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Obamacare's Latest Rules for Employers

More Obamacare rules, anyone? Over the summer, the government delayed for a year the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that companies with 50-plus full-time employees offer health ... Full story

Sizing Up P*rn's Power to Crush the American Workforce

Buried in Friday morning’s rather dismal jobs report was a particularly strange bit of government data: The motion picture and sound recording industry shed more ... Full story

Recession? Depression? One in Three Thinks So

A third of Americans think the U.S. economy is in a recession or a depression and only one in six think it’s growing, says a ... Full story

The Linkery Resturant Owner Who Says Banning Tipping Has Improved His Service

The owner of a San Diego restaurant says he’s abolished tipping waiters for the last six years and service has only gotten better. Concerned about income ... Full story

Zynga Sues 'Bang With Friends' Over Trademark Infringement

Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) sued the maker of the “Bang With Friends” casual sex Internet application, claiming it infringes Zynga’s trademark for its “with friends” family ... Full story

U.S. Accuses JPMorgan of Manipulating California Energy Market

Electricity traders at a JPMorgan Chase & Co. subsidiary manipulated the California energy market for 10 months in 2010 and 2011, costing ratepayers tens of ... Full story

'First Batch' of Twinkies Go on Sale at Walmart Stores Nationwide

NEW YORK — It’s Twinkies comeback day at Walmart, three days ahead of the snack’s anticipated return nationwide. Walmart is rolling out the first batch of ... Full story

Kroger to Buy Harris Teeter Chain in $2.4 Billion Deal

The nation's largest grocery store chain is getting even bigger -- and possibly, tonier. Kroger said Tuesday it's buying Harris Teeter Supermarkets in a $2.4 billion ... Full story

Paula Deen's Cookbook Is No. 1, Publisher Drops Her Anyway

Paula Deen's no good very bad month continued Friday when her publisher announced it was canceling the publication of her cookbook -- despite it skyrocketing ... Full story

Dolce and Gabbana Sentenced to Twenty Months in Italian Prison for Tax Evasion

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the legendary designer duo whose billion-dollar fashion empire has been embroiled in a $1.3-billion tax evasion case, were sentenced to ... Full story

IBM Layoffs Coming, but Officials Won't Say How Many

State officials said Wednesday that IBM had notified them that a national reorganization would result in job losses in Vermont. The company said it would ... Full story

E-Cigarettes Want Your Attention Now

The electronic cigarette is about to have its turn in the spotlight. The battery-powered gadgets transform nicotine and other substances into an inhaled vapor and ... Full story

Toyota Recalls Prius and Lexus Hybrids to Fix Brakes

Toyota is recalling nearly a quarter of a million vehicles because of a braking problem. The Japanese automaker said Wednesday the global recall would affect 242,000 ... Full story

Ford Recall Affects 465K Models Including Fusion and Taurus Due to Gas Leak Problem

Ford Motor Co is recalling 465,000 2013 models to check for fuel tank leaks that could result in a fire. The automaker said it won't ... Full story

Disneyland Price Hike in Time for Summer

A Disneyland price hike has upset some families planning to visit Disney's U.S. parks over the summer season. The company has announced that Disneyland and Disney ... Full story

YouTube Forced to Shut Down Comments on New Cheerios Advert

Cheerios has been embroiled in a race row after it released an advert of an interracial family enjoying the oat-based breakfast cereal. YouTube was forced to ... Full story

Wal-Mart Will Pay $110 Million in Toxic Dumping Fines

Wal-Mart will have to pay $110 million in federal and state fines after the company entered a guilty plea for mishandling toxic waste and pesticides ... Full story

Clever New Invention Leaves Busy Mothers Hands-Free

Learning to do everything  with one arm while holding a baby in the other is a skill that new mothers pick up very quickly. But even ... Full story

Starbucks Tip Jar at the Center of New York High Court Case

New York's top court will give its two cents into the brewing controversy over Starbucksbaristas' tip jars: whether shift supervisors and assistant managers are legally ... Full story

Abercrombie & Fitch Finally Apologizes for Excluding Large Women

Abercrombie & Fitch has finally apologized for the exclusion of large women from its clothing line.  “We look forward to continuing this dialogue and taking concrete ... Full story

Tesla Motors Repays $465 Million Loan

  Tesla Motors Inc., labeled a “loser” by Mitt Romney during the U.S. election, repaid its taxpayer-supported loan, giving President Barack Obama’s green- energy strategy a ... Full story

Florida Residents Wonder if Powerball Winner Is One of Their Own

Residents of the small town of Zephyrhills, Fla., are buzzing with excitement today that the lucky holder of a Powerball ticket worth $590.5 million could ... Full story

Steve Jobs Widow Has Become a Philanthropist

Steve Jobs widow: Laurene Powell Jobs has earned recognition for pushing an agenda in areas such as education and nutrition. “Her life was about her family ... Full story

Pop-Tarts' New Peanut Butter Flavors: Will They Woo Adults?

