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'I am Not Running Again' Line, said by Mitt Romney

  Let's get one thing straight: Mitt Romney is not running for president again. Not now, and not in 2016, unless some sort of mysterious plague hits ... Full story

Formidable obstacles will be faced by U.S. air striked on Syrida

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - American forces face formidable challenges as President Barack Obama considers an air assault on Islamist fighters in Syria, ... Full story

President Obama is ridiculed for wearing a beige suit to ISIS and Ukraine press conference with comparing him with a car salesman.. and outfit has its own twitter account

President Barack Obama took the podium this afternoon to address serious foreign policy issues, including ISIS militants in Iraq, the ongoing civil war in Syria and the crisis in Ukraine - but all anyone could talk about was the commander-in-chief's tan suit. ...  Visit website

Alicia Cipicchio killed at Burning Man by hitting a bus

Alicia Cipicchio, 29, was hit by the bus after midnight on Thursday and died at the scene Festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert reopened 6 a.m. Tuesday after it was postponed on its opening day ...  Visit website

Homeless Miley Cyrus's VMAs date jesee turns himself in when sought by police for violating his probation

•Jesse Helt, 22, walked into Polk County Jail in Dallas, Oregon, Thursday night •Helt is expected to be released in a few hours after posting $2,500 bail ...  Visit website

Unless USA pull out of war, ISIS parade captured Kurds dressed in Guantanamo-style boiler suits and promise to kill them all

•IS issues second 'warning' to the U.S in video showing another decapitation •Footage shows 15 captured Kurdish soldiers dressed in orange boiler suits ...  Visit website

Storm delays opening of massive 10-day festival in Nevada's desert, but revelers' enthusiasm has not been extinguished

•Annual Burning Man festival attracts upwards of 70,000 people each year for a week-long party binge in the desert •Public nudity, especially by women, is actively encouraged, and orgies, partner swapping, and threesomes is rife ...  Visit website

Boynton Beach Police defends actions of officer after a video surfaced online

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz defended the officers' actions, saying the occupants of the car were antagonistic and had no 'fear of police'    A Florida ...  Visit website

Famed extreme surfer Laird Hamilton rescues man in historically powerful waves off the Malibu coast

Hamilton plucked the inexperienced surfer out of the chilly Pacific early Wednesday morning Surfers have swarmed to Southern California beaches where the biggest waves in decades are crashing thanks to Hurricane Marie miles offshore ...  Visit website

Boston Marathon bombing suspect's sister arrested 'for threatening to BLOW UP her boyfriend's ex in Manhattan'

Ailina Tsarnaeva, 24, charged with aggravated harassment targeting a 23-year-old Harlem resident Tsarnaeva's boyfriend and the Manhattan resident are locked in a custody battle over their three children ...  Visit website

Police try up to arrest Miley Cyrus's homeless VMA, wanted on outstanding warrant

Jesse Helt's mother Linda, spoke to officers who had visited her home because he is still wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant in Oregon Jesse flew home from LA to see his mother in Salem, for the first time in three years on Monday night Less than 48 hours earlier he was partying with the Hollywood A-list after Miley Cyrus invited him to speak about homelessness at the VMAs ...  Visit website

'Who did not know she was pregnant', Newborn baby girl left clinging to life after thrown by her mother in trash

•Neighbors in Kearns, Utah, initially thought the baby's cries coming from their trash bin was a cat meowing •Police say the little girl was likely born Sunday and received no medical care ...  Visit website

Burning Man lights up the Nevada desert as 60,000 revelers party all night, opening delayed due to rain

Iconic festival on plains of Nevada's Black Rock Desert reopened 6 a.m. Tuesday after it was postponed on its opening day Annual free-spirited event attracts upwards of 70,000 people each year for a week-long party binge in the desert ...  Visit website

Moment Michael Brown shot dead as recorded audio caught. Eleven shots being fired recorded in tap handed by FBI

Newly released audio allegedly records the moment that Officer Darren Wilson opened fire on unarmed Michael Brown At least ten shots can be heard - in two separate volleys of gunfire Experts have said this indicated a 'moment of contemplation' for Wilson FBI has confirmed it has interviewed the man who recorded audio ...  Visit website

