This week's amazing Twitter photos: Rainbow clouds, birdwatching, and a whale photobomb

Get the funniest virals and the most candid celeb pictures in our latest round-up of Twitter snaps.

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This week's Twitter photos show amazing pictures posted to Twitter from around the globe. They include a rainbow cloud in the Himalayas and an icy scene in Canada.

Also on the list are the best cute animal photos with snowy birdwatching and a whale photobombs a picture of a gull.

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#Wildlife picture of the day: GreenVoice


Photo of the day: Rainbow cloud in the Himalayas (and yes, this is real) Bad So Good

Ye shall not pass! Bad So Good

Ever seen a whale photobomb a juvenile gull? You have now.

Joel Meyerowitz tells the stories behind some of his best images excellent short film #Photography Brumpton

Klimt’s “The Kiss” has been reproduced on a devastated building in #Syria by artist Tammam Azzam #ArabSpring #art Gallery

Glass House - Lake Abraham, Alberta, Canada. Bubbles trapped and frozen under a thick layer of ice. World Pics

@ThePoke Now this is how to plan ahead. Lawrence

Goldfinch in a snow storm taken @WWTSlimbridge recently. I am quite pleased with this one. @wildlife_uk #photography Lees

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