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More than 500 boys and male staff at Catholic school in France to undergo DNA testing following the rape of girl, 16, after police exhaust all other leads

527 males at private Fenelon-Botre Dame high school to undergo testsLast week summonses went out to 472 students, 31 teachers and 21 othersFollows rape of ...  Visit website

Dental nurse accused of poisoning her boss's coffee with mercury won't face third trial after two juries failed to reach verdicts

Ravinder Kaur alleged to have poisoned coffee at a Bedfordshire surgeryDentist Laura Knowles rushed to hospital with cramps and dizzinessDays before, Kaur had left a ...  Visit website

Convicted murderer was encouraged to talk about his violent fantasies by prison therapist before he kicked paedophile to death in his cell

Lee Foye was serving a life sentence when he attacked Robert CoelloCoello, 44, jailed for four counts of rape and 11 counts of indecent assaultBoth ...  Visit website

Italian forces in WW2 were not soft and Mussolini wasn't a clown, revisionist historian claims

Mussolini was not a 'clown' claims British historian Dr Christian Goeschel The historian says that Benito Mussolini was Adolf Hitler's 'role model'Dr Goeschel is set ...  Visit website

Cheerleader, 18, who was secretly filmed in her bedroom by her dad reveals she has FORGIVEN him and even encouraged her mom not to file for divorce

Michaela Smith was just 15 when she spotted a camera recording her after she undressed in her bedroomIt emerged that her father, Michael Smith, had ...  Visit website

BREAKING NEWS: Workman killed and another injured after building collapse near U.S. Embassy in central London

The man, believed to be in his 30s, was killed when a mini-digger fellHe was working on the conversion of the former U.S. Navy buildingAnother ...  Visit website

Texas city suffering drought considers using toilet water for drinking

By Associated Press Reporter Published: 14:44 GMT, 14 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Manhattan prostitutes using Airbnb to turn apartments into brothels as cheaper alternative to hotels

A number of working girls have admitted the scheme to cut costs with their Manhattan clientsA 29-year-old Manhattan professional had her Midtown Manhattan apartment used ...  Visit website

SNOWFALL forecast in Detroit could put state over all-time record as East Coast enjoys balmy 70F spring weather

The Motor City saw temperatures in the high 60s on Sunday but expects flooding rains followed by snow tonightA snowfall over 1.9 would put Michigan ...  Visit website

A very Good Friday ahead: Sunshine and blossom make for a lovely spring day as forecasters predict glorious weather for Easter weekend

Families flock to parks and beaches to make the most of good conditions for the school holidaysTemperatures are predicted to remain warm for the rest ...  Visit website

Man 'holds up store and threatens to kill everyone after refusing to pay 22 CENT tax on a can of soda'

Nashton Shelton, 36, got into an argument in a Chicago grocery storeRefused to pay 22 cent tax on litre of Pepsi, claiming he was 'tax ...  Visit website

Man threatens to murder convenience store full of customers with a submachine gun over 22-cent tax on two-liter of Pepsi

By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 15:20 GMT, 14 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Burial ground found with human remains accidentally mummified

Archeologists unearth mysterious tribe of people south of the Arctic CircleExperts say they were mummified 'by mistake' by copper used in burial ritualIt is thought ...  Visit website

'It was a joke': Teenager accused of plotting a 'new Columbine' massacre laughs in court as he claims his threat to shoot children at his school wasn't serious

Michael Piggin, 18, is accused of plotting 'new Columbine' massacreLaughed in dock as he said attack plans at Loughborough school were 'joke'Court heard that Piggin ...  Visit website

My affair with Rebekah Brooks was wrong, Andy Coulson tells court

Coulson says they had affair that started in 1998 but was not 'continual'Brooks and Coulson had 'periods of intimacy' during time working togetherCoulson followed Brooks ...  Visit website

Bird flu alert in Japan as deadly H5 virus is confirmed on farm

Outbreak is Japan's first since 2011, when 600,000 chickens had to be culledJapan's chief cabinet secretary chairs crisis meeting and vows swift actionH5N1 begins with ...  Visit website

Female radio DJ 'had sex with 15-year-old girl on a sofa after plying her with vodka'

Emma Stanfield denies sleeping with girl on friend's sofa after drinking vodkaThe alleged victim had ended another relationship and was in careStanfield formerly worked at ...  Visit website

Detroit to launch auction site for abandoned homes, where you can log on and buy a bargain property in seconds

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan will announce Monday afternoon a new auction website for Detroit's abandoned homesThe site is intended to help revitalize Detroit's blighted neighborhoodsOwners ...  Visit website

'I have taught them to survive': Father explains hows his two sons, eight and 11, went THREE days without food or water ALONE in a cave after being separated in a treacherous canyon

Jason Knight, 35, took his two sons on a camping and canyoneering trip south of Hanksville, UtahLast Wednesday they set out for a half-day canyon ...  Visit website

Deputy headteacher installed spy camera in school toilets to film young pupils

Gareth Williams pleads guilty at Newport Crown Court to 31 sex offencesThese included 21 counts of making indecent photographs of childrenTotal number of indecent images ...  Visit website

Martin Richard's family a year after he was killed in Boston

The Richard family have revealed their painful struggle after losing Martin a year agoHis father Bill suffered ruptured eardrums, his mother Denise was left blind ...  Visit website

Cadillac fuels Parisian fury with 'anti-French' advert which takes a dig at countries who take the 'whole of August off'

