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Your country needs your ammunition! WWI letter from Kitchener to Churchill reveals plea for Navy's rounds from Army chief... and the 'no, no, no, no' response

Letter was sent from Lord Kitchener to Winston Churchill in August 1914Reveals the shell crisis that Britain faced and the tension between the pairAt the ...  Visit website

Trapped six-year-old girl is dramatically rescued by fire-fighters after she falls down 66ft well hidden in field of crops

The youngster fell down the 20-metre deep hole in China's Hebei provinceLocals saw her moving around in the well after lighting it up with mobileFire-fighters ...  Visit website

Rapist who attacked his wife in front of her eight-year-old daughter is finally jailed for 15 years after fleeing to Spain 

Christopher Birch repeatedly attacked his wife Louise over six yearsLouise's daughter Sophie, then 8, walked in but he continued his attackWhen the pair told police ...  Visit website

Rainbows in the stars: Photographer captures stunning shots of the night sky above American wilderness

Incredible images by photographer Matt Payne show thousands of stars over mountains in Colorado and OregonMr Payne says people from cities do not believe the ...  Visit website

Ethnic minorities outnumber white children in U.S schools for the first time, as research shows Hispanics will have highest proportion of students in just 30 years

White students now make up 49.7% of the 50m in America’s state schoolsThere were 29.2million white students in 1997, dropping to 24.9m in 2014Hispanic students ...  Visit website

Soldier loses appeal over murder of little Mason the 16 month old boy he bashed to death then blamed it on the family dog.

Troy William Reed, who was jailed for killing a Townsville toddler in 2011, has lost his appealToddler, Mason Parker, the son of Reed's girlfriend, suffered ...  Visit website

Forget doughnuts - try moonuts! Chefs create beef and Guinness stew-filled doughnut for £3.50 topped with paprika instead of sugar

The moonut is filled with British Guiness-stewed beef shin It is the creation of two Bristol chefs, The Feastie Boys Sold every fortnight at Temple Quay Market, ...  Visit website

USC football star jeopardizes career by jumping off balcony and spraining both ankles to save seven-year-old nephew from drowning in pool

Josh Shaw, 22, was named team captain on Saturday - but he has now been sidelined indefinitelyHe saw his nephew struggling in the water at ...  Visit website

Biggest earthquake yet hits Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano, as aviation industry remains on alert for another ash cloud

Iceland volcano hit by 5.7 magnitude earthquake overnightWarning code currently on orange level but could be brought to redIt is feared an eruption could lead ...  Visit website

Hippo suffers painful death after mistaking a tennis ball thrown into its enclosure for an apple and swallowing it

Hippo Maikel died at Frankfurt Zoo after a visitor threw a tennis ball at himThe 39-year-old bull ate the ball and died in 'agony' four days ...  Visit website

Husbands who constantly criticise their wives' weight may be guilty of domestic abuse, says Labour shadow minister 

Claim made by Seema Malhotra, Labour’s anti domestic violence spokesmanShe said abuse can be 'part of a pattern of controlling behaviour' at homeCriticising a woman’s ...  Visit website

Iran reveals footage of 'Israeli drone' which it claims was shot down near nuclear power plant 

Iran's military say they brought down aircraft appearing to be Israeli modelDrone was said to be flying near facility in Natanz, 150 miles south of TehranDevice's ...  Visit website

Roman Abramovich's daughter offers a glimpse into life with the Chelsea owner with Instagram pics

Sofia Abramovich, 19, has posted several family portraits in her InstagramDaughter of billionaire Roman is seen in intimate shots with her fatherUnique insight into private ...  Visit website

When DIY goes horribly wrong: Metal bar goes right through man's head as he dismantles his old house in China... but he SURVIVES

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENTMan named only as Mr Ho had lucky escape after metal bar impaled his headWas dismantling property in Leye County, Guangxi Province when ...  Visit website

ISIS use US journalist hostage as focus of latest terror campaign on social media by hijacking discussions using #StevensHeadInObamasHands hashtag

Brutal campaign turns its eye on captured TIME reporter Steven Sotloff He was paraded in orange jumpsuit in video showing murdered James Foley Hashtag appears alongside unrelated ...  Visit website

