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Gender: Girl Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Weary Origin: Assyrian Meaning: Ruler Pronunciation: (LEE ah; LAY ah)

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Gender: Girl Origin: Greek Meaning: Life Pronunciation: (ZO ee)

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  Gender: Girl Origin: Germanic Meaning: Free man Origin: English Meaning: Man Origin: French Meaning: Free man Pronunciation: (SHAR lot)  

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Gender: Girl Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Grace; favour Pronunciation: (HAN a)

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Gender: Girl Origin: Latin Meaning: Conqueror; victory Pronunciation: (vik TOR ee ah)

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Gender: Girl Origin: Hebrew Meaning: My God is a vow Origin: Latin Meaning: Lilies Origin: English Meaning: My God is a vow Pronunciation: (LIH lee en)

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Gender: Girl Origin: Greek Meaning: Wisdom Pronunciation: (so FEE ah); (zo FEE ah)  

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Gender: Girl Origin: Aramaic Meaning: Listener Origin: English Meaning: Listener Pronunciation: (sah MAN tha)

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Gender: Girl Origin: Latin Meaning: Good will Pronunciation: (GRAYS)

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Gender: Girl Origin: English Meaning: Lily Pronunciation: (LIL ee)

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FootBall / Soccer

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