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Country stations ban song Girl Crush claiming lyrics 'promote the gay agenda'

The song Girl Crush by Little Big Town has been banned by some country stations after listeners complained it 'promotes the gay agenda' This despite the

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Fifty shades of baby: Midwives 'put on holiday ban' nine months after release of film over fears of a Christian Grey-inspired baby boom

Hospital staff room sign tells employees to 'book your annual leave now'It says November 20 will be 40 weeks after film's release on February 13Movie version

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Dead woman gets tax bill for 1p

Elsie Watson from Woodley near Stockport left the tiny debt before dyingCare workers forwarded the bill to her son Barry Holland of Cheadle HeathStockport Council,

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Hipster beards really ARE just a way to get women: Men use flamboyant facial hair as a badge of dominance to attract females

Beards are bigger because men are using it as a badge of dominanceTechnique is also seen in monkeys who use ostentatious 'ornamentsA beard is the

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Mother-of-two learns she was on 'serial killer's hit list' after seeing her photo in History Channel documentary

'Mo' said she was shocked when she saw her photo flash up during a documentary at the weekend - and said she was lucky to

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A haircut out of this world! NASA engineer struggles to get her hair trimmed by commander as they battle microgravity

Italian-born Samantha Cristoforetti, 37, is seen getting a wash and cut courtesy of commander Terry VirtsThe duo are currently on a six-month mission with Expedition

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California students return to find former teacher Michael Swager now living as a woman

Students at Chino Valley Unified School District in California returned to class to discover chemistry teacher Michael Swager, 32, was now AmandaAmanda Swager grew up

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Kara Tippetts who begged Brittany Maynard not to end her life dies aged 38

Kara Tippetts, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, passed away on SundayTippetts, the author of two books and a popular blog, had written a letter to Brittany

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Farm worker, 54, dies after getting caught in a 'corn avalanche'

Donald Merchant was using equipment to move corn from a large mound at the Square A Farm in Lebanon on Monday afternoonWhen he got off

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Romanian pupils pretend to have their heads chopped off in school play

Play was meant to portray execution of King Constantin Brancoveanu Held at Holy Martyrs Brancoveni school, an Orthodox Christian schoolOrganisers said 'important historcial event' is held

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Rob Kardashian refuses rehab

The men in this family are going through it all. A source close to the Kardashian brood says troubled Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner and the late

Drew Barrymore says post-baby body is like kangaroo with pouch

Drew Barrymore says having babies made her feel like a kangaroo with a giant pouch. The 40-year-old actress discussed her post-baby body in an interview for

Julia Roberts saves Richard Gere during ‘Pretty Woman’ reunion

“Today” assembled the cast of “Pretty Woman” plus director Garry Marshall in honor of the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release. Some were “seeing each

Elizabeth Hurley's 12-Year-Old Son Damian Looks All Grown Up

It may feel like it was yesterday that Elizabeth Hurley's son was just a child hanging out with his fabulous mum. But at Tuesday's London premiere

Intellectual magazine faces ridicule after it votes Comedian Russell Brand fourth in list of influential minds 

Comedian Russell Brand is rated the fourth greatest thinker in the world Intellectual magazine Prospect asked readers to vote for the best minds Others in the top

Paul McCartney's two-line postcard from Mull of Kintyre sells at auction for £1,000

A postcard sent by Paul McCartney has been sold for £1,000 at auction Message read:  'With love from the “four Macs”. Now on tour in Scotland.’ Beatles

Al Pacino Reveals He Was Almost Fired From 'The Godfather'

Can you imagine “The Godfather” without Al Pacino? The actor says he was almost fired from his iconic role as Michael Corleone in the epic 1972

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