Amanda Bynes Loses Car, Lindsay Lohan Shows Little Sympathy

Los Angeles-area cops impounded out-of-control actress Amanda Bynes’ car Sunday — leading ex-jailbird Lindsay Lohan to complain she’s getting all the breaks.

Less than a week after Bynes was snapped smoking something curiously like pot in the front seat of the same BMW 5-series sedan, cops pulled over the troubled actress on a suspended license and towed away the car, TMZ reported.

Bynes wasn’t arrested, though she had lost her driving privileges Aug. 25, following a DUI arrest in April and two alleged hit-and-run cases in April and August.

Troubled one-time teen Hollywood good-girl, Amanda Bynes, gets her car impounded in Los Angeles after a stop resulted in discovery of suspended license. 

Bynes, 26, has been acting erratically in recent months and may have serious mental issues, acquaintances told TMZ. She couldn’t be reached for comment.

Bynes, 26, was photographed talking with cops. Officials say she was pulled over around 8:20 a.m. Sept. 16.

The one-time Nickelodeon star got little sympathy from Lohan, her Disney contemporary, who apparently tweeted Sunday about Bynes:

Lohan, 26, served 14 days in jail in 2010 after violating probation in her 2007 DUI case. She was also behind bars for less than five hours last year for violating probation — her fifth jail sentence since 2007.

The "Mean Girls" actress followed up on Twitter to thank her Disney roots: "These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-night all*," she posted.

Bynes, meanwhile, is due in court Sept. 27 in the hit-and-run cases.

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By Erin B 09/17/2012 03:02:00