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Sheffield shopping mall launches fast lane after schoolgirl complaint

Chloe Nash-Lowe, 10, wasn't happy with dawdling shoppers at MeadowhallShe said: 'You get stuck behind them and you can't move past them'Now shopping centre bosses ...  Visit website

Mac on... the runaway rhea ruffling feathers on an Essex golf course

By Mac Published: 23:23 GMT, 17 April 2014 ...  Visit website

New 'Google' for Dark Web Grams makes buying illegal drugs and guns simple

Grams searches several underground sites to provide detailed resultsBuyers and sellers can also leave reviews on purchasesBy Jessica Jerreat Published: ...  Visit website

Abba Dancing Queen tops the chart of misheard words

Listeners make common mistakes with some of the most popular songsFans of ABBA believe the band sing about 'kicking the Dancing Queen'Meanwhile, Freddie Mercury is ...  Visit website

NHS waiting lists are at highest for 6 years

Nearly 500 patients have been waiting for more than a yearOfficial figures show that for the first time since March 2011 the NHS missed the ...  Visit website

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Kate's home village in a tiswas over Chris Tarrant's new extension

By Sebastian Shakespeare Published: 23:53 GMT, 17 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Max Clifford trial jury goes home for Easter after not reaching verdict

Jurors have spent three days deliberating without reaching a verdictJudge Anthony Leonard QC told them to try to put case out of their mindsClifford faces ...  Visit website

Want to get away from it all? Interactive map shows the staggering 47 PERCENT of the country that is currently uninhabited

Map created by blogger Mapsbynik using information from 2010 census, which breaks the nation down into blocksAs of the 2010 census, the United States consists ...  Visit website

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Co-op, Labour and a betrayal of values

By Daily Mail Published: 00:01 GMT, 18 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Civil servants sent on course telling them how to 'do God': Many don't know basics of Christianity

Government employees struggle to understand religious beliefOfficials encouraged to meet needs of those with faithMove follows furore over biblical performance getting scrappedBy Daniel Martin Published: ...  Visit website

Man startled by 5ft snake lurking in van he hired

The North American Red Corn snake is not poisonous despite its colouringSteve Potter said he could understand someone leaving a bag behind - but not ...  Visit website

Kate Humble says food is too cheap with the public not valuing produce 'because they're disconnected from the land'

Lambing Live presenter said food waste is 'endemic'She says public is too far removed from farming processBy Jim Norton Published: ...  Visit website

Would you pay £10,000 for this bottle of red wine? That's what Alex Ferguson's hoping for as he sells his vintage collection - and it originally cost just £350

Former Manchester United boss set to start selling off his wine collectionThree sales - in London, Hong Kong and online - will take place next ...  Visit website

Dying man failed by out of date 999 satnav: Ambulance crew took lunch break before answering call to pick up diabetic OAP then couldn't find his address

Albert Jobson, 76, fell ill at his home in Illfracombe in DevonGP visited him at 11.52am and said he needed to go to hospital within ...  Visit website

Preying to stay alive: Centipede tries to eat its way to sanctuary - out of a snake's stomach!

Researchers found the two creatures on Golem Grad, in MacedoniaThey believe the young snake had underestimated the size of her preyBoth creatures were dead and ...  Visit website

Envelopes stuffed with cash sent to more homes in Colchester with a total of £1,200 handed in so far

The three recipients all live on the same road in the Essex townLesley Quilter, 58, has been trying to work out who sent her £200Her ...  Visit website

Did this legal marijuana-laced candy make man hallucinate and shoot his wife?

Kristine Kirk, 44, told 911 dispatchers Monday night that her husband had ate pot candy and taken prescription pills before starting to hallucinateMrs Kirk died ...  Visit website

Stamp duty 'warping the housing market': As number of homes for sale plummets, experts attack 'vindictive' tax

Average agency has just 42 homes to sell, lowest number for 10 yearsStamp duty blasted as 'strong contender for the UK's worst designed tax'By Becky Barrow ...  Visit website

Moon of doom: This week's blood-red moon signals Armageddon, say the Bible thumpers... Time to head for the hills!

On Tuesday millions in America saw a total lunar eclipse in the skiesThat moon will return over Earth three times in the next 17 monthsAstronomers ...  Visit website

Park and ride: Classic-style car that could replace Central Park's horse and carriage rides is revealed ... but not everyone is happy

Prototype of electric motor was on show at New York's Auto ShowAnimal rights group backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio say it is more humane ...  Visit website

Rail chaos hits Easter getaway with thousands of passengers stranded at St Pancras station after 14 Eurostar trains were cancelled

Passengers stranded after Eurostar forced to cancel services Passengers warned by social media to avoid St Pancras Station 130,000 people planned to use the Eurostar ...  Visit website

A century-old mix-up: Mother discovered she'd been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day just before she turned 100

Evelyn Frost applied for her birth certificate so she could register for her letter from the Queen on her 100th birthdayBut she discovered she had ...  Visit website

Seven in 10 families struggle to get an hour a day together with work and household chores taking up too much time

