Oregon Shopping Mall Shooting - Gunman Kills Three At Clackmas Town Center Mall

A horrific shooting at an Oregon shopping mall has claimed at least three lives, including that of the  gunman who opened fire on holiday shoppers with a semiautomatic rifle.

The gunman was 'neutralized' after the Clackmas Town Center was placed on lock-down with all entrances blocked as police and SWAT teams searching the stores.

Clackmas County Sheriff's spokesman James Rhodes told reporters that the unidentified gunman murdered two people and wounded several others before he himself was killed.

Emergency: Police, fire, and EMTSs raced to the Clackamas Town Center where a gunman opened fire on holiday shoppers

Hurt: Law enforcement confirmed there had been fatalities and several injuries but could not specify the number

Rhodes could not comment on how the gunman died.

Law enforcement could release no further details.

The incident began at approximately 3:30 p.m. when emergency dispatchers received reports that a gunman had opened fire near the mall's food court with an AR-15.

Reporters at the scene reported up to 60 shots fired at the and said the man may have been wearing body armor.

According to the Oregonian at least three people were hit in the shooting, two of whom were dead.

Initial reports indicated a second person may have also been killed but police have yet to confirm those statements.

One witness told television station KATU he saw sheets pulled over the bodies of two victims.

Shocked: People look on outside Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas, Ore., waiting to know if the gunman has been stopped

Evan Walters told the station he was shopping with friends when the shooting began.

'It was kind of surreal because we hear pops and loud noises all the time because we're right here by the food court, but it's never been anything like that,' he told KATU. 'It was very definite gun shots. I think most all of us knew it was gunshots. There really was no rhyme or reason to them. There were many in a row.'

Another witness said she saw people screaming and parents clutching their children as they fled.

That witness described the witness as wearing camouflage and a mask.

Uncertain: Authorities have not confirmed whether the 'neutralized' gunman was among the dead

Horror: Authorities were called to the scene at 3:30 p.m. when a gunman was reported with a semiautomatic rifle

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