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Murder mystery of Tasmanian beauty queen who vanished 45 years ago goes to coroner as case still haunts millionaire who believes he unearthed Lucille Butterworth's RIB CAGE on a building site

Beauty queen Lucille Butterworth, 20, vanished from a bus stop in Tasmania in August, 1969The vivacious blonde was last spotted looking 'anxious' near an old ...  Visit website

Grieving parents hit with $200,000 bill for daughter's student loans after she died suddenly

California pastor Steve Mason and his wife Darnelle are facing financial ruin Daughter, Lisa, 27, passed away suddenly from liver failure in 2009Left parents with ...  Visit website

Three-year-old girl proves her strength as she hangs upside down on 'spinning barrel'

By Sadie Whitelocks Published: 19:37 GMT, 28 July 2014 | Updated: 19:41 GMT, 28 July 2014 ...  Visit website

Cancer patient Brian Nagle jumps from plane crossing the last item off his bucket list with weeks left to live

After two and a half years of harrowing treatment for colon cancer, Brian Nagle, from Minnesota, was told doctors could do nothing for more for ...  Visit website

Pictured: Man suspected of stabbing London bus driver in the EYE with a Stanley knife when he confronted him for stepping in front of his vehicle 

Bus on Penge High Street, London, when suspect stepped in frontDriver slammed on the brakes in an emergency stopSuspect kicked the bus doors and then chased ...  Visit website

'Psychotic' boyfriend strangled and stabbed his girlfriend, 24, 'after becoming convinced she was possessed by the DEVIL'

Daniel Johnson allegedly stabbed Gemma Finnegan to deathHe believed she was possessed and that he was killing the devil, it was saidJohnson, 32, has claimed ...  Visit website

Mother savagely beaten by girl aged just 14 after confronting gang of yobs vandalising playground

Unnamed woman in early 40s suffered beating at Leyland Park in WiganShe had arrived at public park to pick up her daughter in early eveningSpoke ...  Visit website

Drone almost blocks California firefighting planes as fires still rage

A private drone was trying to record footage of the wildfire but nearly hindered the relief effortsFirefighters in Northern California made progress on Sunday against ...  Visit website

Obama calls on Netanyahu to stick to an immediate ceasefire as White House is 'fuming' over Israeli criticism of John Kerry

Obama wants Israel to agree to an 'immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire' with HamasSecretary of State John Kerry tried to negotiate a long-term ceasefire between the ...  Visit website

'Glorious is God': The chilling words of the grinning Florida college dropout who became a suicide bomber in a video shortly before Syria attack

Al-Qaeda-linked group released footage last week of attack preparationMoner Mohammad Abu-Salha is believed to be the first American suicide bomber in SyriaThe 22-year-old detonated truck ...  Visit website

Retired army nurse must pay two lots of council tax after officials decide her 'utility room' is a separate home 

Nerys Davies has paid a single bill for her home since moving in 20 years agoBut now council inspectors have ruled the house is 'two ...  Visit website

Victim of freak lightning storm that hit Venice Beach identified as 20-year-old University of Southern California student

Nick Fagnano, 20, was pulled out of the water an hour after the storm hit Venice Beach around 2:30pm SundayFagnano was among nine taken to ...  Visit website

New York subway hero reunited with girl he saved after she fainted and fell onto tracks

Stephanie Xue, 16, fainted onto New York subway tracks at Union Square during rush hour on May 7Joshua Garcia saw Xue fall from about 50 ...  Visit website

Chloe the Newfoundland dog helps cook, clean and tend the garden

Hazel Carter, from East Sussex, suffers from a debilitating muscle conditionSo she taught her Newfoundland how to help out around the houseChloe can take the ...  Visit website

Weightlifter Toua Udia charged with sexual assault after incident at Tesco store

Toua Udia is accused of sexual assault following an incident in TescoHe will face trial in Glasgow on Friday after pleading not guilty to the ...  Visit website

National Weather Service confirmed tornadoes hit both Massachusetts and Connecticut

A tornado hit Revere, Massachusetts Monday morning, the National Weather Service saidThe agency said another tornado hit Wolcott, Connecticut on SundayIn Kentucky, some areas reportedly ...  Visit website

Law professor was 'on the phone when he saw killer in his driveway who followed him'

Florida State University professor Dan Markel was killed inside his Tallahassee home on Friday, July 18Sources say he was on his phone when he was ...  Visit website

Supply teacher Darri Poucher jailed for two years for grooming schoolgirl, 14,

Darri Poucher, 31, met her in the nightspot and bought her alcoholHe groomed her on Facebook sending her messages calling her 'babes'Judge called him a ...  Visit website

Toddler battling 'life-changing' injuries after he was mauled by a Staffie-type dog

The attacked toddler suffered woulds that could be permanently disfiguring Police say the dog is likely to be putdown, but are still determining its breedNeighbours ...  Visit website

Childhood friends died in car crash in Oulton

Daniel Parrinder and Michael Cox were travelling in Renault Clio in OultonCar spun out of control, before flipping several times and hitting lamppostLanded on roof ...  Visit website

Thousands gather for Spanish Castells competition to form the tallest human tower

Teams of 500 men, women and children compete to build tallest tower - which can be as many as ten levels tallTradition in Spain's Catalonia ...  Visit website

Malaysian politicians claim it was offensive to Muslims to use dogs in Commonwealth Games