By Simon Tomlinson Published: 15:16 GMT, 14 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Boy's HEAD found in home of Pakistani cannibals who had dug up more than 100 corpses from the local graveyard and eaten them

Three-year-old boys head found in home of convicted cannibals in PakistanDiscovery made after residents complained of 'stench' at the houseOne brother arrested while the other ...  Visit website

How Charles and Martin Amis had a dinner party row over Salman Rushdie's fatwa: Prince of Wales refused to back author over The Satanic Verses because he thought book was offensive to Muslims

Author Martin Amis made the revelations in an article in Vanity Fair magazineHe says he had a dinner-party row with Charles over the Satanic VersesCharles ...  Visit website

Dutch teen is ARRESTED in Rotterdam after tweeting 'joke' bomb threat to American Airlines

The girl took to Twitter on Sunday after tweeting an apparent terror threatShe has been arrested after the tweet and her ensuing meltdown went viralDutch ...  Visit website

Heavily pregnant Wei Liu gives birth in a coma after crash

Zain Iqbal, 21, jailed for 28 months after smashing into cab at 47mphWei Liu, 30, only learned she had a son three days after the ...  Visit website

Philadelphia university man falls to his death from dormitory window

Unidentified man was pronounced dead on Saturday morning after a fall from his friends apartmentPolice are investigating and have said they believe alcohol was a ...  Visit website

Gaddafi henchmen mass in the dock but where are his sons Saadi and Saif?

Court appearance for many of Colonel Gaddafi's senior officialsRuler's sons Saadi Gaddafi and Saif Islam do not attend hearing30 face charges in Libyan capital ranging ...  Visit website

Now probe into 'Trojan horse' plot expands to 25 schools claimed to have been infiltrated by Muslim hardliners

Plot against Birmingham schools was uncovered in document last monthMuslim extremists allegedly plotted to overthrow moderate school leadersNicknamed Operation Trojan Horse, document told how to ...  Visit website

Two men drowned in Hudson River after hanging out at a Hoboken pier

Elias Serrano and Edwin Cruz were both found dead in the Hudson River in the early hours of Sunday morningHad been hanging out at the ...  Visit website

For sale: Medals of Ronald Berry who shot down THREE Nazi planes in ONE day

Air Cdre Ronald Berry shot down 30 German aircraft during World War TwoHe was one of the Battle of Britain pilots chosen to lead Churchill's ...  Visit website

Nurse accused of stealing morphine and refilling syringes with WATER

Kelly Schwartz, 35, is accused of stealing opiate painkillers from the Seattle hospital where she workedSchwartz allegedly began stealing pain pills in 2009 after becoming ...  Visit website

What is the Black Ring of Leamington Spa?

Circle remained in Warwickshire sky for three minutes and then vanishedGeorgina Heap, who took photo, said it is 'weirdest' thing she's ever seenUFO expert said ...  Visit website

Mother and daughter at last: The decorated NYPD officer pictured with the sole survivor of horrific Palm Sunday Massacre she adopted 30 years later

Officer Joanne Jaffe found 13-month-old Christina Rivera covered in blood and surrounded by bodies after the 1984 Palm Sunday MassacreRivera was the sole survivor of ...  Visit website

Johnny Weir's husband agrees to reconcile but ONLY if skater pledges to publicly apologize for nasty divorce mudslinging

Victor Voronov has reportedly agreed move back in with Weir only if he signs papers pledging he'll tell the world he's sorry for the high ...  Visit website

Two teens and man who stopped to help them killed in Miami car crash

By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 13:51 GMT, 14 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Guilty: Jealous father-of-twelve, 49, who killed his 24-year-old lover by turning her into a human fireball when she tried to leave him for his teenage son

Julie Beattie, 24, hit over head with hammer by father-of-12 Ashley WilliamsHe then turned her into 'fireball' with a mixture of petrol and diesel fuelWith ...  Visit website

Nigeria bus stop blast kills more than 70 dead and injures 124

The blast ripped through the crowded bus station in Abuja this morning, with witness describing scenes of carnageAttack linked to al-Qaeda followers, Boko Haram, who ...  Visit website

Derrick Deacon wrongly imprisoned for 25 years sues New York for $25m

Derrick Deacon was wrongly convicted in the 1989 shooting murder of a 16-year-oldHe was sentenced to 25 years to lifeIn 2012 he was granted a ...  Visit website

Muntjac deer that was hit by car survives being carried for TWO MILES

A little muntjac deer was hit by a car in Potters Bar, Herts - but survivedAfter two miles, the driver found the animal stuck in ...  Visit website

Steve Feltham has been hunting the Loch Ness monster for 23 YEARS

Steve Feltham, 51, visited Loch Ness as a child and saw monster-huntersSince then, he's been obsessed with finding the legendary Nessie himselfHe left his home ...  Visit website

Nigel Evans accuses prosecutors of bundling weak allegations together

Former Deputy Speaker claims the assault allegations against him were too weak to stand on their ownComplains that the accusers are anonymous while he has ...  Visit website

Richie Robins achieves dream of becoming a model after shocking facial injuries

Richie Robins, 21, intervened when he saw woman cornered by six thugs 6ft 2in goalkeeper was punched to ground in Colchester last DecemberHad horrific facial ...  Visit website

Grizzly bear shields her triplet cubs from the wind and rain

By Wills Robinson Published: 11:21 GMT, 14 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Chinese trucker speared by wooden stake in mass pile-up miraculously survives

Truck driver's vehicle slammed into overloaded timber lorry in huge accidentWooden stake came through his cab window and pinned him to his seatRescue crews had ...  Visit website

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