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Independence debate round two: Salmond admits there is a plan B for the pound but jumps on admission from Darling that an independent Scotland could keep sterling

First Minister and ex-Chancellor taking part in live 90 minute debate on BBCVoters to decide Scotland's fate in historic referendum on September 18Latest poll put ...  Visit website

Ebola epidemic in West African towns sees people quarantined at gunpoint

Volunteers are being paid four pounds a day to sterilize and bury bodies of Ebola victims in Kenema, Sierra Leone Rigorous quarantine measures being used to stop the ...  Visit website

Fugitive Jesean Morris captured after posting Facebook video of Ice Bucket Challenge

Jesean Morris, 20, was on parole after serving a sentence for assault and use of a firearmMorris uploaded an Ice Bucket Challenge video to his ...  Visit website

White House says Obama could attack ISIS in Syria 'regardless of borders' and without approval from Congress

Spokesman Josh Earnest compared the idea to killing Osama bin Laden in Pakistan without permission from that nation's government'I'm not going to speculate' about whether ...  Visit website

Jill Hansen accused of Elizabeth Conklin's attempted murder arrested again 

Jill Hansen, 30, was handcuffed by police on Saturday afternoon after she reportedly violated a protective orderHansen pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of ...  Visit website

Russian tourist is charged after climbing to top of the Brooklyn Bridge 'to take pictures with his smartphone' 

 Police said they spotted Yaroslav Kolchin, 24, ascending a cable at about 12:15 p.m. SundayAuthorities say the Moscow man reached the top of the tower, took ...  Visit website

Woman impaled on Rochester Cathedral's spiked gate after tripping on cobbled road

Yvonne Baker was walking past Rochester Cathedral, Kent when she trippedShe fell onto four-inch metal spikes which pierced her upper right armWitnesses told how she ...  Visit website

Tasmanian farmers believe they have found worlds wooliest sheep

Two Tasmanian farmers believe they have found the world's wooliest sheep'Shaun the sheep' was found wandering in scrubland on SundayThe ram is carrying an estimated ...  Visit website

Museum of Modern Art intern, 23, brain dead after accidentally falling off Manhattan roof at party

Cindy Yeh was attending a farewell party at a friend's apartment in Greenwich Village early Sunday morning when she slipped off the roofThe 23-year-old engaged ...  Visit website

How unsung hero at heart of Britain's eavesdropping centres during Second World War helped saved thousands of lives

Colonel Thomas Kendrick was at centre of Britain's intelligence workLed extraordinary operation of spying on German prisoners of warMen listened in on conversations at Latimer ...  Visit website

Andrew P. Steele kills wife and sister-in-law after they raised thousands to support him through disease 

Authorities say ex-Dane County deputy Andrew P. Steele shot and killed 39-year-old Ashlee C. Steele and her sister, Kacee M. Tollefsbol, 38The women were found ...  Visit website

The ISIS leaders in the sights of British and American special forces

Western leaders face growing pressure to step up action against militantsBut not much appears to be known publicly about leadership and structureA number of names ...  Visit website

David Cameron set to threaten Brussels that he is prepared to leave the EU if Britain does not get its way

The Prime Minister may issue threat at next month's Tory Party conferenceMr Cameron has pledged to hold a referendum on EU membership by 2017He wants ...  Visit website

Abandoned daughter reunited with mother to take custody of sisters

Lindsay Hoy was a toddler when she was abandoned by her mother Rayne Perrywinkle left her daughter in Australia and flew back to the USThe ...  Visit website

'Religious' father, Brian Miller, shots dead his wife, 29, and their toddler son before turning the gun on himself

Brian Miller shot his wife Kara and their son Paxton in the head at their home in Georgia before taking his own life, police saidTheir ...  Visit website

New Tesco boss urged to split business into three separate stores

New Chief Executive Dave Lewis is due to start at Tesco in OctoberMr Lewis will take over the role from Philip Clarke, whose departure was ...  Visit website

Knightsbridge penthouse will set you back £60,000 a WEEK

By Mark Duell for MailOnline Published: 13:30 GMT, 25 August 2014 | Updated: 14:21 GMT, 25 August 2014 ...  Visit website

Outrage over Kardashian sisters 'TEXTING' and chatting at MTV VMAs during a solemn moment of silence for Michael Brown

Kim, Kendall and Kylie looked bored and seemed to text while the audience in Los Angeles fell silent in honor of the slain black teenagerRapper ...  Visit website

11-year-old Noah Fort dubbed 'mini Bruce Lee' after shows off martial arts moves in YouTube video

Noah Fort trains at Total Submission Extreme Bo Staffs in CaliforniaThey have compared him to martial arts legend Bruce Lee11-year-old can performs karate moves most ...  Visit website

Bristol City Council road workers misspell the word bus in huge yellow letters

Workmen used a stencilled P instead of an S during the roadworks in BristolThey were repairing and repainting the road in the Old Market area ...  Visit website

Was William Shakespeare depressed when he wrote King Lear?