Malaysian officials called Scottie dogs  'shameful' and 'disrespectful'Dogs are considered unclean by some Muslim scholarsEvent organisers said no one has complained about the dogsThe Scottish ...  Visit website

Photographer Richard Austin captures struggle between cormorant and eel

By Paul Donnelley Published: 17:41 GMT, 28 July 2014 | Updated: 18:50 GMT, 28 July 2014 ...  Visit website

Taxi driver who ran down girl, 17, had been banned from roads 9 TIMES

David Baillie, 40, was overtaking when he ran down Sarah Burke, 17Miss Burke was crossing road on her way home from college in SunderlandBaillie was ...  Visit website

Coyotes shown 'smuggling undocumented immigrants across the Rio Grande on JET SKIS'

The video claims to show smugglers scooting people across the border via the watercraftIt was recently shot at a park on the Texas - Mexico ...  Visit website

Piranha fishing the easy way

By Sadie Whitelocks Published: 17:51 GMT, 28 July 2014 | Updated: 19:04 GMT, 28 July 2014 ...  Visit website

David Fleishman's pay docked after students catch him plagiarizing remarks from governor

Superintendent David Fleishman, of Newton Public Schools, loses $4,890 He blatantly lifted some five lines from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's speech weeks earlier at Boston ...  Visit website

Wife watches as racing driver husband, Denis Welch dies in crash at Silverstone

Denis Welch lost control of 1960 Lotus 18 in Northamptonshire yesterdayKnown on classic racing circuit as a driver and for car parts businessSon is comforted ...  Visit website

Prince Harry meets blonde Australian women hockey players at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games

The royal, 29, met with the team at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games after they beat the English teamSmiled and posed with players - nicknamed the ...  Visit website

Victim of freak lightening storm that hit Venice Beach identified as 20-year-old University of Southern California student

Nick Fagnano, 20, was pulled out of the water an hour after the storm hit Venice Beach around 2:30pm SundayFagnano was among nine taken to ...  Visit website

Students use 3D printer to make $350 limb for Alex Pring, 6, born without an arm

Alex Pring was born without a right arm and his family could not afford the steep cost to get him a prosthetic oneCentral Florida student ...  Visit website

Islamic State offering HONEYMOON bus tours across Syria and Iraq

Matchmaking service is based at Al-Bab in Aleppo, northern SyriaInterested single women or widows are invited to leave their details And 'IS fighters will come knocking ...  Visit website

Half of solar panels in Britain 'facing the wrong way and should face east or west - not south' 

Prof Ralph Gottschalg, of Loughborough University, said that angling solar panels east and west would increase the amount of electricity generatedNearly half a million British ...  Visit website

The Van Den Hende family lost in MH17 tragedy will be buried in Australia

Five family members were killed when plane went down in UkraineFather Hans was from the Netherlands while mother Shaliza was MalaysianThere was uncertainty where they ...  Visit website

Tory MP who admitted assaulting his girlfriend finally quits after clergy, police commissioner and even senior Tories warned he had to go

David Ruffley was given a police caution for incident in MarchHe reportedly flew into a rage at then-girlfriend Wendy DrewHe says the 'media debate' over ...  Visit website

NYPD detective and two US Marshals shot after gunfire erupts in West Village

A sex offender who had been on the run for two years has been shot dead following a dramatic shoot-out in New York City on ...  Visit website

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith apologizes for 'provoke' domestic abuse comments

Stephen A. Smith apologized for comments about victims of abuse during on-air discussion of Ray Rice's two-game suspensionESPN releases statement that Smith 'recognizes his mistakes'Smith ...  Visit website

Too poor to go bust: How 300,000 people cannot afford £525 fee to declare themselves bankrupt

Centre for Social Justice calls for community banks to help the poorestWarns debt 'rips into families and traps people on the edges of our societyYoung ...  Visit website

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon vice prime minister

The kidnapping took place early yesterday morning in the town of KolofataHeavily armed fighters targeted home of vice prime minister Amadou Ali Kidnapped his wife ...  Visit website

Delta flight passengers kick up stink after Chinese family let toddler DEFECATE on seat

Incident occurred on Delta Airlines flight when family laid newspaper on seat Passengers watched in horror as he crouched down and passed motionParents refused to ...  Visit website

Qantas will continue to fly over Iraq

Emirates will stop flying over Iraq and re-route planes to other flight pathsQantas has confirmed it will not be altering its routes over the countryEmirates ...  Visit website

Lazy mother jailed for allowing son to miss 174 school days

Woman failed to get son to school and he only went to 31 of 205 sessionsEducation staff made home visits and found mother still in ...  Visit website

Politicians demand German newspaper Bild apologise for piece criticising Islam

Nicolaus Fest was criticised for comment piece in Bild newspaperPiece accused Islam of 'a murderous contempt for women and homosexuals'Newspaper has responded to criticism after ...  Visit website

Riot erupts at Albuquerque Isotopes and Reno Aces baseball game

Players clashed in game between Albuquerque Isotopes and Reno AcesUmpires ejected nine players and a coach from the stadium after clashBrawl and subsequent ejections delayed ...  Visit website

Castleford mother faces eight-bus daily journey to take her son to school

Janine Micklefield has to take her son to Allerton Bywater Primary SchoolThe Yorkshire school is just two miles from her home, but she cannot driveWalking ...  Visit website

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