

Will Critics Slam Michelle Obama's Next Trip Too?

Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia are looking at an extended vacation on Martha’s Vineyard this summer, according to a report in The Boston ... Full story

Obama's Approval Rating Survives Scandal Week

Here's one place where the president didn't have a dramatic week: in his approval ratings. According to two polls — the Gallup daily tracking poll, ... Full story

Trial for Bin Laden's Son-in-Law May Be Delayed by Sequester Furloughs

A landmark civilian trial of Osama bin Laden's son-in-law may be delayed until next year due to budget cuts arising from the sequestration, a US ... Full story

Hillary Clinton 2016 Speculation a Waste of Time

Though President Barack Obama easily won two presidential elections, it doesn’t mean he coasted into the White House. Perhaps his biggest political challenge came before ... Full story

Speaker John Boehner's Future Son-in-Law Caught With Pot

They're going to the chapel and they’re ganja get married. The fiancé of House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter was once busted for pot possession, a new ... Full story

Boston-Cape Rail Service Starts Next Month

BOSTON – Mary Regan of Needham isn't much of a beach person but that wouldn't stop her from hopping a train from South Station to ... Full story

Sen. Bill Nelson Flips Postion on Gay Marriage

Florida Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson added his name to the steadily growing list of legislators switching their position on same-sex marriage in recent weeks.The announcement ... Full story

President Obama to Return 5% of Salary in Solidarity With Furloughed Workers

President Obama will return 5% of his $400,000 salary to the U.S. Treasury in a show of solidarity with workers furloughed by budget cuts, the ... Full story

Former Presidents Cost the Government $3.7Million Last Year

Being the leader of the free world is an expensive proposition and the costs don't stop once you leave the White House.The government spent nearly ... Full story

"For Hillary Clinton to Win, She Should Focus on Economy"

Eleven days. That's how many days Sen. Hillary Clinton has left to either extend this Democratic presidential campaign and fight for the nomination or see ... Full story

George P. Bush Makes Bid for Office in Texas

Another member of the Bush family is making a bid for office in Texas.George P. Bush, the eldest son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, ... Full story

President Barack Obama pokes fun at self, reporters at dinner

President Barack Obama poked fun at himself, Bob Woodward and Washington reporters on Saturday at a dinner that brought together the country's press and political ... Full story

Quotes from Jay-Z, The Godfather, a Candy Bar Dinner and No Bathroom Breaks: Inside Senator Rand Paul's Epic 13 Hour Speak

Sen. Rand Paul looked tired and disheveled after his grueling 13 hour filibuster blocking the nomination of John Brennan as director of the Central Intelligence ... Full story

President Obama Says $85B in Spending Cuts Will Kick in Friday as Leaders Fail to Compromise on Replacement Plan

President Obama said Friday that people across the country should brace for layoffs and pay cuts after he and congressional leaders failed to compromise on ... Full story

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison launches into tirade with Sean Hannity on Fox News

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison exploded during a live interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday, calling the Fox News host the "worst excuse for a journalist ... Full story

Who Are the Ten Wealthiest US Presidents?

Three years ago, 24/7 Wall St. published the net worth of every American president, from George Washington to Barack Obama. We have updated our numbers ... Full story

Drones over U.S.

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s … a drone, and it’s watching you. That’s what privacy advocates ... Full story

Photos of White House after-party: How the President took part in a Gangnam Style dance off and Michelle grooved to 'Single Ladies' at celebrity-packed bash

He spent the best part of last year fighting a grueling battle for another term in the White House, but hours after President Barack Obama ... Full story

Utah business owner charges liberal customers extra while another fires two employees for supporting Obama ... and it's all LEGAL

First owner George Burnett charged liberals a dollar more than conservatives at his Vernal, Utah smoothie shop. Now, another Utah business owner -- evidently inspired by ... Full story

