Aimi Jones, naked eBay seller gets $250,000 for half-naked picture on eBay: Boyfriend smiles

This is the picture that Aimi posted on eBay with her being half-naked seen on the left side.

Being called a “naked eBay seller” or a “nude eBay seller” after posting a half-naked picture on eBay is not too much of a price to pay for earning $ $245,334. And being called “nudie cutie Aimi Jones” as the Inquisitr calls the naked eBay seller in its Jan. 18, 2013, article doesn’t sound too offensive either. At least some people might think of it that way.

“Viral images of a naked eBay seller have caused a great deal of awkwardness for inadvertent nudie cutie Aimi Jones. … Jones, the naked eBay seller in the viral pic, seems genuinely embarrassed about the misstep, which garnered her worldwide attention for her flesh-flash.”

Despite of her unintended worldwide attention for her “flesh-flash,” what matters to 21-year-old Aimi Jones is that her boyfriend thinks that “the whole thing is hilarious.”

“My boyfriend Andy thinks the whole thing is hilarious," said Aimi about her boyfriend’s reaction to her accidental fame as the “naked eBay seller.”

Aimi doesn’t quite think that the accidental exposure of her private parts is hilarious. While she did wear some clothes, they unfortunately didn’t cover the right parts of her body.

Aimi sounds sincere when she describes what happened.

Aimi’s intent was to sell her yellow dress on eBay. So she took a picture of the dress with her cell phone, posted it, and was waiting for bids to come in. Starting bid was £15.99 which is about $25.44 in the United States.

After having posted the picture on eBay last Saturday morning, Aimi realized right away that the picture showed not only her yellow dress but also herself to the left; barely clothed.

After realizing the mishap, Aimi immediately ended the sale. What Aimi didn’t realize was that even though she had ended the sale, the picture was still out there. Aimi desperately contacted eBay in regard to the embarrassing matter but by the time eBay was able to take the picture down, it had already gone viral.

"It's so embarrassing. It is such a dizzy, stupid thing to do and now the whole world's seen me in the nude."

So now Aimi has to live with the name “naked eBay seller,” “nude eBay seller,” “nudie cutie Ami Jones,” and almost $250,000. Would Aimi make the same accidental “flesh-flash” mistake again?

By vivian M 01/19/2013 00:22:00