US forces move into Syria on Middle East crisis deepens: Possible strikes on ISIS with fighter authorized by Obama, Any attack will be considered as 'aggression' said Asad

The United States is preparing military options, including surveillance flights, to pressure Islamic State in Syria, US officials said on Monday Cautioned no decision had been made to expand US action beyond the limited airstrikes under way in Iraq ...  Visit website

Syrian Officials think James Foley May Have Been Murdered By ISIS A Year Ago

Assad's official spokesman, said that the Islamic State was an ‘extension’ of the Free Syrian Army who sold Foley to his killers a year ago Britain’s ambassador to Washington says UK is 'close' to identifying suspect Spies studying veins of jihadist's hands in video in 'vein matching' technique Claims however have now emerged that the video was 'staged' and Briton was not the killer but was instead used for propaganda purposes ...  Visit website

Mystery Oregonian takes awards by strom...Homeless youth who went to the VMAs with Miley Cyrus and accepted her going in front of millions?

Jesse, 22, originally from Oregon, accepted the Video of the Year Award on Miley Cyrus's behalf He told the emotional audience that he'd spent much of his youth homeless in Los Angeles Cyrus used the opportunity to spread awareness of the issue and gain attention for charity for the homeless My Friend's Place ...  Visit website

Bin Ladens closest lieutenants was Father of Jihadi, he is currently on trial for US embassy bombings which result 224 people killed

Adel Abdel Bari is awaiting trial in New York for the 1998 bombings of two US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya He is the father of Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, one of the suspects for the execution of American journalist James Foley Bari was chosen by current al-Qaeda leader head Ayman al Zawahiri to head the London cell of Egyptian Islamic Jihad in May 1996 ...  Visit website

Parents of James Foley:, 'I really feel, I can touch you, even in this darkness,when I pray' They release in full heartbreaking and hopeful final letter he sent home

Letter was memorized by a hostage who spent 13 months imprisoned alongside James Foley but was released The hostage, Danish photojournalist Daniel Rye Ottosen, 25, called Foley's mother Diane as soon as he got out and recited it to her The family released the letter in full following a memorial for Foley in his hometown of Rochester, New Hampshire, on Sunday ...  Visit website

After Martha's Vineyard vacation as critics roast him for golfing as militant flaunt the killing of journalist James Foley and Ferguson is consumed with unrest, President Obama returns to the White House

Spent two weeks golfing and spending time with his family Critics lambasted the president for images of him on the golf course White House shot back: 'Just because the president is in a different location doesn't mean he's not doing his job' ...  Visit website

Maria Shriver has been dating fomer Bush adviser Matthew Dowd for past year

Maria Shriver introduced her new boyfriend Matthew Dowd to her family at cousin Bobby Kennedy's Jr.'s weddingThe couple have been together since last fall - ...  Visit website

Matthew Dowd former Bush adviser has been dating Maria Shriver for past year

Maria Shriver introduced her new boyfriend Matthew Dowd to her family at cousin Bobby Kennedy's Jr.'s wedding The couple have been together since last fall - though this was their first public appearance Dowd was a key adviser on George W. Bush's 2000 and 2004 election campaigns - but later split with the president over the Iraq War ...  Visit website

Racist, sexist, homophobic speech from St Louis Country police office, 'I've killed a lot, And if needed, I'll kill a whole bunch more'

St Louis County police officer Dan Page has been suspended after a video of him giving a hate-filled speech to far-right group surfaced Page was seen on CNN on Monday pushing anchor Don Lemon as he reported live from Ferguson Page spews vitriol about black people, gay people, President Obama, Muslims and more ...  Visit website

US jet rolled over Top Gun-style barrel by Chinese fighter

Intercept occurred in international air space about 135 miles east of Hainan Island, China, on August 19 Armed Chinese fighter came made 'several passes' and came ...  Visit website

During rehearsing of MTV Video Music Award, Nicki Minaj's dancer 'gets bitten by 6ft long snake'

The MTV Video Music Awards will take place on Sunday night and as usual, it’s bound to see some controversial performances. But things took a sour ...  Visit website

