NASCAR safer than NFL?

Posted June 05, 2014

Driver Joey Logano said NASCAR's ability to constantly address safety issues makes it safer than the NFL.

Driver Joey Logano said NASCAR’s ability to constantly address safety issues makes it safer than the NFL. (Bill Frakes/SI)

The NFL’s safety has been called into question a lot recently. This especially after the league recently agreed to a $765 million settlement with former players over a concussion lawsuit, which drew a ton of mainstream attention.

People who side with the NFL tend to say some sports are more dangerous, such as NASCAR where drivers blaze around a track in speeds more than 200 mph.

Current NASCAR driver Joey Logano disagrees with that sentiment as he recently stated he believes his sport is safer than that of the most popular one in the country.

‘‘I feel like my sport is a lot safer,’’ Logano told ‘‘We may look crazy going 200 mph, but I would much rather hit the wall at 200 than have a 300-pound linebacker coming at me.’’

Logano then went on to point out there are just simply more areas to improve the safety in NASCAR than there are in the NFL.

‘‘NASCAR has a constant program of always being able to move up and test cars and crash cars and try to figure out what we can do to make them safer and make the crush zones crush and if there are parts that need to be stiffer they make them stiff,’’ he said. ‘‘I don’t think there are as many areas in football to improve on. Obviously you have pads and helmets, but you are still going to get hit every time.’’

The safety argument is one that will likely never go away, not anytime soon at least, but it’s still interesting to hear the opinions of everyone on both sides of the fence.

By Matt Cox 06/05/2014 23:20:00