Children ordered to stay inside and fear legal action if they play outside their homes because housing chiefs say it's 'dangerous'

Youngsters banned from area outside their homes in health and safety rowHousing association says playing in suburban cul-de-sac is unsafeBut families hit out at the ...  Visit website

Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone attacked online after vowing to move to England if Scotland votes for independence after last night's debate

Ms Mone said she would take her firm to London if there was a 'Yes' voteRemarks came after last night's bruising live TV debate over ...  Visit website

They thought their house was haunted... it was worse: Family discover 10 foot PYTHON living in their home undetected for more than a WEEK

Rachel Leck and son Xavier, 10, thought their home was haunted by ghosts Furniture kept falling over and glasses fell out of cupboard for no reasonAs ...  Visit website

Driver smashes backwards through window of Flames kebab shop

Man drove through window of Flames fast food outlet in Smallthorne, StaffsCar swerved out of control and spun 360 before ending up stuck in shop Staff ...  Visit website

Build a flat-pack dream home: Australian company invents revolutionary wall panels meaning your house could be ready in SIX WEEKS

NU-TEK Building Systems in South Australia have designed a new panel system that makes up the frame of a houseThe company claims it can build ...  Visit website

Giant 18th century map of London that charts rebirth of the city in wake of the 1666 Great Fire emerges for sale 

Huge map of London is expected to be sold for £40,000 when it is sold at London auction house Christie'sIt took ten years to finish, ...  Visit website

Australian kids beg McDonald's stop using eggs from caged chicken, why? 'It's not a Happy Meal if everyone's miserable, is it?'

Animals Australia asked kids to upload a video message encouraging McDonald's to switch to free range eggs McDonald's uses 91 million cage eggs per year in Australia The fast food giant said it was exploring a move to cage-free eggs, but was stuck on issues relating to its suppliers ...  Visit website

Overjoyed father of freed American Journalist says his son deserves praise for bearing witness to 'tell the truth about what's going on'

Father of freed journalist Theo Padnos, Michael Padnos, said his son deserves praise for risking his life to tell a storyMichael Padnos said that waiting ...  Visit website

Will they get it their way? Burger King plans to move Canada to avoid taxes may face boycott

Some Burger King customers are finding it hard to swallow that the home of the Whopper could move to Canada. Investors seemed to welcome the announcement ...  Visit website

Lone survivor of a crash which claimed his mother and 3 siblings, woke up on his BIRTHDAY to the news his 4 year-old sister had died. Hes now helping police piece together details of the accident

Eathan Jackson-Cooke, lost his mother Keisha Ann, 30, brother Ryan, 10, and sister Joan, seven, when their car slammed into a tree in QueenslandEldest child ...  Visit website

Missing New Jersey student's family demand Israeli army for join search him amid fears of kidnapping outside Jerusalem by militant Palestinians

Aaron Sofer, 23, has not been seen since going hiking outside Jerusalem on Friday Family fears he may have been taken by Palestinians in revenge attack ...  Visit website

Hackers send bomb threat to Sony exec's plane after shutting down Playstation Network

By Associated Press Published: 05:13 GMT, 26 August 2014 | Updated: 06:38 GMT, 26 August 2014 ...  Visit website

'The Whistler' who was whisked out of parliament after heckling Joe Hockey and interrupting Bronwyn Bishop

A man brought parliament to a standstill when he whistled at Speaker of the House, Bronwyn BishopHe also heckled Treasurer Joe Hockey as he answer ...  Visit website

'What do you want us to do, walk through all that?': Police investigated over claims they failed to break up violent party because they wanted to avoid being HIT... as teen is charged over one-punch attack on a guest

A 16-year-old has been charged following a police interview on TuesdayHe is alleged to have punched 15-year-old Jaiden at an out of control partyDetectives are ...  Visit website

He hasn't bitten anyone or even barked. In fact, Hugo the dog's only crime is wandering near home without a lead. So why is the local council giving him 10 days to live?