Obama Hits 51 Percent Approval Rating In CNN/ORC International Poll

President Obama has a 51 percent approval rating going into his second term, a sharp drop from how he started his first term but a ... Full story

NRA responds to Obama's gun control laws saying 'attacking firearms and ignoring children is not the solution' after President signs 23 executive orders

The National Rifle Association tonight blasted the sweeping set of gun control proposals put forth by President Obama just hours ago, saying that the 23 ... Full story

Ashley Judd 'Doesn't Know' If She'd Make Kentucky Senate Run, Mother Naomi Says - Video

Actress and political activist Ashley Judd hasn't decided if she'll mount a Democratic challenge against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in 2014, her mother, ... Full story

Chuck Hagel Defense: The Combustible Politics of Obama's Clearest Break from Bush

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's nomination Monday of former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as secretary of defense reignites an uncomfortable, and potentially combustible, debate over ... Full story

Harry Reid says he misspoke with disaster comparison

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that he misspoke when he suggested in a Senate speech that damage from Superstorm Sandy was worse than ... Full story

Concern growing about low turnout at Obama inauguration

Crowds may have flocked to the National Mall to see President Obama make history in 2009, but the team behind the president's 2013 inauguration bash ... Full story

The wink that says Aloha! Obama jets back to Hawaii after Congress passes deal to avert the fiscal cliff as Republicans 'surrender' on tax cuts

President Barack Obama jetted back to Hawaii last night to continue his holiday vacation, just hours after Congress passed a deal to avoid the fiscal ... Full story

Republican House leader John Boehner told Senate's top Democrat to 'Go f*** yourself' outside Oval Office

House Speaker John Boehner twice told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to 'go f**k' himself last Friday after a meeting at the White House on ... Full story

White House Petition To Recognize Westboro Baptist Church As Hate Group Becomes Biggest Ever

Users of the White House's "We the People" digital petition platform have flooded the site in support of an effort to officially designate the Kansas-based ... Full story

Report on Gov. Waste Cites 'Robosquirrels,' Tax Breaks for NFL

Washington -- The government wasted billions of dollars this year by allowing questionable tax breaks and paying for unnecessary programs even as the economy faltered, ... Full story

'Walmart Moms' Stand Their Ground in Ohio

Columbus, Ohio -- The clock on the mantle has ticked past midnight, but Jessica Lundgren is studying -- so she can't afford to think about ... Full story

5 Things to Watch for in VP Debate

Danville, Kentucky -- Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate, will share the stage in Danville, Kentucky, ... Full story

Stakes Rise in Upcoming Biden-Ryan Debate

A former senator vs. a congressman. A Catholic vs. a Catholic. A policy wonk vs. an experienced speaker. The elements are in place for an ... Full story

Election Raises Chances for Possible Supreme Court Vacancies

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney wasted little time rushing to the cameras when the Supreme Court narrowly upheld the president's sweeping health care reform law. Their ... Full story

Romney Gets a C on Foreign Policy

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that, in her role as a Georgetown professor, she would give Mitt Romney a C on a recent ... Full story

Mitchell Slams Obama Camp Over Footage

NBC's Andrea Mitchell publicly shamed the Obama campaign today for using NBC News footage to attack Mitt Romney. As POLITICO reported Saturday, NBC News sent a ... Full story

KitchenAid Tweet About Obama's Deceased Grandma Causes a Stir

KitchenAid is not a United Nations program to help people in faraway, impoverished places obtain designer kitchens. Instead, it's a company that offers you "more ways ... Full story

First Presidential Debate Turned Upside Down

Washington -- While both campaigns have been lowering expectations ahead of Wednesday's first presidential debate, two of Mitt Romney's more notable surrogates raised the bar ... Full story

Why Mitt Romney Is Losing Must-Win Ohio

Polls show Mitt Romney trailing President Barack Obama in just about every one of the swing states where the 2012 campaign is being waged. But Romney ... Full story

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