14-Year-Old Teen 'Beat and Suffocated His Baby Sister to Death' to Stop Her Crying While Their Mother Worked a Night Shift

A 14-year-old boy has been charged with murder after allegedly beating his 7-month-old sister to death while they were left home alone in Maryland.

Teenager Johnathan Aguiluc, of White Oak, Silver Spring, was this morning charged as an adult with first degree murder following the death of his baby sister Larissa Yanes on Thursday.

Their mother, 39-year-old Gloria Yanes, left Aguiluc to care for his sister at their Lockwood Drive home at around 10.30pm when she left to work a night shift.

Investigators claim Aguiluc beat his sister that evening which made her cry.

He then allegedly covered her nose and mouth to stop her tears before leaving her in her car seat in the living room and going to bed.

Yanes found her in the seat when she returned from work and tried to feed the baby around 6am.

The 7-month-old didn't respond and was rushed to Holy Cross Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 7am.

Local reports said police interviewed the boy and he admitted to hitting his sister and suffocating her to stop her tears before he was charged today.

Neighbors expressed their shock and sadness at the incident this morning.

'She never even had a chance at life...really a shame...and now it's really two lives taken away.... the 14 year old just lost his life too,' neighbor Brian McCoy told ABC News.

Captain Paul Starks, of Montgomery County Police, told the broadcaster: 'He admitted to causing those injuries and also placing his hands over her mouth and nose as she was crying.'

He added that it was permissible for a 14-year-old to watch a younger sibling under 'normal circumstances'.

'I don't know if that was a routine that this family had established or whether this was something which was infrequent or even this first time,' Captain Starks told NBC.

The teenager is being held in jail and his trial is scheduled for later this month.

By Erin B 02/11/2013 02:19:00