Simon Russell Beale says play written when bard was suffering 'bad patch'At end King Lear dies on top of Cordelia - the only daughter who ...  Visit website

Raymond Locascio goes MISSING with daughter's wedding right around the corner

Raymond Locascio, 62, disappeared July 8 while driving to workHis car was recovered at Bear Mountain State Park - which his family has said was ...  Visit website

Colorado boy rushed to hospital after drinking Dairy Queen vanilla milkshake contaminated with chemical cleaner

Lisa Chase bought her son a vanilla milkshake from a Colorado Dairy Queen last week and he immediately complained that it didn't taste rightShe tried ...  Visit website

Hackers hit PlayStation and Xbox networks for hours and launch bomb scare against Sony boss - then claim they are linked to ISIS

A cyber-attack took down Sony's PlayStation Network over the weekendTwitter user @LizardSquad said 'we planted the ISIS flag on Sony's servers'It had coincided with a ...  Visit website

POV video shows stunts at Cameron air show in Missouri, US

Footage shows white knuckle stunts at Cameron air show in Missouri, USPilot Kyle Franklin lost wife, father and father-in-law to air show crashesBut he vowed ...  Visit website

Tensions rise again in Ukraine as Russia is accused of secretly sending tanks over border and Moscow plans second ¿aid¿ convoy

Ten tanks and two armoured trucks have allegedly crossed near ShcherbakFollows a night of shelling in the city of Novoazovsk - 11 miles away Around 200 ...  Visit website

Stephen McGarva's crusade to save strays dumped on 'Dead Dog Beach'

Stephen McGarva thought he would be kite-surfing in paradise when he and his wife moved to a town outside of San JuanWhat he found was ...  Visit website

Kayaker captures dangerous moment he teeters on edge of bridge then plunges into river

Man positioned himself so that he was teetering over the edge of bridgeAfter checking it's all clear, he drops into the river His kayak capsizes but ...  Visit website

Syria's pariah Assad regime offers to help US and Britain fight ISIS in move designed to embarrass west 

Syrian foreign minister says government's ready to cooperate to battle ISIS But he insisted any military action must be co-ordinated with DamascusHe said any attack not ...  Visit website

EU roaming caps mean Brits can be charged more for calls and texts at home than in Europe

EU officials have introduced lower caps on the cost of roaming in Europe But domestic customers are unprotected by price rises imposed within UKSending UK-UK ...  Visit website

James Hird's investment mansion goes under offer

The Essendon Bombers coach was suspended after a doping scandal within the clubHis Melbourne mansion and is tipped to get $2 million more than he ...  Visit website

Penn State freshman dies after plunging from crane on college campus the weekend before he is set to begin classes

Jack Crean, 18, was found on Sunday morning at the HUB-Robeson Center construction site in State College, PennsylvaniaAuthorities are still trying to determine whether the ...  Visit website

Fort Lee on lockdown after reports of an active shooter

An Army spokesman said the incident was over and the shooter wounded By Associated Press Published: 13:54 GMT, 25 August 2014 | Updated: ...  Visit website

Former rugby league legend Glenn Lazarus finding life tough as Clive Palmer's star recruit, as Politics is 'tougher' than State of Origin.

Glenn Lazarus has spoken out about the pressure he faces as a politician He entered politics just last year to head Palmer United Party's Senate ticket and was voted in on less than 10% primary votes Lazarus won rugby league premierships with three different clubs - Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne ...  Visit website

Canadian coffee and doughnut chain TIm Hotons are going to merge for fast food empire by Burger King

Newly created company would have market cap of roughly $18 billion Deal would be structured as a so-called tax inversion transaction to move Burger King's domicile out of the United States Tim Hortons and Burger King are set to operate as standalone brands ...  Visit website

It's wiping out whole communities and killing the people trying to stop it. Now a group of Aussie journalists have obtained unprecedented vision of the Ebola hot zone, as the last TV crew asked to leave the infected area 

 A team of journalists and a camera crew documented conditions at a crisis coordination centre in Kailahun, Sierra LeoneThey followed Australian medical volunteers assisting patients with ...  Visit website

Beach looks like a scene from Tron as it lights up with beautiful blue glowing algae signalling the start of spring

Breaking waves at Manly Beach in Sydney's north were glowing bright blue on Sunday nightThe colour came from a group of single-celled phytoplankton called Noctiluca scintillansThe cells glow ...  Visit website

Teenager in an induced coma after he was punched in the head

Jaiden, 15, is in a coma after an attack on SaturdayHe was punched and struck his head on the footpath while leaving a partyThe party ...  Visit website

Policeman shot in a supermarket car park while chasing an armed criminal in a stolen van

A police officer has been injured after being shot with a sawn-off shotgunThe shooting occurred in a supermarket car park in Hamilton, New ZealandThree dog ...  Visit website

Bride-to-be dies on court when collapsed during a netball game, leaves behind young song

Beth Leske, 27, died in hospital after she collapsed on the netball court She had been playing in a match for the Fairy Meadow Netball Club She leaves behind a young son and a soon-to-be-married fiancee ...  Visit website

Another taxing day for civil servants: HMRC boss invites VIPs to Westminster Abbey for service in praise of their work

VIP service to recognise and praise taxman to be held at Westminster AbbeyHMRC chief executive Lin Homer has invited VIP guests to exclusive eventTaxpayers' Alliance: ...  Visit website

You were right, your battery does suck: Apple recalls iPhone 5 batteries that suddenly experience shorter battery life

Apple are replacing iPhone 5 models with defective batteries But the phones had to have been purchased between September 2012 and January 2013By Sarah Dean for ...  Visit website

Ever been for a pee in the sea? Don't worry, it's a good thing: Compounds in urine found to help marine plant life to thrive

Scientists state chemicals found in urine are actually beneficial to marine lifeThe average human's urine, like seawater, contains sodium and chlorideMain waste product found in ...  Visit website

Cameroonian footballer killed by his own fans when hit by missile thrown onto the pitch

Football player Albert Ebosse killed when hit by rock thrown from stands Cameroonian 24-year-old was playing for club JS Kabylie in Algeria Police investigating the incident in which rock was thrown by his own fans ...  Visit website

Teenager drowns in a disused quarry ¿after taking the ice bucket challenge¿ during Bank Holiday day trip

18-year-old man fell in water at Preston Hill Quarry in Inverkeithing, FifeThe site is popular for 'tombstoning' - jumping from a cliff into shallow waterPolice ...  Visit website

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