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Furniture shop owner who starred in BBC show The Fixer appears in court accused of stabbing his 61-year-old wife to death at retirement complex

John Butler, 62, arrested after police discovered wife Pauline's bodyThe 61-year-old was found on Monday with multiple knife woundsTheir struggling business featured in the first ...  Visit website

Mother-of-two stricken with brain cancer was given six months to live - but nine tumours have disappeared and she's still alive four years later

Rose Bingham discovered she had cancer after getting splitting headachesThe 55-year-old has battled her grim diagnosis with bravery and humourAfter barrage of treatments her nine ...  Visit website

How did you get here? Mystery of the sea lion pup found in an orchard 100 MILES from the ocean

Sea lion may have made it to orchard in Modesto, California by swimming in the San Joaquin River, which empties in to the Pacific Ocean ...  Visit website

Two models arrested for 'cutting off the heads of chickens and beating rabbits to death in animal-torture fetish p0rn videos'

Authorities in Florida on Wednesday arrested a 'fetish model' for her role in a collection of pornographic videos that police say show the gruesome killings ...  Visit website

Move over selfies... it's time for the dronie: New trend for capturing you and your pals in wide angle aerial shots from a remote controlled camera

Photography entrepreneur Amit Gupta attached a remote controlled camera to a droneGupta and a New York Times columnist played around with the device at Bernal ...  Visit website

X-Men director Bryan Singer accused of sexually abusing underage child actor and providing the minor with alcohol and drugs

The 48-year-old director was hit with a lawsuit filed Wednesday in HawaiiVictim Michael Egan is now 31, but was 17 years old when Singer carried ...  Visit website

Police detained by police after acting suspiciously near Kate and William

Kate and William arrive in the Blue Mountains to visit the village of Winmalee before viewing the Three Sisters Couple will have barbeque lunch with firefighters ...  Visit website

Tommy Cooper the wife-beating drunk: ITV drama explores dark side of comic's private life

New drama shows the comedian entertainer as a violent alcoholicThe film focuses on his 17 year affair and episodes of domestic violenceComedian's daughter Vicky helped ...  Visit website

Shocking video captures moment a subway train speeds over a wailing man lying on the tracks ... and he SURVIVES

Passengers tried to pull emotionally disturbed man to safetyUnable to move him, the group tried to alert the driver as train arrivedBy Jessica Jerreat Published: ...  Visit website

How super-fast cable networks allow City flash boys to fleece your pension of billions

Traders use super-fast internet to shave milliseconds off the time it takes to do businessExperts believe the quicker internet has made city traders £12 billlionHigh ...  Visit website

How business is booming for Prestige Pawnbrokers

Prestige Pawnbrokers opened six years ago in Weybridge in Surrey Business set up by former property developer James ConstantinouThe shop have opened their doors to ...  Visit website

How David Beckham & co would look with Kim Jong-Un's hair

North Korea's London Embassy tried to remove cheeky poster making fun of Kim Jong-UnLondon barber refused to comply with the dictator's demandsAll North Korean men ...  Visit website

Who is leaving cash on doormats in Colchester?

The recipients all live on the same road in the Essex townLesley Quilter, 58, has been trying to work out who sent her £200Her neighbour ...  Visit website

Federal judge Anita Brody rejects NFL concussion settlement

Judge Anita Brody is skeptical that the settlement reached will cover players who will experience concussion-linked problems in the futureThe money is supposed to be ...  Visit website

Conjoined twins separated in Dallas are released from hospital

Owen and Emmett Ezell were joined at the abdomen and shared a liverTwins will spend next few weeks in a rehabilitation center while parents are ...  Visit website

Men today prefer cats while women would sooner own a dog

Survey of 1,685 pet owners suggests men prefer catsAbout 34 per cent of men owned a cat, with 33 per cent owning a dog36 per ...  Visit website

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Chat show Nick Clegg snubs the Queen again

By Sebastian Shakespeare Published: 23:10 GMT, 16 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Suspect hunted by police after three pets die from eating toxic meat in Fryent Country Park in London

Dogs had eaten chunks of chicken and fish smothered in Methomyl Less than one gram of the toxic insecticide is enough to kill a toddlerJust ...  Visit website

Workers soon to retire will be told expected death date by pension provider

New government guidance will tell pensioners how long left they have to livePensions Minister Steve Webb claim most people will live longer than they thinkMr ...  Visit website

Four in ten children denied their first choice primary school

Popular schools in wealthiest areas most in demand by parents One mother complains she was not offered any of her top three choicesAppeals against refusal ...  Visit website

FBI warns US students to avoid being targeted by foreigners as spies

Effort spurred due to the case of Glenn Duffie Shriver, who attempted to give the Chinese government classified information while he studied in ShanghaiIn 2011, ...  Visit website

Mac on... Ealing's close shave with North Korea

By Mac Published: 23:38 GMT, 16 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Cyril Smith turned into twisted predator by promiscuous mother and bullying

Cyril Smith grew up in the Depression in Rochdale, Greater Manchester Local shops refused to serve him or his siblings as they were 'illegitimate' He ...  Visit website

Cyril Smith: Independent inquiry calls growing with Nick Clegg under fire

Cyril Smith was a member of the Liberal Party when he was first electedThe Liberal Party merged with the Social Democratic Party in 1989 Smith ...  Visit website