Kellogg announced Tuesday that they're introducing two new flavors of Pop-Tarts, both marketed as "Gone Nutty!" One new Pop-Tarts flavor has chocolate frosting and the ... Full story

McDonald's Adds 3 New Quarter Pounders to Its Menu in a Bid to Boost Slumping Sales

McDonald's is adding three new cheaper Quarter Pounders to its menu as the fast-food chain looks to offer cheaper premium burgers and boost their slumping ... Full story

Taco Bell $1 Value Menu to Likely Go National

Taco Bell says its new value menu may go national in coming months. The fast-food chain had already said in January that it was testing a ... Full story

Urban Outfitters Prescription Drink Line Stirs Controversy

SAN ANTONIO -- Urban Outfitters, a popular clothing store for the young and hip is coming under fire for its line of drinkware including flasks ... Full story

Analyst Starts Harley-Davidson at 'Overweight'

NEW YORK — A Morgan Stanley analyst started coverage of Harley-Davidson with an "Overweight" rating on Monday, saying that the motorcycle company has managed to ... Full story

Beyonce Thinks Blue Ivy 'Needs Company'

Beyoncé might be a superstar, with a thriving music and acting career, but no job is as important as being a mother to Blue Ivy. ... Full story

Rush Limbaugh Deflects Blame for WABC Ad Sales Slump

The controversial radio host could leave the network when his contract runs up at year's end.Rush Limbaugh is on the defense after receiving blame from ... Full story

Disney Stops Production in Bangladesh Factories

The Walt Disney Company has stopped production of branded merchandise in Bangladesh, in response to the spate of fatal factory accidents last fall. The company sent ... Full story

U.S. Lands Only One Restaurant in the 'World's 50 Best'

The top 50 restaurants in the world for 2013 have been named, and Manhattan's own Eleven Madison Park has landed the fifth highest ranking. Per Se, ... Full story

Trump Ad Slamming Wind Farms Banned

Britain's Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that Donald Trump's anti-wind farm advert should be withdrawn in its current form. The independent advertising regulator said Wednesday that ... Full story

Starbucks Bagged Coffee Price Will Be One Dollar Less

NEW YORK — Starbucks is cutting the suggested retail price of its bagged coffee sold in supermarkets, following similar moves by competitors amid falling commodity ... Full story

'Fashion Police' Writers Add Joan Rivers' Production Company to Pay Complaint

Joan Rivers' production company, Rugby Productions, is coming under fire for allegedly violating California labor law."Fashion Police" writers hired by Rivers to work on the ... Full story

Al Gore Sued Over Current TV Sale to Struggling Network Al-Jazeera

A television consultant claims that former Vice President Al Gore and others at Current TV stole his idea to sell the struggling network to Al-Jazeera.Los ... Full story

Teens Are Tiring of the Social Network as They Turn to Newer 'Cooler' Apps Such as Snapchat

Facebook has made the startling admission that teenagers are becoming bored with the social networking giant.Facing competition from younger, more agile and 'cooler' apps such ... Full story

Where's My Refund? IRS Website Overrun

The Internal Revenue Service has a message for taxpayers eager to learn the status of their tax refund: Please don't check the IRS website every ... Full story

Incredible Machine That Lays Out a Carpet of Bricks Removing Back-Breaking Hard Work

Building new roads can be an arduous and back-breaking task but thanks to a Dutch inventor, paving is now as simple as rolling out a ... Full story

Minimum Wage Hikes In 10 States

On Tuesday, the minimum wage in 10 states will increase by anywhere from a dime to 35 cents. For all of the states but one, the ... Full story

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Unchanged

The 30-year fixed mortgage rate on Zillow® Mortgage Marketplace is currently 3.24 percent, unchanged from this same time last week. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate ... Full story

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