Lynette Mcilveen, from Hope Island on the Gold Coast, has claimed her local council are going to kill her dogGold Coast council issued a destruction ...  Visit website

'It is NOT okay to alter a woman's body': Australian model Meaghan Kausman shames swimwear label for 'drastically' photoshopping her features after underwater fashion shoot

Meaghan Kausman, 23, a fashion student from Melbourne posed in an underwater photo shootFella Swim provided swimwear for the shoot, but did not pay either ...  Visit website

Police sign up to new code of conduct for stop and search powers including recording every outcome 

All 43 police forces in England and Wales have signed up to new codeHome Secretary Theresa May has said the powers were being misusedNew code ...  Visit website

First Australian victims of the MH17 atrocity to arrive home in this week, Prime Minister pledges to have Australian personnel to resume the recovery efforts at the Ukraine crash site

First identified Australian victims to arrive home this week A memorial to be established in the parliamentary gardens in Canberra to honour all 298 passengers including 38 Australians It's expected to be unveiled for the first anniversary of the atrocity ...  Visit website

Paul Gascoigne was taken to hospital when 'drank gin from the bottle as he lay in bed in his flat during three-week binge

Gascoigne taken away in ambulance after being found outside apartment Three Lions legend reportedly been seen drinking straight gin while in bed ...  Visit website

Foreign criminal has avoided being deported from Sweden for a decade by telling officials he cannot remember where he came from

The 44-year-old cannot be deported as it's not clear where he is fromJailed for aggravated robbery in 1997, to be deported after serving timeClaims to ...  Visit website

Surrogate mother of twins, she intended to give the child to that she 'didn't want a dribbling cabbage' who gave birth to disabled girl

Surrogate mother told by intended parents they didn't want 'cabbage' Baby was born with Congential Myotonic Dystrophy and rejected by parents ...  Visit website

Hospital ward opens to cater for patients who weigh up to 500kg 

First dedicated bariatric room for treatment of patients who weigh up to 500 kilograms opens at Canberra HospitalThe single room has a special bed, special ...  Visit website

'I didn't want to kill her, I wanted her to go away and stop biting me': Bear attack victim shows off the rock he used to beat away animal as his dog helped him escape 

Steven Krichbaum, 59, spoken of the moment he was attacked by black bearHe had been walking with his dog in the George Washington National ForestThe ...  Visit website

'Dead' uncle is removed from body bag the next day when relatives notice he is still alive

Valdelucio Goncalves, 54, was declared dead by medics in Salvador, BrazilThey said he had suffered organ failure and took him to a hospital morgueBut when ...  Visit website

Amish horse and buggy passengers are robbed at gunpoint as armed bandit takes off with their wallets

Minivan pulls into path of Amish horse and buggy near Leola, PennsylvaniaMasked gunman jumps out and demands money from three passengers Victims throw their cash and ...  Visit website

Motorcyclist who filmed himself doing 60mph on Britain's most dangerous road Cat and Fiddle guilty of dangerous driving

Jack Sanderson narrowly avoided car before flying down steep ridgeSomersaulted repeatedly down the hill but was somehow unhurtWas driving on Britain's most dangerous road - ...  Visit website

The sexist school newsletter advising mums to 'protect' their marriages by getting rid of male friends, that has left the community horrified

St James Catholic school in Brighton, east of Melbourne, published the 'sexist and misogynistic' article on August 7Newsletter article was submitted by parish priest Father ...  Visit website

Greek far-right political party that 'admires Adolf Hitler' planning a visit to Australia to raise money

Golden Dawn Party members Eleftherios Synadinos and Georgios Epitideios set to visit in OctoberHolding events in both Sydney and MelbourneSpokesperson says group has 'thousands' of ...  Visit website

Two high-rise Palestinian buildings containing scores of homes and shops are destroyed in bombing as Israel escalates its military action in Gaza

Al-Basha Tower and Italian Complex were targeted by bombs in Gaza CityIsraeli military gave advance of attacks so buildings had been evacuatedBut 25 people were ...  Visit website

'Bravo, foxtrot, papa, my passenger is trying to take control': dramatic cockpit recording of mid-air struggle between 23-year-old pilot wrestling with elderly 'hijacker' who grabbed joystick and switched off engine

Dramatic audio has pilot James Chandler yelling out to emergency services as he struggles with the passengerLeslie  Nixon, 82, had grabbed the controls as they ...  Visit website

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