FSA find huge food fraud using substitute meat

Studies find some takeaways selling lamb dishes with other types of meat The FSA say 30 per cent of meals analysed contained other meatsWhich? finds ...  Visit website

South Korea ferry disaster passengers' relatives pelt prime minister with water bottle

Chung Hong-won had a water bottle thrown at him in Jindo, south of Seoul, South KoreaFamilies of those missing are hiring their own boats to ...  Visit website

Eight new species of slug invade Britain to feast on vegetables

Researchers have discovered eight new species of the slithery creatureBrings number of known types from 36 to 44Zoologist made discovery after collection 1,000 slugs from ...  Visit website

Sisters lobby Iowa law banning kids under 14 from firing handgun

Nathan Gibson, from Johnston, Iowa, began taking his daughters Meredith and Natalie to the shooting range when they were fiveBut on a recent trip he ...  Visit website

UN has no right to lecture Britain, says Daniel Hannan

UN's Rashida Manjoo has criticised Britain for having 'sexist culture' Daniel Hannan points to nations with worse records on women's rightsConservative MEP for South East ...  Visit website

The post-code lottery for car service costs exposed: Shopping around can save drivers £230

Car service costs can range from a modest £60 up to £360, report saysPlaces offering lowest average quotes include Southend and BelfastHighest quotes for a ...  Visit website

The girl of three who became only the fourth child in the UK since 2006 to die from 'slapped cheek' virus

Tahlia Ravens, three, found lifeless in bed by mother on June 2 last yearHad suffered rare reaction to virus, caught by more than half of ...  Visit website

Leader of Christian ministry followed by the Duggar family from TLC's 19 Kids And Counting is accused of using teenage girl as 'personal sex slave' in $1m lawsuit

Doug Phillips resigned from Vision Forum Ministries last year after admitting an affairLourdes Torres-Manteufel filed a lawsuit in Texas on Tuesday seeking $1 million in ...  Visit website

Prize produce growers install alarms to stop the saboteurs ahead of the national giant vegetable championship in Malvern

Kevin Fortey has infrared lights in his poly-tunneland greenhouseThe gardener from Cwmbran in South Wales has also set up alarmsUK National Giant Vegetable Championships takes ...  Visit website

It's a birdie! Daily Mail tracks down the feathered fugitive killer that can kill a man with a single jab of its claw to golf course outside Nuthampstead

Rhea escaped from home in Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, four weeks agoRheas, which are flightless, have six-inch claws that can deliver fatal blowNative South American birds ...  Visit website

At least 14 injured in Los Angeles after two firetrucks collide, causing one to slam into Chinese restaurant

The two trucks were responding to a call shortly after 3pm No one was killed in the crash though 14 were being treated for injuriesOne ...  Visit website

Dutch Holocaust survivor, 72, and his wife branded 'Nazis' by Israeli coach driver for talking on bus after mistaking their accent for German

Martin Leeda and his wife Jeta berated for talking on a bus to Tel AvivAs they spoke, driver yelled: 'You non-Jews, you Nazis, quit that ...  Visit website

Rare unopened bottle of 'Fuherwein' up for sale

Wine made in 1943 given to Hungarian prisoner by German soldier after warIt has now been handed to a Glasgow auction house for an online ...  Visit website

Is al-Qaeda meeting video a sign they'll attack US again?

Video filmed hundreds of Al-Qaeda members meeting in Yemen in March'Crown prince' of AQAP seen speaking of 'removing America'Shot during celebration of mass breakout from ...  Visit website

Historic sex abuse allegations will be subject to stricter tests before prosecutions, says Scotland Yard chief

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said officers will more rigorously test evidenceIt comes after high profile celebrities were cleared of historic abuse claimsBut he said police had ...  Visit website

Boy taking selfie by train tracks gets kicked in the head by train conductor

By James Nye Published: 14:49 GMT, 16 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Hobbit actor Mikael Persbrandt jailed for buying 12 grams of cocaine

Mikael Persbrandt played shape-shifitng monster Beorn in hit film He was charged in a complicated drugs case involving ten other people His number had been ...  Visit website

Macabre Norwegian TV show follows celebrities as they plan their own funeral in a 'feel-good programme about death'

TV show The Coffin follows celebrities as they plan their funeralNorwegian series let guests decorate their own coffin before 'cremation'Described as ‘a feel-good programme about ...  Visit website

Pregnant stepmother of boy, 5, who was locked under the stairs and staved loses custody of her 6 biological children

Tammie Bleimeyer and her husband have been charged with felony child endangerment after the bruised boy was found beneath the stairsOn Tuesday, a judge handed ...  Visit website

Pictured: Incredible moment an unexploded HAND GRENADE from WWII D-Day rehearsal detonates on Dorset beach after it was found by tourist

Man found live device on Charmouth beach, Dorset, and took it to museumFossil museum workers ordered him to take it back to safety of beachCoastguards ...  Visit website

Red, red whine: Fans walk out of UB40 gig because the reggae bassline was so deafening it made their ears BLEED

Around 30 people left the performance at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge Fan who already had a perforated drum said it caused her ear to ...  Visit website

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