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The Most Outrageous Baby Names of This Year

The Most Outrageous Baby Names of This Year

Even more than the baby names at the top of the Most Popular list, outrageous names can define our times, becoming the most memorable symbols

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Native American meaning of the boy´s name Dakota: friend, ally, tribal name

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Every baby name has a name meaning. Some names with multiple origins have more than one meaning. Look below to see the meaning of the

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Irish meaning of the boy´s name Teagan: attractive English meaning of the girl´s name Teagan: good-looking Irish meaning of the girl´s name Teagan: attractive Welsh meaning of the girl´s name Teagan: beautiful,

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English meaning of the boy´s name Sage: wise one French meaning of the boy´s name Sage: wise one Latin meaning of the boy´s name Sage: wise one, from the sagebrush

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Irish meaning of the boy´s name Shea: majestic Irish meaning of the girl´s name Shea: fairy place

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English meaning of the boy´s name Skyler: learned one Scottish meaning of the boy´s name Skyler: the isle of Skye

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Quinn \qu(i)-nn\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Quinn), is pronounced kwin. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning

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First name origin & meaning: Hebrew, Japanese: Pleasant one; above all, beauty

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First name origins & meanings: English: Leader Old English: Land belonging to Cyneburg; royal fortress; meadow

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First name origin & meaning: Middle English: Deep red

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First name origins & meanings: French: From Saint-Denis French: From the city of Saint-Denis English: From Sidon

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First name origins & meanings: Greek: Pure

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First name origin & meaning: Hebrew: Princess, lady First name variations: Sara, Sari, Sarri, Sary, Sarrie, Sarene, Sarina, Sarine, Sarita, Sairne, Sarett, Sadie, Sadey, Zarah, Zara, Zaria

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First name origins & meanings: American: Spunky; laurel; crown Arabic: Beloved American: From Kay and Lee American: Bright; beautiful Irish, Scottish, English: Slender; keeper of the keys Arabic: Laurel Hebrew: Regal woman Hawaiian:

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First name origin & meaning: American: Heaven

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First name origins & meanings: Arabic: Night Hebrew: Dark beauty African: Dark beauty; born at night Arabic: Dark as the night

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Gender: Girl Origin: Germanic Meaning: Work; effort; strain Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Work of the Lord Pronunciation: (ah MEE lee ah); (ah MEEL yah) 

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Gender: Girl Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Weary Origin: Assyrian Meaning: Ruler Pronunciation: (LEE ah; LAY ah)

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Gender: Girl Origin: Greek Meaning: Life Pronunciation: (ZO ee)

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  Gender: Girl Origin: Germanic Meaning: Free man Origin: English Meaning: Man Origin: French Meaning: Free man Pronunciation: (SHAR lot)  

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Gender: Girl Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Grace; favour Pronunciation: (HAN a)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Latin Meaning: Man from Sebaste Pronunciation: (seh BASS chen)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Gaelic Meaning: Beautiful at birth Pronunciation: (KEV in)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Combined Pronunciation: (LEE vi); (leh VEE)

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Gender: Both Origin: German Meaning: Heathen Origin: English Meaning: Valley with hay Pronunciation: (HAY den) 

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Gender: Both Origin: German Meaning: Uncertain, possibly desired Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Life Origin: English Meaning: Uncertain, possibly desired Pronunciation: (EH veh lin); (EE veh lin); (EV lin)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Hebrew Meaning: The Lord remembers Pronunciation: (ZAK er ee)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Aramaic Meaning: Twin Pronunciation: (TOM us)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Germanic Meaning: Free man Origin: English Meaning: Man Origin: French Meaning: Free man Pronunciation: (charlz); (sharl)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Germanic Meaning: Bright fame Origin: French Meaning: N/A Pronunciation: (RAW burt)

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Gender: Boy Origin: English Meaning: Settlement of PÅ“ga Pronunciation: (PAY tun)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Latin Meaning: Venerated Pronunciation: (AWS tin)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Latin Meaning: Righteous, just, fair Pronunciation: (jus tin)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Ascend; my God Pronunciation: (EH lee); (EE lie)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Germanic Meaning: Home ruler Pronunciation: (HEN ree)

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Gender: Boy Origin: English Meaning: Hunter; one who hunts Pronunciation: (HUN tur)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Latin Meaning: From Hadria Pronunciation: (AY dree an)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Gaelic Meaning: Lover of hounds; hound nobleman Pronunciation: (KAH ner)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Hebrew Meaning: God will raise up; God will set free Pronunciation: (jer eh MY ah)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Mountain Pronunciation: (AIR un)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Latin Meaning: Down-bearded youth Pronunciation: (JOO lee un) 

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Gender: Boy Origin: English Meaning: Brave/strong/hardy war Pronunciation: (WY at)

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Gender: Boy Origin: English Meaning: Broom hill Pronunciation: (BRAN dun)

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Gender: Boy Origin: Hebrew Meaning: God is gracious Pronunciation: (JAK)

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FootBall / Soccer

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