14 per cent of families spend a quality five hours with loved onesFewer families eat together or even watch TV together study revealedRacing to fit ...  Visit website

Ikea tinkers with its famously popular meatballs and introduces a veggie version for the first time

Ikea tinkers with its famously popular meatballs and introduces a veggie version for the first time By Sara Smyth Published: ...  Visit website

Texas seizes polygamist group's secluded ranch

Agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety have taken possession of a polygamist group's ranchHundreds of children were removed from the property in a ...  Visit website

Welsh trial kept waiting 4 hours for verdict after buzzer in deliberation room broke

Jurors at Mold Crown Court in Wales reached their verdict after one hourBut no one responded when they pressed button to alert court officialsAfter four ...  Visit website

Heartbreaking images of elephant who died after it was ELECTROCUTED by 11,000 volt wire

Wild adult elephant hit wire which was dangling eight feet off the groundIts body has been taken away so a post-mortem can be carried outIt ...  Visit website

200-year-old hot cross bun (but what's keeping it from going mouldy?)

The bun was given to a Colchester couple 30 years ago as a giftA historian has traced  the baked good's history back to 1807If true, ...  Visit website

Watch: Russian firefighters create MAGIC carpet out of platform and SIX hosepipes by shooting water out of them at high speed

The firefighter attaches six high-pressure hoses to a frame to tame the jetsNozzles focus water into powerful jets allowing the contraption to take offFrame secured ...  Visit website

Fury at BBC as Blakelock case man says murder was a celebration: Newsnight 'gave him platform'

BBC accused of 'crass insensitivity' towards the family of murdered officerNicky Jacobs, who was cleared of murder, accused police of 'wickedness'MP said interview will upset ...  Visit website

Bryan Singer's pool parties and how he met sex assault accuser at child abuser's home

The 48-year-old director was hit with a lawsuit filed Wednesday in HawaiiVictim Michael Egan is now 31, but was 17 years old when Singer carried ...  Visit website

Iraqi man found guilty of beating his wife to death and trying to stage it as a HATE CRIME with 'go home, terrorist' note

Kassim Alhimidi has been found guilty of killing his 32-year-old wife Shaima Alawadi on March 21, 2012, in San DiegoAlhimidi, 49, had pleaded not guilty ...  Visit website

Eric Pickles tells 'bullying' councils: Let families rent out their own private drives

Homeowners can now rent out their driveways without planning permission Communities Secretary says it will encourage people to make a bit of extra moneyAdded it ...  Visit website

75% of voters want to curb £100-a-spin slot machines

Campaigners want a £2 limit introduced on slot machines to curb addictionFixed Odds Betting Terminals described as 'the crack cocaine of gambling'Prime Minister asked to ...  Visit website

Potential future technologies Americans fear

Many Americans are deeply wary of many of the technologies we're at the cusp of reachingMeanwhile, 6 in 10 Americans say future advancements will lead ...  Visit website

Injured teacher payouts double in 4 years to £40m

Claims include stepping in pot holes and slipping in wet corridorsBiggest pay-out was for £500,000 for teacher who injured back in a liftThe NASUWT helped ...  Visit website

Judge Sir Paul Coleridge quits, saying he can't watch misery of divorce

Sir Paul Coleridge has retired from the High Court's Family DivisionRetirement comes after he was warned over campaigning for marriageSenior judge calls for action to ...  Visit website

Professor Francis Schmidt SUSPENDED over 'Game of Thrones' T-shirt

Francis Schmidt, a professor of art and animation at Bergen Community College, is an avid fan of HBO's hit series 'Game of Thrones'In January, he ...  Visit website

Driver speeds down Texas highway in Mustang that has lost its front wheel

By Jessica Jerreat Published: 21:57 GMT, 17 April 2014 ...  Visit website

Mother slams police for HANDCUFFING autistic daughter

Autistic Toni Williams became over excited and hit and bit her motherSocial worker and community nurse insisted relatives call policeOfficers handcuffed the 20-year-old, who has ...  Visit website

Heartbreaking farewell video Maddie Yates, 16, posted to YouTube before suicide

Maddie Yates, from Louisville, Kentucky, took her life on Monday night after posting the video to YouTube'I just don't see how this is a bad ...  Visit website

You have just 12 MINUTES to impress on a date... and it's the smile, eye contact and breath that are immediately judged, according to research

Potential partners take just minutes to decide if they like dateSmile, eye contact and oral hygiene are big factors in choiceMeanwhile, one in 20 singles ...  Visit website

£10 million cost of gagging an NHS whistleblower

Dr Raj Mattu was sacked after exposing two patients had died in dangerously overcrowded bays at University Hospital CoventryHeart surgeon endured more than a decade ...  Visit website

Obama: 8 million signed up for health care

Today's numbers projections by 1 million people.During his remarks today, the President took a victory lap and called on Republicans to stop their 'endless, fruitless ...  Visit website

21 universities that are making it easier to get top-class degrees

More than 10 percent of colleges are awarding more 2:1 degrees than expectedExperts believe top marks are given to boost a college's league standingHowever, 18 ...  Visit website

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