As National Guard start to pull-out, Ferguson protests remain peaceful

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) - The streets of Ferguson were peaceful for another night, as protests and tensions were subsiding in the St. Louis suburb where ...  Visit website

Missing Ohio man's family must repay benefits after he turned up alive

The government wants to recoup benefits paid to the daughters of a man who was declared legally dead and then turned up alive years later. ...  Visit website

Man tried to steal TVs in South Florida

A South Florida man arrested for allegedly trying to leave a store with two TVs told police his name was 'Ima Thief.' ...  Visit website

Despite being difficult to make out, the conversation suggests that Brown ran towards Wilson before he was shot

Previously unnoticed audio from a video recorded in the chaotic moments after Michael Brown's fatal shooting last Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri, could help back up Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's version of events. ...  Visit website

Weather is certainly looking disappointing for the next couple of weeks in UK:MeteoGroup

Two weeks of wet, windy and cool weather is likely to signal the end of summer, forecasters have warned, with a disappointing Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon. ...  Visit website

Miley Cyrus 'Died of Drug Overdose' Declared as Fake: Facebook Scam Goes Viral

An internet scam saying pop star Miley Cyrus is dead went viral on social media, leaving fans in shock. The fake report says the songstress died ... Full story

Jon Bon Jovi part of owners group eyeing Bills

About the only certainty for the Bills these days is that this star-crossed franchise’s playoff drought is currently the NFL’s longest at 14 years. So many ... Full story

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal share Movie Memories

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal played lovers in the tragic movie Love Story which came out in 1970. Today they are old yet they still ... Full story

Casey Kasem taken to medical facility in Washington state

Ailing radio personality Casey Kasem was taken by ambulance to a medical facility in Washington state after an argument between his wife and daughter, authorities ... Full story

Ferrari Formula One Pilot Kimi Raikkonen Calls Monaco Grand Prix A Real Shame

Ferrari Formula One pilot Kimi Raikkonen had a chance on winning, but his car was hit. He says about the Monaco Grand Prix that it ... Full story

Danielle Shea, 22, arrested for calling in bomb threats to graduation

 A 22-year-old woman called in bomb threats to a Quinnipiac University's commencement in Connecticut in a bid keep her family from learning that she wasn't ... Full story

Karl Rove suggested Hillary Clinton may have brain damage

During a panel discussion in Los Angeles last week, Rove told an audience that if Clinton runs for president, prior health issues — including the ... Full story

Ann Curry Rescued From New York Mountain By Boy Scouts After She Broke Her Ankle

Ann Curry, former co-anchor of "The Today Show," was rescued from a New York mountain by Boy Scouts after she broke her ankle, according to ... Full story

No hesitation for networks airing Michael Sam reaction

The handsome football player gets drafted by an NFL team, plants an emotional kiss on his sweetheart and gives sportscasts a feel-good video clip.It's a ... Full story

Different 'Grace of Monaco' in American and French versions

Over her glittery and turbulent life, Grace Kelly divided the public, evoking admiration in some and sympathy in others.She appears to be doing the same ... Full story

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Reunited With Best Bud Brody Jenner

Heidi Montag and long-time beau Spencer Pratt were recently reunited with Pratt’s former best bud Brody Jenner.It’s been four years since the pair had an ... Full story

Shooting at Fed-Ex facility in Kennesaw, Georgia leaves at least 6 injured

Multiple law enforcement agencies are on the scene of a suspected workplace shooting in Kennesaw.  According to reports, the shooting happened at a Fed-Ex facility at ... Full story

Richard Gere Secretly Dating Padma Lakshmi Amidst His Divorce From Carey Lowell

Could Richard Gere's new pretty woman come with a dash of spice and plenty of flavor? After Page Six reported that the 64-year-old actor is ... Full story

Elin Nordegren and Lindsey Vonn have become good friends, making Tiger Woods’s life easier

After the very public divorce between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, it seemed like the most unlikely thing in the world was that the next ... Full story

Meb Keflezighi wins Boston Marathon, becomes first American man to win since 1983

American Meb Keflezighi has won the Boston Marathon, a year after a bombing at the finish line left three dead and more than 260 people ... Full story

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